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Silver nooded "Good Idea" She said as she nooded.
"Okay then what else do you think should we cook or you think that's enough?" said Skye checking the various kinds and sizes of fish.
Death Awakens
Minoru smiles and says:

"Okie-dokie, I will be careful not to disturb your reptilian friend."

He gets his bathroom products and a clean outfit and heads into Ikki's apartment. When he enters, Bob followed him around like a guard dog. He enters the bathroom and closes the door behind him to take shower. Once again, he feels as if someone is watching him. Minoru peeks out from the shower curtain to see Bob still watching him. Minoru sighs and says:

"Umm .... You really don't trust me do you?"

He finishes his nice hot shower and gets dress. He drops off his dirty outfit and washing items into Takai's and his apartment. He leaves the apartment and goes down stairs. He looks at Skye and Silver and says:

"Hey, what's up?"

Then he looks at Ikki and says:

"Ikki, I think your pet has trust issues, nevertheless, thanks for letting me use your shower. So, do you need a hand in fixing anything else?"
Silver thought about it one second and then nooded "I think that is enough" She said as she picked the vegetables.
((is nathaniel ever on any more? -sighs-, i have not seen em.. >.< i wanna be able to post!!))
(I dunno but I think I see Nathaniel sometimes around..)

"Okay," then turning to the stall owner Skye said, "We'll take 4 kilos worth of pork and 3 of these fishes and 5 carrots, 5 potatoes, 5 corns, 2 chinese cabbages, 2 heads of lettuce and 3 bags of chick, please."
Fullmetal Poser
(( doki, you can always RPG with us until she comes back. ))

Ikki looked at Minoru and said:

"Yea, for the longest time Bob did not trust me either but over time he bacame a loyal friend. Have you spoke to Deanta yet? Or are you two having a lover's squall like Nathaniel and Takai? But if you would not mind, I could use some help with the falling gutters and shutters."
(Have you send a message to her doki??)

Silve took some money and payed for the food "Well I think that is all we need right??" She said.
"Yeah..." said Skye slowy then remembering the rice. "Wait we need 3 bags of rica, just in case." Then turning to the stall keeper again, "1 bag of rica please." Then Skye payed for the rice. "There! That's all we need. We can head back now."
Triss Hawkeye
(('Kay, am back, enjoyed the holiday and thanks to all who wished me well. smile.gif))

Deanta waved off the others as they went to the market, prefering a few moments of peace to herself. She wondered for a moment why she hadn't gone with them...she was feeling unusually anti-social. She smiled at herself and leant on the balconey, thinking of nothing much. Then she wandered towards the kitchen, feeling peckish.
Death Awakens
((Yea, Come on Doki, RPGs were made to people to interact with multiple people. Even though you have been basically only interacting with Nathaniel, they are others more than willing to interact with you.))

Minoru gave a distasteful look when he heard the pairing of Takai and Natheniel. He thought to myself; 'Damn, I hate hearing those two name together. Nothing pisses my off more.' He laughed to try to cover his resentment of that couple. He replied to Ikki:

"Hahah, god no, Deanta and I are not a couple so there for we can not have one of these 'lover's squalls' things. But sure, I will help you with the gutters and the shutters. I have nothing else to do. I guess I will go and get a ladder and meet you out front."
Triss Hawkeye
Seeing no one about, Deanta wandered some more, coming across Minoru and Ikki in the process. "Uh, hi!" she said, less taken aback than she thought she would be at the sight of Minoru for some reason. "You're back," she said, for want of anything else to say.
Silver walked to the house whit the bags on of the food on her hands she had her hands full she looked at Skye "Could you open..." She was saying but then noticed Skye had her hands full too she cursed and somehow managed to open the door "Hey guys" She said as she walked to the kitchen.
Fullmetal Poser
(( Glad you are back Triss, I hope you enjoy your vacation. ))

Ikki took a some bags from Skye and Silver to free up their hands and help them carry the food into the kitchen. He then said smiling:

"Welcome back! Wow, are you gals planing a feast or just a meal?"
Silver smiled "Thanks Ikki, whit all the work I guess you are all hungry" she said as she shrugged
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at Deanta nervously because he wondered if others besides Ikki thought he and Deanta was an 'item.' He smiled and said:

"Oh, hey Deanta. How are ya? It is a good thing you did not join me for the jog this morning. I kind got sided track and took a small detour. But I got something for you, it might help."

He then saw Silver, Skye and Ikki carrying in bags of food. He looked at them and said:

"Whoa, that is a lot of food, are we having a party or something. If so, what is on the menu?"
"We're having grilled meat, steamed fish, rice, and some boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes and a little salad. Your choice." said Skye stretching her arms which were sore from carrying the bags.
Triss Hawkeye
"Y-You do?" Deanta squeaked, feeling the blood rush up to her face. Seeing Minoru turn to the others for a moment she took the opportunity to compose herself.

"Th-that sounds amazing, Skye," she said with a nervous giggle. "I'll have my potatoes mashed if that's okay." She turned back to Minoru , wondering what he had to give. A wedding ring? Deanta violently shook her head. Mustn't let my fantasies run away with me....
Silver took and apron and then looked around "I will start whit the meat" She said as she noded "Ok I need salt..." She said "Hey Deanta could you pass me the salt...Deanta?? Hello???" She said waving a hand infront of Deanta face she then looked at Minoru and then at Deanta she chuckled and whispered to Deanta "Just breath"
Triss Hawkeye
"I'm not infatuated," Deanta hissed at Silver, both hoping that Minoru hadn't heard and that he had. "Just gimme a moment to at least respond to your request." She grabbed the salt and passed it to Silver.
Silver chuckled lightly and grabbed the salt "Thank you" She said.
"Sure. And I'll get started with the potatoes and fish." said Skye wearing her apron and grabbed a peeler and some potatoes and started washing then peeling the potatoes.
Death Awakens
Since Minoru has rather large ears, he partially overheard Deanta and Silver conversation. 'Infatuated, I wonder what she meant by that. Ikki maybe? Or me? Gosh, I hope it is not me, I don't what to be breaking any hearts.' He looks at Deanta cautiously and says:

"Yes, I do. But it is really nothing that special. Just a little simple something."

Minoru grabs a knife, then a potato and starts peeling it. He looks in Skye indirection and says:

"I am sorry to be difficult Skye and Silver, but I am a lacto vegetarian. So, no poultry, meat, fish, shellfish, crustacea, eggs and anything that is made with animal rennet or gelatin. Meat just does not agree with me too well."
Triss Hawkeye
So he was going to wait? And give it to private? Deanta quickly had to block out any further thoughts, knowing that they could soon become quite dirty. Instead, she took another knife out of a drawer and said, "I'll help!" chopping up the potatoes as Minoru peeled them.

"So you're a vegan in almost all repects then?" she asked him. "I did turn vegetarian for a while, but it was kinda inconvenient at the time so I stopped..." She trailed off, thinking about the unusual circumstances that had lead to her stopping.
"Deanta after you're done choping those potatoes, you and Minoru can go get a pot and fill it with water then boil the potatoes. I'll just cook the fish. And Minoru it's okay! It's just a good thing we also bought vegetables." said Skye placing the peeler in the sink and getting the fishes and washing them then started removing the scales and the insides.
Death Awakens
As Minoru was peeling potatoes, he replied to Deanta.

"Yea, almost vegan. I do include dairy products and honey in my diet. And I also tend to wear some clothing derived from animals. So, 'almost' fits nicely."

He smiles and stops peeling potatoes for a moment and gives Deanta a comforting pat on her back saying:

"Ahh, don't let it bother you. A vegetarian diet is not for everyone."

Minoru goes back to peeling potatoes and answers Skye with a simple:

"Sure thing!"

He finishes peeling the potatoes then begins searching the cupboard for a big pot. He finally finds one and starts filling it with water as Deanta finishes chopping the potatoes up. When the pot is filled at an acceptable level he turns off the water and lifts the pot and moves it to the stove.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta almost froze as Minoru patted her on the back, taking all her willpower not to do or say anything suspicious. She finished chopping the potatoes, letting Minoru put the pot on the stove. She leaned back against the sideboard.

"Anything interesting in town?" she asked Skye and Silver.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki laughed to himself privately and thought to himself; 'There is always one in the group that is a vegetarian.'

He went over to where Skye was and helped her prepared the fish. Mainly because he was pretty good at scaling and removing the insides.
Takai walks in looking slightly flusterd.
((no reply from nethenial >.<))
he sits in his own area and lets out a sigh.
Silver was cutting the carrots and then started preparing the rice "In town?? Nothing at all" She said borely she then saw Takai enter he looked kind of flustered she shruged and continued whit her work.
"Thank you Ikki," said Skye as he helped her remove the scales and insides of the fish she then turned to Takai, "Takai if you plan on sitting there and doing nothing would like to help cook dinner?" Skye removed some of the scales she removed from the fish and threw them in the sink. "There wasn't much to see in town, Deanta." said Skye.
Death Awakens
((Don't worry doki, I am sure Nathaniel will be back.))

"That is true however there was this joke of a magic shop that I got some amusement out of. But other then that, it is just a boring and quaint little town well asides from the arena."

Minoru walks cool and causally over to where Takai is. He says:

"Yo Takai, we are preparing a meal. Would you care to join us? I pretty much already inconvenienced the cooks with my vegetarian diet but I am sure you are more than welcome to partake in the meal."

He then notices Takai sitting with his emotions somewhat troubling him. Minoru states with sincere concern:

"Hey mate, what is troubling you? Is there anything I can do to ease this burden?"
Silver looked at Takai she was about to say something but didnt and just continued her work
"Tch." he mutters and snaps his fingers.
A black bubble would come out of each of there mouths and float to the table.
The black bubbles bubble over and form into a feast, each side would have the spisific tastes of each person.
Though Takai went with out a side.
"Hm." he mutters and looks the other way, sighing.
Silver humphed "Thanks I guess but still we alredy had bought the food" Silver said.
Triss Hawkeye
"That felt extremely unpleasant," Deanta griped. "Is this like that magic food which doesn't satisfy your hunger or something? Did it drain our own energy in its creation, thus rendering it useless? Anything that comes out of a black bubble doesn't seem to be trustworthy in its nature...Could you specify exactly what this food contains?" She had a thought. "Hey, Minoru's a vegetarian. If that bubble came out of him, then wouldn't that mean he was eating...ewwwwww, does that make us all cannibals?"

Eying her portion of food suspiciously, she prodded it with her knife. "It didn't attack me, that's something." She leant against the sideboard with her arms folded. "We-ell...I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather eat what we all put effort into making first."
"Well I don't want to be rude but I think that all these food that we're still preparig would go to waste so we could eat both after we cook what we're making." suggested Skye arms crossed and stiffly looking at the feast on the table that Takai made from some weird black buble.
Death Awakens
((Um .... Sorry doki. And yes Triss, you are absolutely right.))

Minoru watches the black bubbles form into a feast. However, there was no black shadow ooze bubble from Minoru since he was immune to Takai's powers. Even if Takai's power was able to create a meal for Minoru, he could not eat it since the black bubble originated from his flesh and that was against his vegan-like diet.

Minoru sighed then shook his head saying:

"It is obvious what your problem is with your relationship with Miss Nathaniel. You would think after all those years of being on this planet; you would have learned a few things about relationships."

((Don't get Minoru wrong, he is actually quite content that the relationship is not going to well.))
"Then that settles it. Takai you need to at least relax for awhile and take your mind off things. If your relationship with Nathaniel bothers you so much then I suggest you try to fix things between you two after you clear your mind and take i easy for awhile." said Skye who was starting to get cross and sick at the idea of eating food that came from her own skin.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki really was not that impressed by Takai's ability and poked the food with a folk almost expecting it to turn into bugs or something. He wondered to himself if this food was actually safe to eat. He did not know how Takai reoccurring black stuff worked or how it would affect him. And he was not to happy that the black stuff came from inside him. He also wondered what was the black stuff that came from inside of him was and if he needed it. However, it would be impolite to ask Takai to return it and besides, maybe if Ikki knew what is was, perhaps he would not want it returned.

"Umm, not to sound rude or unappreciative Takai, but we are all adults and are capable of feeding ourselves. Besides, that was just a little creepy."

Ikki continued to poke the food and investigate if as if he was a scientist. He even considered trying the food of research.
Triss Hawkeye
"Well, I guess the first thing to do is finish the meal anyway!" Deanta said with a laugh she made as cheery as possible. "I hope it wasn't too much trouble on your part making those meals, Takai, and I'm sure we all appreciate the gesture," she said diplomatically. I just wish he'd keep himself to himself if he's going to be all angsty about Nathaniel, she thought to herself while turning back to the pan of potatoes.
That One Dude
((I'm so sorry guys, but my computer has been acting really strange rgarding this site... O_o'))

Nathaniel was on the roof, just staring out into the distance, at the town, the rooftops, the streets, and so-and-so miles away an old windmill that somehow found it in itself to keep turning. She sighed softly. I wonder when Gin-sama'll come with our first mission...


Kieran stepped inside and smirked. "How cute." he said to himself and just sat at the table, seemingly thoughtful. Either that or he was just bored and wanted to bother the 'little people'.
"Well Takai thanks for the food though." said Skye returning back to cleaning the fish. After a few minutes Ske finally finished cleaning one of the two fishes they bought in the market. "Ikki I'll start preparing the steamer and the sauce." said Skye washing her hands to rid the scent of blood.
Fullmetal Poser
(( Welcome back Nathaniel! biggrin.gif ))

Ikki stopped poking the black bubble-made food. He noticed that Kieran sat at the table with the food made by Takai's powers. He smiled and say:

"Sir, please help yourself to the food if you are hungry. We have more that enough."

He figured if Kieran eat it and he did not die than the food must be safe. He then went to finish cleaning the other fish and laid the good fish meat next to the one prepared by Skye. He then washed his hands and took a few pieces of lettuce.

He then looked at Skye and said:

"Okay, I will help more when I get back. I am going to give Bob a little treat."

Ikki then proceeded upstairs to his apartment. He noticed that the roof door was open so he went to check it out. He knew he did not have a spotless past and he was sure the others did not as well. He approached the roof with caution just in case it was an enemy from the past. He then noticed Nathaniel staring off into the distance. It looked as if she have a lot on her mind.

Ikki knocked on the door to make his presence known so not to scare her. He then said compassionately:

"Master Nathaniel, if you ever need someone to lend a listening ear that would not judgment of you, please feel free to seek an attentive ear from me. It is not healthy to live with a torrent of emotions inside. And sometimes, just sometimes, it if good to let it all out."
That One Dude
((hehe, thanks Fullmetal Poser))

Nathaniel turned her head slightly to look at Ikki. "Oh? I'm perfectly fine..." she said simply. "Just thinking about something in the past, is all. Nothing big. All said and done now. Just basking in the happiness of a memory." she said quietly and went silent.


Kieran stared at the food and smirked. "I ain't touchin' this... If I get hungry I'll just go hunt myself a deer and eat it right there on the spot..." he said and just kept sitting there. He suddenly smiled at Skye. "Hello there."
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki smiled and said:

"As long as it is happy memory for there are no harm in those. Just please, Master, do not dwell in the sad ones, it is too much of a burden for anyone to keep reliving those."

Ikki then turn around to go to feed Bob and turn back towards Nathaniel and say:

"Master, we are preparing some food down and are more to welcome to join us. There is more than enough food especially since..."

Ikki stopped for a moment to find a more politically correct way of stating black bubble food then continued:

"...Takai even made some food in his own special way."
Silver got up from the table and shighed "Well ummm thanks for the food Takai but I guess we cant waist all the food we bought" She said as politely as she could and then continued her work.
Takai stood.
"I was better off alone, and as I was.." he mutters seemingly to himself.
"Good bye.." the man walks out the room, and through the front door preparing for his own new objectives.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta breathed a sigh of relief. "Well..." she said. Shrugging, she turned back to the food on the table. "I guess we could plate some of this up and stick it in the fridge if it'll keep." She looked down at her plateful before snatching it up quickly. "We'd best remember whose is whose though. Since the food's to our own taste and all..."

She wondered whether humans without a taste for her native food would appreciate it. It brought her thoughts back to the fact that this was her first outing alone among full-blood humans - however since not all of the residents in the house were human anyway, Deanta felt safe about her own origins for the time being. She had nothing suspicious to hide, only her past, which she had to come to terms with herself first.
Silver shrugghed as well and put her plate in the fridge still looking at it whit untrusty exprecion in her face.
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