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Skye just sat there daydreaming about her memories. The times when she had no wish to join or become an assasin but all that was in the past. Sighing, she took a sip of her tea immediately spitting it out and staring at it as if it was something vile and awful. "It tastes awful and it's cold.." thought Skye irritatedly going over to the sink and draining the her cup's contents and washing it then heading up to the rooms. As Skye walked she thought of taking a nap but quickly dismissed that thought and instead came up with the idea of at least trying o make some friends in this place since she couldn't have her cat as her only friend. Heading to Silver and Deanta's room she knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer it.
Death Awakens
((Super long Post! happy.gif))

Minoru sighed when Takai left; he could have easily followed him with his own magic but did not want to be too disappointed when he saw that evil woman there. He wondered what exactly was Takai's problem was, could be that Nathaniel, their leader needed protecting? But then again, that would not make any sense, how could someone lead if they could not take care of their own self?

Minoru walked over to the grave that recently had the white roses laid upon them. He knelt down by the grave and said aloud if talking to someone:

"White Roses, the flower of light, a symbol of a sincere and loyal love, a love even stronger than death. Dear Evangeline, you were greatly loved; perhaps this place is so dark over the grief of your loss."

He noticed an added engraving on the tombstone: 'Best friend of Nathaniel and always in my heart.' He stood up and said to Evangeline's grave marker:

"Rest in Peace Evangeline, I hope the darken turmoil of this cemetery's aura does not effect you or your memory."

Minoru then continued his morning jog running through the burial ground. As he was running, he began to think who his workmate would be. Nathaniel did say that each pair would be made up of a male and female, so that would rule-out Takai. So, his partner would be Silver, Skye or Deanta. Probably not Deanta since they both use range weapons. But then again, Deanta could be paired with Takai and that would not be too good. Would her sleepless affect their mission and cause Takai to be injured? He thought, 'Nathaniel should know how to best pair the team, she is the leader after all. However, if she needs Takai as bodyguard perhaps she won't. No! I must not think like that.' He was getting too much negative energy from the graveyard that it was affecting his normal optimist attitude.

As he was running back to the apartments, he passed a series of stores and odd shops. One caught his attention, it was a Magic Shoppe. He thought he would amuse himself, so he stepped inside the store. It was decorated in the normal and clichéd Magic Shoppe way. He walked about a bit and found some books on elven and fae magic. He browsed the pages of each book and could hardly contain his laughter because he knew that elven and fae magic did not work that way since he was a mixture of each. This action caught the attention of the shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper: "Can I help you find anything?"
Minoru: "Oh, hi! Err, do you have any gemstones?"
Shopkeeper: "Sigh. Over there along the back wall."
Minoru puts the books back and says with a smile: "Thankies!"

Minoru walked over to the back wall where the gemstones where. When he got there, he noticed that the shopkeeper had organized them in alphabetical order. He had the following conversation in his head as if recalling a school lesson:

'Agate, protects from bad dreams, stress and energy drains. With bands, it is known to give the sleeper rich dreams if placed on the head. Amethyst is a dream stone to help with insomnia, when placed under the pillow, it gives the sleeper pleasant dreams. Danburite, good for a restful sleep and a karmic cleanser. But also stimulates heart chakra and I don't think I want more competition for Takai's heart. Dioptase, encourages vivid dreams, emotionally assist in experiencing death or any intense family trauma, and stimulates forgiveness and healing of emotional wounds. Fluorite, helps with insomnia and a detoxin that might clean out some of that caffeine but is a rather ugly stone. Hematite, a calming stone, and support for hopes, dreams, wishes and desires, helps to balance out the emotions and energies between the body, mind and spirit. Not only does it dissolves negativity, but actually transforms it into the energy of Universal Love. Yea, maybe be not. Imperial topaz, draws love to its wearer, protection against envy, disease, negative magic and sudden or untimely death, banish bad dreams. Good stone for Takai. Lapis Lazuli, a stone of universal truth and friendship, brings mental clarity and emotional healing, and enhances judgment and wisdom. If wore, gives relief from insomnia. Lepidolite, the Peace Stone, relieves every day stress and promotes restful sleep when placed near the pillow. Malachite, the "mirror of the soul" and should not be used for physical healing. It reaches the inner feelings of the person and reflects what is there, negative or positive. However if does help get rid of nightmares if place in the bedroom. Peridot, adds intelligence to romantic situations but giving common sense in affairs of the heart, helps to move past the hurt and understand current relationships. Particularly good for fears and nightmares. Sodalite, clears up mental confusion and reestablishes inner peace, bridges the gap between thoughts and feelings, eliminates fear and guilt better than any other stone, gives relief from insomnia. Scolecite, promotes inner peace, opening the door to more spontaneous expressions of love, enhances the dream state and restful sleep. Err .... Maybe. Thirteen stones and I only need 12, best not to get the Malachite besides, the Imperial topaz will do the same job.'

He picked up all the stones that he mentioned in his mind except for the Malachite. He brought the stones of purple, pale pink, green, blue, yellow, shimmering white and silvery black to the counter while the shopkeeper was standing.

Minoru: "I will take these 12 stones."
Shopkeeper: "Hmm .... having trouble sleeping?
Minoru: "Nope, not me. They are for a co-worker."
Shopkeeper: "Ah, that is kind of you, you must care about this co-worker."
Minoru: "Not really, I only met her yesterday. Besides, by helping her, I might be helping someone I do care about."
Shopkeeper: "Oh, I see. And what do you plan on doing with these stones?"
Minoru: "Simple, to make a dream catcher for her. Using gemstones are better then just using plastic beads. Besides, gemstones have healing properties."
Shopkeeper: "Well, do you need any feathers? We have some in all colors."
Minoru: "No thanks, I can get feathers elsewhere but thanks for the offer."
Shopkeeper: "Sigh, okay."

The shopkeeper rings up the 12 stones and Minoru pays for them. He leaves the store and starts his jog again back to the apartment.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki followed Silver inside the apartment when he heard Silver question of concern. He saw Deanta in the fetal position on the bed in what appeared to be a panic state. He sits on the bed next to Deanta and shook her lightly and calmly calling her name.

"Deanta, Deanta, is there some way we can help you?"
Triss Hawkeye
At the touch of Ikki's hand, Deanta immediately untensed, grabbing at Ikki's shoulder and pulling herself up, panting, eyes wide in terror. It lasted only for a second, then she shook her head. "Thank you. I'm fine now. As you just saw, it is not insomnia I really suffer from..."
Silver looked at Deanta whit a confused look and the looked at Ikki "Are you sure??" She asked.
That One Dude
Kieran growled at Takai, clearly insulted. "You dare threaten your superior officer? You little sh*t! Why ough to--"

Michelangelo stepped in, he grabbed Kieran by the shirt and in less than an instant they were at a rooftop, Kieran dangling dangerously and swearing. Michelangelo stared down at them. "Nathaniel-chan, we'll see you back at the complex... For the moment, I'll have to 'talk' with my fellow Member of the Council..." he glared at the growling Kieran briefly. "My dearest student... Apprentice... May God let you have a good day..." he said as he jumped off away from them at an alarming speed, Kieran still growling and squirming in complaint.


Much farther away, just barely on the outskirts of town, Michelangelo slapped Kieran sharply in the face. "How the hell could you do that?! You sick bastard... I should've known the first thing you did when you looked at her was try to force yourself on her... I feel like such a fool..!" he hid his face in his hands, shame creeping up on him.

Kieran scoffed and rubbed his face briefly. "Like I care... I can do whatever the hell I want with her, she's rightfully mine..."

Michelangelo growled at him and pinned him against a wall. "You heard her yourself... You heard what she told you, dammit..! She doesn't want you! She hates you! She knows why you came after her in the first place and she doesn't want anything to f*cking do with you anymore!!" he yelled right in his face. "Wake up from that sick fantasy of yours!!"

Kieran scowled. "You're only jealous because I have her back... So scolding me won't make your dear, sweet, little Alexander come back any sooner."

Michelangelo suddenly looked as if he was stabbed. He let go of Kieran and backed away. "You son of a b*tch..." he muttered softly. "Don't you ever talk about my son again, you hear me? If you do, I'll rip you apart..." he said, his eyes glowing blood red and suddenly hollow, glaring at him violently. When he talked, his vampire fangs were now more visible. "So you'd better shut up about business that doesn't concern you, Harou-san." he threatened.

Kieran growled a bit, then just straightened himself up. "Fine, fine... Don't lose your temper. We'd better go check up on Nathan's living arrangements and see how well organized she really is..." he said, shrugging and walking to the complex.


Nathaniel sighed, slightly exasperated. "You know I can take care of myself, right, Takai-san?" she said, looking at him a little worried. "Kieran may have a higher rank than me in the Council, but trust me I'm still stronger..." she paused for a moment, then looked away. "Besides... Sensei will be stuck like glue to me in his stay here, so him comin-- it isn't going to be an issue." she said. She scratched the back of her head, apparently she had cut herself off from saying something. "Eh, let's head back..." she said, walking back to the complex.
Triss Hawkeye
"I'm only happens when I lie down," Deanta said with a small shudder. "I shouldn't have...but Minoru convinced me that it might be OK this time...stupid of me..." She let go of Ikki's shoulder, embarrassed. "Need coffee...why don't they have any Relentless around here?" she muttered, dragging herself into the kitchen.
Silver shruged and walked to the kitchen too.
No one answered the door so Skye headed downstairs to the kitchen finding nearly everyone except Mioru, Takai and Nathaniel. "Is there anything to eat here?" asked Skye.
he would walk up to her after listening to her.
"i see..." he said to her, it becoming apparent he already knew.
he would now be in front of her, he would also be looking into her eyes, deep into them.
"Nathaniel-chan...." he said for the first time, and also for the first time he seemed to become attached to some one.

Triss Hawkeye
Deanta tiredly dragged out a mug and made herself some coffee, sighing with relief as the caffiene began to help her recover.
Silver sat on a near chair and started preparing tea "Why do you get onto that state state when you try to sleep, why did you listened Minoru?" She asked Deanta as she started her reflection on the tea cup.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki followed the girls (Silver, Deanta and Skye) into the kitchen, since everyone was there and asked again as if nothing had happen with Deanta:

"So, does anyone need anything from the hardware store? Oh, and please be careful; the fourth stair is a bit weak and I am planning on repairing it today after I get supplies."

He heard Silver asking the same question he was talking but did not think it was appropriate to asks at this time since they all just met yesterday.
Silver thought about it one second "I need black ink" She said as she handed Ikki some money "Good cuality ink" She said as she nooded and smield.
"Could you pass by the bookstore and by me some paper, pencils, and pens?" said Skye fishing some money out of her pocket and handing it to Ikki.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta dug out some money as well. "I'll second the paper and pens. And see if they have some Relentless as well. I can't get through the day without it, I'm afraid." She took another sip of her coffee as she handed the money over to Ikki.
"Oh yeah I need some color pencils as well aside from pencils." said Skye handing more money to Ikki.
Silver thought abouth it one second "If is not too much too ask,I will need also a book whit nothing written on it" Silver said as he handed him more money.
That One Dude
((sorry i've been gone people, the server at my house is down, you guys ain't gonna see me very often...))

"Hmm?" Nathaniel looked up at Takai at the mention of her name. "What is it?"


"So... This is it?" Kieran asked as he saw the complex. He looked at it critisizingly but not with disgust.

Michelangelo nodded slowly. "I told you we should have come here after she cleaned up..." he, in a sense, scolded Kieran.

"Shut up, you old coot..." he said and stepped inside the complex rather nosily. "Now who's the unlucky rook that gets to meet me first?!" he stepped inside the kitchen, where he thought everyone would be this early, and saw three women and one man. "How nice, a harem so soon..."

Michelangelo had reluctantly followed Kieran and he sighed as he heard him talk. Idiot. Big, big, huge-mungo idiot... Big baka...
takai looked at her, he tried to look deep into her eyes through his crimson shades.
he found a feeling that was now alien to him rise in his chest, he could not even tell what it was it had been so long since he ever felt anything close to it.
he would take the arm he had placed on her shoulder, and pull her close to him with it.
"you forget, i will not betray you, Nathaniel-Chan...." he muttered to her ear.
this feeling he had, it gave him sudden urges such as to kiss her flat out then and there, but he knew that would turn out badly.

((nooo, get it fixed!!! no leave us!!! happy.gif;;))
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta looked up in interest as two strangers entered the kitchen. Giving a small wave, she grinned and asked, "So who are you then? More newbies like us or superiors? If it's the latter then all due respect et cetera..." She took another swig of coffee, trying to wake up.
That One Dude
Nathaniel blushed a bit. "Uh... Thank you, Takai-san..." I guess... "Well, um, we'd better be heading back now... Wouldn't want anyone to worry, hmmm?" Especially not Sensei... I got the feeling that he was a little testy today... she thought nervously.


"Newbies? Erm, no... We're members of the council... I'm going for 600 this winter and he's been here for three years..." Michelangelo said, scratching the back of his head.

"That's not what she asked, Michael..." Kieran glared back at him rather coldly.

"Never call your superior by such a disrespectful name in the prsence of a rook!" he snapped. "I'm in no mood to deal with you and your idiocy today, so keep your damned mouth shut and we won't have any problems..." he growled lowly.

"Alright, alright... Well, point is, we aren't 'new', and that's that." he said, tilting an eyebrow.

Alexander poked his head out of Nathaniel's bedroom door and saw Michelangelo. He quickly jumped on his chest and purred. "Hey there, Alexander-kun!" he said cheerfully as he stroked the back of his head.
Silver looked at the tow new comers and raised an eyebrow, she looked at one of them he looked cold,sarcastic and even bossy the other looked more tolerant and calm she humphed as she heard him say "Never call your superior by such a disrespectful name in the prsence of a rook!" he snapped. "I'm in no mood to deal with you and your idiocy today, so keep your damned mouth shut and we won't have any problems..." he growled lowly she humphed again she wouldnt like that guy, he was exactly like Kio and she hated people like Kio.
Triss Hawkeye
"Ah, my bad, sirs," Deanta said, rubbing the back of her neck. "You're from the Council you say?"
Skye raised one eyebrow but not high eough for it to be noticed. "Council members huh? This is interesting.." thought Skye tapping her fingers on the table. "Well Excuse me sirs but what is your bussiness here?" asked Skye politely but her voice hinted some annoyance in it.
That One Dude
"Yes, the one and only Council..." Michelangelo said calmly, petting Alexander softly on the head. It seemed to calm him down a bit. "Our business? Only to make sure you stay out of trouble and do your job well... And, of course, to lend a helping hand shouild you need it." he smiled softly. "Sorry I lost my temper, beginners. It hapens annoyingly often with that" --at this point he tilted his head toward Kieran-- "man around..."

"You insulting me, old man?" he turned to look at him, an eyebrow raised.

"Oh please, I would scold you to the end of time, but an insult? It's never been my thing. Has it Alex?" he petted the cat's head again. It purred.
Fullmetal Poser
For some strange reason, Ikki felt like he was doing school supplies shopping instead of home improvement but he was not one complain or turn down a female's request no matter what it might be. All and all, he enjoy helping, even if it was running to the arts and craft store.

Ikki then heard the voice of a man about his age say something about a harem. Ikki smiled at the thought but he knew the situation was not like that...yet. He listened as Deanta questioned their position. He heard the bickering between the two council members and was not that impressed. Even the Russian mafia has more organization and respect then this Legion did. But then again, he had his own reason for not joining them and their group of assassins. Ikki signed at the thought of having fighting council members and a love-sick leader. Ikki then said:

"Please excuse fair sirs, but I must get to the hardware store before it closes. Oh, if you happen to go up the stairs, please be mindful of the fourth step. It is a bit weak and I would hate to hear of someone getting injured so meaninglessly."

Ikki finished gathering the money from Silver, Skye and Deanta. He bowed to the slightly two council members in respect then proceed to get ready to leave the apartment complex.
takai would nathaniels hand and lead her to the door.
"let us go" he said kissing her on the cheek at random, then opening the door.
he would walk in to see them.
"eh.." he said already cool headed but ready for a fight.
That One Dude
Kieran turned around to look at them. Holding hands? Good God, Nathan, you know relationships aren't allowed... You and I both learned that the hard way. he glared at the two of them with scorn.

Michelangelo just kept petting Alexander's head. Nobody knows about it, do they? I suppose not, otherwise the first thing they'd do is hate us. Kieran and Nathaniel for their little thing, which is strictly not allowed, and me for defending them... God, they're so lucky they got us. If they were sent to either Rohma or Gin or Vy... Dear Lord they wouldn't make it. he thought as he let go of the cat and went upstairs. It mewed a little sadly and clawed at his pants.

Nathaniel somehow knew what was going through both their minds. She sighed softly. "Well, um, better get ready for some hard work then..." she looked at Takai and let go of his hand. She turned and looked over to Kieran for a moment. She quickly looked away and went inside her room.
he grabbed her by her hand again before she could leave.
for once, some sever emotion was in takai's face, and it was fury.
"my dear sir, your as guilty as i am, and if you really wish to put me down i will fight you for it, we both put something one our behalf, i will stake me with her, our relationship, and i will take any punishment given to her as well, but you must stake something too, such as exiting her life forever, yes i am calling you out on honor, you dont accept, its as good as a loss" he said fury seeming to brim in his voice for once.
he would look at him through his crimson shades, fury seeming to burn through them.
Silver looked at the escene, she was surprised whit Takai actittute she shook her head "No you will only cause the both of you to get in trouble" She whispered.
Skye just stared at the scene unfolding in front of her. She knew that affairs between people in the Legion weren't allowed but she wasn't gonna stand in the way of two people's happiness just because they weren't following the rules but then again she din't want to see her new teammates or friends get hurt just because of this. "Sir I beg your pardon but why don't you let them be, since clearly telling them to stop their relationship would do no good and they probably might not listen anyway," said Skye in a calm voice her eyes looing at Takai's direction, "Also it might be good for both them and everyone else if it just stayed this way."
That One Dude
Kieran merely stood there. "I refuse." he said calmly. "It's not worth such a commotion... Not again." he said and headed upstairs. Stupid man... Little does he know what the price to pay to get in even a small argument with a superior could cost him even his life... Tsk. Merciful me.

Nathaniel sighed. "Takai-san, it really isn't worth it..." she looked at him. "You don't know quite what happens... Besides..." she let go of his hand. "You can never strike down your brother or sister." she said softly.


Michelangelo pulled out a packet of cigarettes and stared at them. This is too complicated for my tastes... Being with him was complicated too, but there was a big diffirence... he sighed and put it in his mouth. He lit it and inhaled. He coughed a bit and just stared at the scenery. Just an average city. Nothing special about it. Nothing at all.
takai would already have his scythe at the man's throat before he headed up stairs.
he would pull back a little and it would graze his throat a bit.
"you forget whom your dealing with.." he said ignoreing everything else.
he would then look at the man, his crimson shades glimmering.
That One Dude
Kieran growled softly. "I refuse." he said simply, not even noticing the scratch on his neck. "Now calm down before things get out of hand..."

"Takai, stop it." Nathaniel said softly, as if her voice was leaving her.

Oh hush, silly girl. You want them to fight. You know it.
W--Wha? N--No... W--wait, what the hell are you doing?!
I'm coming out. Wether you want me to or not, I need to see my beloved fight again. So feral..!
S--Stop... He's not gonna fight... Neither of them are....!!
Right. And I suppose the tooth fairy exists too.

She yelled in pain.
takai would jerk back on his way to nathaniel's side, this would put a gash into the man's shoulder from his scythe.
takai would pick her up into his arm.
takai would look into her eyes with his own crimson shades.
suddenly she would cough up a bit of black stuff, and it would seems to be over, as takai just weakend the 'enemy' considerably.
he would look behind him waiting for the other to attack.
-this is not good- he thought simply.
That One Dude
((............where did i say that she coughed up black stuff?? *tilts head*))

Kieran growled and clutched his shoulder. "Assh*le. Aires dislocated it this morning and now you tear it up? Bullsh*t..." he looked over at Takai. "I told you to stay calm and not let anything get out of hand, didn't I?" he made a noise of disgust and merely looked at his hand and shoulder covered in blood. He wasn't about to fight.

Nathaniel clutched her head and breathed slowly, relaxing. "Damn, damn, damn... Takai, Harou-san, don't fight....!!"


Alexander mewed and Michelangelo patted his head. The cat pulled away and ran from the door leading to the roof and back, trying to tell him something. Michelangelo just blinked and stood up, walking back inside.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki shook his head and signed at the actions of Takai. He said was he was leaving the apartment complex in disgust:

"Chivalry, my friend, is not making the ladies swear. One should not only act but listen as well."

He then left the apartment complex to get supplies.
he seemed to ignore every word the man said, though he was actually listening well.
he would look at nathaniel.
"ok ok, if you wish it, we wont fight.." he says.
just then his arm gave a violent spasm, reacting to his will to protect nathaniel.
he would grab it in agony.
"no... no.. not here..." he muttered to himself.
That One Dude
"Takai?" Nathaniel winced a bit and looked at him. What the... Great, another one... she narrowed her eyes briefly.


Kieran bumped into Michelangelo. "Oh... Hey Michael." he said simply.

"... You're bleeding. And it's not from the ass." Michelangelo said, blinking. "Why would they tear up your shoulder and not your--?"

"Oh, please! One time and now you're making jokes!" he said, redness creeping up his face. "... Just fix me up, you sick, perverse, old bastard."

"That anyway to talk to someone who can kill you without even blinking?" he asked, pulling him up by his injured arm.

"Yosh!! I get it!!" he cried out. "Just fix me up, dammit!!"

"Hmmph..." Michelangelo glared at him for a moment. "Fine, fine, but only if you stop whinning."
takai would try to contain it, and at the moment, gained control.
he would look at nathaniel.
"yes?" he asks as though nothing is wrong.
That One Dude
"Erm, nothin'," she said simply. "See ya later." she said just before she went inside her room.


"Gaaaah!! Couldn't you be a bit more gentle?!" Kieran cried out and winced.

Michelangelo licked some of Kieran's blood off his hands. "I would be gentle, but you squirm around a bit too much..." he said simply and kept stitching him up.

Kieran growled. "I don't squirm. I'm not an animal to be squirming..."

"Technically, yes you are an animal. A big, ferocious..." he finished stitching him up and grinned at him, showing his fangs. "Kitten."

"... Cat. I'm not a kitten. Feline. Male. Strong. Not kitten. Not like 'f*ck toy kitten'. Feline. Got it?" he growled at him.

"It was just a joke." he said, shrugging. "Now get the hell out of my room!"
takai would walk to her door and knock.
"nathaniel-chan, whats the matter?" he asks her.
he would look at the door, wishing he could just see through it.
Triss Hawkeye
"What charm you have, Takai," Deanta said sarcastically, draining the rest of her coffee. "Show-off." She shrugged and returned to her room. "Can someone tell me when Minoru comes back? He...still needs to know about my...condition." She nodded and left the kitchen. That Takai, what did he think he was doing? He had assaulted Council members! She knew that she had been rather too flippant earlier, but he had gone too far. Hadn't he broken enough rules as it was? His overly arrogant attitude could get them all into trouble...
Silver shook her head "Things are gonna get complicated" She mumbled "Takai I think you should..." She stopped "Nevermind" She said and walked away to her room.
"Takai you idiot.. why couldn't you have just talked things out calmly before things came to this?" sighed Skye shaking her head, "I'm gonna go over to Deanta's and Silver's if anyone needs me." Skye walked to Deanta and Silver's room, she knocked on the door. "Hello? Can I please enter?" asked Skye knocking patiently on the door.
Triss Hawkeye
"Yeah, sure," Deanta said, draped over a necessarily straight-backed chair. "Is it ust me, or does Takai seem to be a real pain in the ass?" she muttered. She gave Skye a grin, then noticed something about him that didn't seem quite right. After studying him for a bit longer she groaned, putting her head in her hands with a small laugh.

"'re a girl, aren't you? Had me fooled for a while there..."
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki walked out of the apartment to start completing his errands. He felt as if someone was following him, but it did not seem to threatening, nevertheless, he would try to lose the watchful presence. Ikki first went to the craft store and pick up the items requested by Skye, Silver and Deanta. He could not find original Relentless so Relentless Inferno would have to do. He then proceeded to hardware and pick up items to help repair the stair, gutters and other problem area with the complex. He paid for the items and then went back to the apartment complex by another route. He was hoping that by the time he got back, Takai would have calmed down a bit. He arrived back at the complex and put the hardware supplies in a corner of the den where no one would trip over them. He picked up the art supplies and the drinks and headed up stairs towards Deanta and Silver's apartment. He knocked on the door and waited a reply.
Silver sweatdroped "I knew since the begining, but seriusly talking Takai just wants to be whit Nathaniel I dont think there is nothing Wrong on that but he croosing the line" She said as she then heard somene nocking the door she opened and smiled "Hey there, come in, you got what we ask??" She said as she looked at him hopefully.
Skye grinned a little. "Yeah I'm a girl but I kinda got used to dressing as a boy already so I don't really own much clothes that girls dress in." said Skye, "I think Takai's just being plain stubborn. He could have settled everything peacfully but no he just had to get violent! And He hurt a council member at that!". Skye shaked her head in disgust. "Welcome back by the way Ikki"
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