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Triss Hawkeye
Hearing movement outside the door, Deanta silently closed the bathroom door. Minoru would probably be in there for another few minutes....

Deanta opened their door, finding a bottle of wine outside. "Ooo wow! Wine!" she said happily. "Wonder who left this here?" She looked up and down the corridor, but seeing no one, but a bottle of wine outside every room except Skye's guessed that it would have been him.

((Deanta's not very observant - she didn't realise Skye was a girl...))

"Nice of him..." she murmured under her breath, taking the bottle inside and showing Silver.
Death Awakens
((Heehee adorable, a little peeping-Tom. laugh.gif ))

As Minoru was taking a shower, he thought he heard the door creak open. He moved the shower curtain to see if anyone was there. Perhaps, he just got a little too much water in his elven ears. Minoru got out of the shower and put on his Chi Chai Monchan shirt and shorts pajamas. He wrapped his wild fae hair in the towel and did a little bathroom cleaning so there would not be a ring left or anything. He is even nice enough to put the toilet seat down. He gather his few items and walked out of the bathroom.

He casually waved to Silver and Deanta, smiled and said:

"Thank you kindly. Good night and Ciao!"

As Minoru walked to Takai's and his apartment, he notice a bottle of wine by the door. He thought mentally: "Oh, how nice, must be from the shy kid. I will have to thank her next time I see her. At least now, I have something to share with Takai!"

((Sorry miracle_flame_alchemist147. Minoru is gay and his a male radar.))
Silver looked at the bootle of red wine "Mmm not to good for my taste but aceptable" She said as she noded.
Triss Hawkeye
Hearing Minoru walk out and leave suddenly, Deanta got the urge to follow him, but decided against it. Maybe after a few glasses of wine. She popped the cork.

"Bye Minoru...Well, now all we need are glasses..."
((It's okay, Death_Awakens happy.gif))

As Skye slept she tossed and turned on the cold floor waking up wet realising that her clothes were soaked in wine seeing as she din't bother closing the bottle before falling asleep. "Dammit!" cursed Skye under her breathe removing her shirt and using it to wipe the floor.

((She's wearing bandages to make her chest look flatter except she's already flat-chested. happy.gifwink.gif)

Skye went inside her bathroom and threw the soggy shirt in the sink and removed the rest of her clothes then went into the shower. After nearly an hour trying to take off the smell of wine Skye washed her clothes and wore a large shirt and shorts, collapsing straight onto her bed realising that she was no longer sleepy and just stared at the ceiling wondering what sort of event might take place the next day aside from cleaning.
Triss Hawkeye
Finding a few glasses in the cupboard, Deanta poured a good measure of wine into each one.

"Not enough to get drunk on, but enough to get a little hyperactive anyway," she said, offering a glass to Silver. "Cheers."
That One Dude
Nathaniel raised her head groggily from her pillow. She had a small headache, rather uncommon considering she was so intoxicated so much of the time that she grew an immunity from it. She touched her forehead softly and sighed. She looked over to her alarm clock. 3:52 in the morning... For God's sakes. She sighed exasperatedly as she stood up and dug inside her closet for a change of clothes. I may as well get off my ass and make preperations for tomorrow... Well, today, actually... And get a little caffeine in as well, damn this headache... she complained to herself. She took off the clothes she was wearing before and wore her man-suit again. She looked at herself in the mirror and smirked. I'd look damn sexy holding a cigarette... Speaking of which, I hope I won't have to smoke my troubles out anytime soon... her smirk slowly faded a away to a deep glare into her own, cold, naive, pained silver eyes. "I'd better get going..." she said softly to both her and her reflection, as she turned away and headed outside.


"What the f*ck?! Why was I not told of this?!" a tall, slender man with long black hair covering his eyes had smashed his hand onto the table, in an unexplainable rage. He removed his hand, still angry, his blue eyes smoldering and narrow.

"Because of exactly that... You and your damned temper." said another man, only slightly taller and a bit more slender, almost sickly looking, with long flowing silver hair picked up in a ponytail. He scowled at the other man, his red-brown eyes barely showing any emotion at all.

"You said so yourself she wasn't responsible enough to handle it!" the first man retorted, glaring at him with even more fury.

"She is responsible, Harou-san! You just don't have any faith in her, typical half-breed card you're pulling!" a mid-sized woman with a curvy body and ample bosom and blond hair intervened. She glared at the man with black hair accusingly.

"This isn't about me, this is about Nate! She's too young for this! She's probably going to screw up again!" he complained to the two of them, secretly hoping that they would find reason in his words.

"The last time she 'screwed up', it was because you made it so, Harou-san." a tall woman with dog ears and a very gray aura stepped out of the shadows and, even though her eyes were covered in the dullest gray hair, she looked staright at the man with black hair. Beneath her bangs, she had the most intense look in her eyes.


"... When are we going over?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Soon. The day after tommorrow." the man with silver hair replied calmly.

"Too late by then. We should go tommorrow." said the man again, a little tidbit of impatience on his voice.

"Worried about something happening to your 'precious little Nathan?'" the woman with gray hair asked, tilting her head and a soft yet malicious smirk clear on her pale face.

"... Not at all. She knows how to fight even better than 'King'." the man replied, not paying attention to the look on her face.

"Oh, I'm not talking about real battles... I'm talking about someone taking your place in her life." she said, her smirk bigger and even more malicious than before.

"... It won't happen. I can assure you of that. We go tommorrow." he said as he turned around and left.

The rest of the people merely looked angered at the man's decision.

((BTW: UPDATE: You can use more than one character now. ^^))
Silver sat on her bed after drinking the wine, she looked at the clock "Dammit I didnt sleep" She thought but she shrugged, not like she needed to, she looked at the window "What next?" She whispered as she lied on her bed and soon whitout noticing she fell asleep.


"Enjoying you new life?" A voice asked, Silver turned around, it was Kio, his green eyes were full of hate "What do you want?" She asked "Mmm... good question" He said as he walked around "Why can you just leave me alone?" She asked angrily "Alone?? Silver you are alone" He said mockingly "You know what??? I'm happy you are dead" She said angrily "Are you sure" He whispered in her ear.

Silver woke up "Stupid dreams!!" She cursed as she walked to the bathroom to take a shower.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta sat at the table, toying with her glass of wine. Silver hadn't seemed interested, and had gone to sleep for a while. Deanta heard her get up and go for a shower. She sighed.

"Not nice being an insomniac, huh?" she said to the wine glass gloomily. "Nights are so boring..." She downed the glass and called out to Silver. "Hey Silver, I'm going to see if any of the guys are awake and gatecrash, 'k?" she yawned. "Gawsh, I need caffiene first..." She sloped into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee, then listened outside each door to hear for any signs of awakeness.
That One Dude
Nathaniel walked into the kitchen, with a surprisingly awake-looking face and a good posture. Coffee... I should make a pot. She thought, digging around the room for it. Despite her very awake appearance, she was actually absent-minded. She let out a small yawn. Damn... she thought as she poured some coffee in a mug and sipped it. She sighed and just stood there. I'd better hurry... It's already 4:07...
Silver got out of the shower whit only a towel she got her clothes and started walkinga back to the bathroom after a short time she got of the bathroom "Nothing like a shower in the morning" she thought happily.
takai was up all night, and he steps out the shower, he would dry off with his free arm, and then dresses himself.
he would walk into the kitchen his hair still a bit wet, and would step behind nathaniel.
he would wrap his arm around her, and pull her close to him.
"good morning" he says to her, with a kind smile.
That One Dude
Nathaniel smiled at Takai. "Mornin'." She said, her tone rather perked up. Lucky for everyone, she was in a good mood today. Usually, when she got a headache, she would be angry, loud, and not very friendly. She looked down at her watch and sighed. "Sorry, Takai-kun, we'll have to talk later... I have to go." she said and she ducked under his arm and quickly stepped outside, the light already just barely starting to take over. Gotta get the supplies... Then I gotta go visit Eva... I'll probably be back at about noon she thought to herself as she hurriedly stepped onto the empty streets, her footsteps echoing in the darkness.
takai would sigh as she left, and suddenly have a uneasy feeling.
he would take a step back and turn into a shadow, sinking into the ground.
he would go else where, following this uneasy feeling, as they were usually right.
he wanted to stay with Nathaniel, and nothing was going to get in his way.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta slipped behind a doorway as Takai passed her. She didn't like him that much, so stayed out of his way. She slipped over to Minoru's room and tapped lightly on the door to see if he was awake.
Skye checked the time it was already 4:30 am. "Damn.." muttered Skye who obviously din't get any sleep. Skye stood up and changed to a some shorts and another loose shirt that wasn't her part of her sleep wear until she remembered her bandages so she had to remove her shirt once more and put on her bandages beofer her shirt this time. "Ed wake up." said Skye as she prodded the kitten until it woke up opening its eyes beofer closing them again and resuming sleep. Skye sighed opening the door and going out of her room, thinking why she ever had a lazy kitten for a pet. As Skye walked along the hallway she spotted Deanta tapping lightly onto Minoru's door.
Death Awakens
Minoru heard a light knocking; he figures it might be Takai who might have left his keys. He picks up his keys since he is going for a morning run and answers the door. He was shocked to see Deanta in the hallway. Minoru says:

"Umm. Good morning. Err. Anything I can help you with?"
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta jumped as she heard Skye's door open. Spinning around and coming face to face with 'him', she waved, a guilty grin on her face.

"I'm an insomniac, I don't sleep. I was wondering if anyone was awake yet..." she said, hoping Skye wouldn't get the wrong impression.
Death Awakens
Minoru saw the Deanta was a bit pathetic stricken, so bent forward a little to see who else was in the hallway. He was the silver-haired girl. He gave her a little 'hello' nod just to acknowledge he saw her. He then turned to Deanta and said:

"Oh, an insomniac eh? That is no good. Surely, you must have some place to dream about? Well, I am going to a morning jog. Perhaps you should try and get a few z's"
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta could feel a blush coming on. How cliched. Not good. She spun around again, feeling uncharacteristically bashful.

"Wish I could Minoru...but I've been properly diagnosed and everything. Basically I live on caffiene...say, could I come with you?" she asked. "I mean, if it's not any bother or anything...hehe..."
Fullmetal Poser
It was morning and time for Ikki's visitor to leave. Ikki thanked Girl 3 for the night and promised to call her something. When he opened the door to let Girl 3 out he saw Silver, Deanta and Minoru in the hallway. He thought to himself '...., if I knew everyone was in the hallway, I would have had at least another hour of fun with this girl. Sigh, I would have even put on more cloths then just this bathrobe I am wearing.' Girl 3 work down the stairs and out of the apartment.

Ikki waved to his apartment-mates and said: "Good morning."

He pick up the bottle of wine and returned inside his room to get ready for the day.
That One Dude
Nathaniel sighed as she looked at the hardware store she planned to buy all the things for today from. "We're open from 6:30 to 5:30... Eleven hours," she sighed in exasperation. "Bullsh*t. Just plain f*cking bullsh*t." She swore, kicking the ground angrily and walking off. Now she was cranky. Very. She walked away, towards a house nearby. It was old and even in worse shape than the complex. There was graffitti all over the walls and it was apparently the victim of many rocks and other foreign things thrown at the windows. She sighed, exasperated. "Damn kids..." she said as she passed it by. She stood there and stared at it for a moment, sadness growing softly in her eyes. Home. My home. she sighed and put her hands in her pockets, walking away, toward the Graveyard. It was a long and rather deppressing walk, considering that the Graveyard had this unusualy dark aura around it.


A man with long silvery hair tied back and a svelte build sighed with exasperation. He stared at a tall, thin woman with such a gray aura around her, with a little sadness. "Why is he always like this? Must he think only of himself?"

"AND Nathan." she corrected him, her silvery gray wolf's tail swishing behind her.

"Right, right, of course..." he sighed. "Gin-san, he's such an idiot... I want to strangle him so badly sometimes..." he growled, clenching his fists.

"And yet you still love him, same way she loves her, same way she loves him, and same way he loves you... Ah, I still remember that crazy web of unrequited love that you four idiots had together..." she said, a half-smile half-smirk in her face.

"Speaking of which, how is Kaynn?" he asked her, his tone now filled with worry.

Gin frowned. "He's hanging in there, as best he can... Somehow."

He looked down. Then he looked at his watch. "Knowing Kieran, he'll be asking us to leave about now..." he sighed again. "God I hate that man..!"

Gin just stared at him with seriousness. "Don't lie to me, or to yourself... It's unhealthy. Just accept the fact that your little square has merely turned into a triangle..."

"SHE doesn't love me like THAT."

"But she still does love you. As her Sensei. Her beloved Sensei." she said, now smiling softly. "Perhaps more than just a Sensei... More like the father she lost so long ago..."

He looked down. "Indeed... Well, we'd better get ready to go, that bastard is not going to let us off easy if we make him wait..." he said as he walked away, towards the shadows.

Gin sighed and stood there, like a sentinel of the cold night.
Triss Hawkeye
"Morning..." Deanta replied, yawning. "Meh, that coffee didn't do me much good...anywhere around here sell Relentless? They'd better or I'll never be useful for anything. Hey Minoru, maybe you're right. Maybe a rest would do me good, although I won't be able to sleep."
Silver looked from the window she was totally awake she didnt need caffeine but she was hungry "Good morning to all of you but if you excuse me I going to eat something" she said as she walked away.
takai would form back, into a old abandoned house, and would hear the thoughts of Nathaniel echo in it. he would begin to clean up around and make it almost as good as new to the best of his ability.

-------------------------few hours later---------------------------

the uneasy feeling would return to him, and he would walk to the grave yard out near the house.
he would come across what he took to be part of his uneasy feeling.
he would push up his crimson shades with his arm, and look at the giver(s) of the feeling, as his shades shimmered.
"hello there" he says
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta slipped back into her room, closing the door behind her and leaning against it. Chickened out at the last minute huh? How pathetic....

She flopped onto the bed and stared at the ceiling, trying to make her mind go blank.
"Good morning." greeted Skye to everyone. "Would anyone like to eat breakfast?" asked Skye.

(Sorry for being late! I just got back from school. happy.gif)
Death Awakens
Minoru smiled and said to Deanta as she was walking back to her apartment:

"You should! Sleep does have its health purposes."

At the moment he noticed Goldilocks walking out a girl. He signed again and thought; 'Damn, at least someone got lucky at last night. Why couldn't it have been me?'

He walks out of the apartment and does some stretches before he starts his run. He has no set running path, he would just follow where the winds takes him, after all, it was the elven way. The wind led him towards a graveyard with an unusually dark aura. As he ran through the graveyard he wondered if this aura was the result of some foreign magic, since it was neither elven nor fae. Bust just perhaps this dark aura was the result of memories bounded to the graveyard for it had the emotions of bitterness, loss, hate and envy circling within it. He thought to himself, 'So many poison words and hidden feelings. Perhaps if those words the heart wished to say were spoken, this place would not be as despondent. Ever the dead hold their joyous moments with them, but this place was void of all happiness.'

He heard a 'hello there' and recognized the manly voice from anywhere. It was Takai! Being careless to the fact that Nathaniel was in the area, he thought Takai was speaking to him. He answered Takai back with a joyful:

"Hey! Good Morning!"
That One Dude
Nathaniel sighed and looked, out of the corner of her eye, at all people suddenly intruding on her own personal time, a slight anger flashing towards each of them. She had picked up white roses and was holding them while standing near a gravestone that read:

Here lies Evangeline Saorinn
Beloved daughter of Samuel Saorinn and Valeria Saorinn,
Wonderful student of Sanden East High,
Kindest person any of us shall know,
We will miss you.

And on the bottom, there also read something tha seemed to be etched into the stone crudely, as if done with a knife:

Best friend of Nathaniel,
and always in my heart.

Nathaniel let out a sigh and she set the flowers on the ground, hoping to cover up the last part which she herself had etched out such a long time ago. She wiped away a few tears she had forming in her eyes and clenched her fists to prevent them from shaking. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She then turned away, she looked at her watch. It's six already... Good... I've been here some time, it seems... Eva, you always did have a knack for making me lose track of time... Heh... Looks like you still do. A soft smile came to her lips briefly and she walked away to the hardware store again. And now to buy the accured materials for cleaning today... she smirked as she now cleared her head of memories and thought about how to torture the apprentices.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta lay in a foetal position on the bed. She knew she shouldn't even have lain down - already it was starting to happen. She curled up tightly, eyes wide, arms clutched around her knees. Against her will she became numb, and her body tensed into that position, holding her there. She didn't open her mouth - she knew from experience that she wouldn't even be able to talk. She felt her heart sink as her eyes seemed to glaze over from the outside. But inside she was still awake, still concious, living every painful second. At least it would be less than a week before someone came to snap her out of it this time...
Silver entered the kitchen she looked around there wasnt much she grab some stuffs and started preparing breakfast after a short time and she was eating pancakes whit syroup.
takai would see a comrade out of the corner of his eye, but would continue to stare at the one(s) giving him his bad feeling involving Nathaniel.
he would push up his crimson shades with his free hand, locking eyes with the foreigners.
"do you wish for any trouble, or is this a nice meeting?" he asked the figures, putting emphases one word nice.
That One Dude
((what foreigners?? ya mean the four people i occasionally mention? they aren't here yet. ._.U))
Death Awakens
((Okay, that is what I was thinking but thanks for cleaning that up. So it is just Minoru and Takai in the graveyard.....)
((oh? sorry))
takai would look around, it seemed he would have to wait to find out.
he would look toward his comrade.
"hey.." he muttered to him. he would push up his crimson shades and rest his sealed arm on the ground.
he would lean up against a satue sized head stone, the writeing and such on it was faded.
he would sigh lightly.
Triss Hawkeye
After a while in her semi-catatonic state, Deanta felt the familiar sense of panic start to set in again. Had they all gone out for the day now, leaving her behind? Would they suddenly decide to change house? Would they all be killed so that she wouldn't be found for weeks, months, or even years, in this state?
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at Takai gave a little smile and said:

"Out for a morning jog as well or did something else call you to this bleak place?"

He looked around a little to see if he could deduce why Takai was in the graveyard so early. Out of the corner of his eye and a bit into the distance, he saw a graveyard with some recently laid white roses. He thought to himself; 'Finally, some light in the dismal place.'
Fullmetal Poser
After Girl 3 left, Ikki took a shower and got ready for the day. He noticed last night when he was returning that there was a weak step, so he figured he would go to the hardware store and pick up a few items. He gave Bob some breakfast and figure he would ask his apartment-mates if they needed anything since he was already going out. He walked down the hall to Takai and Minoru's apartment first and knocked but got no answer. So he moved on to the next door. He knocked on Silver and Deanta room and said:

"Hey, everyone home? I am going to the hardware store to pick up a few things, is their anything I can pick up for you."

He then waited for a reply.
Skye just shrugged and went to the kitchen looking for something to drink. Skye found a tin of tea and made some. Sitting down on one of the chairs holding her cup while carefully setting it on the table.
That One Dude
Nathaniel stepped inside, then suddenly sighed. I should've gotten somebody else to do this... I'm not in the best mood today to talk to THAT man... she growled softly to herself and shook her head.

"Looks like I was right... You aren't in the best mood today, are you Nathaniel-chan?" a tall, svelte man with flowing silver hair that was tied back, said as he walked toward Nathaniel. He smiled softly, his red-brown eyes shimmering with a softness, as if he was looking at a daughter he had not seen in years.

"S--Sensei..?!" Nathaniel turned around to face him, a shocked expression on her face. "Sensei... What the hell are you doing here?! I--I haven't done anything wrong!!"

"We know you haven't... We just came to check up on you, Nathan, my sweet..." said the man next to him, though he had shorter hair and it was pitch black. He had a very satisfied smirk on his face.

Nathaniel glared at the other one. "And what the f*ck might you be doing here, besides wanting to harras and/or molest me?!" she demanded.

He shrugged, then smirked at her. "I came not to molest you... But now that I look at you..." he had her pinned to the wall in the blink of an eye. "You look like you have a dirty little secret... What might you be hiding from me?"

"Nothing at all..." she growled, ducking under him and no longer on the wall. "My life isn't my business any longer, Kieran. You'll just have to deal with that."

He growled and frowned slightly. "You know the rules... You NEVER call a superior from the Council by his first name in public, let alone broad daylight..."

"Whatever..." she said, then turned to the other man. "Michel-Sensei, how've you been? Is everything alright? No other particular reason why you came here to see me today?"

Michelangelo (the name of her sensei) sighed softly. "We would have waited a little longer, like perhaps after you and your new Squadron went on their first mission... But a certain someone got a little impatient and sent us off in the day of today..." he said, glaring slightly at Kieran.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta heard the knock at the door. She wished she could answer it, or even say something.
takai would have such a bad feeling his arm would spasm.
he would grab it in pain.
he would look up at his comrade, and then explode into a barrage of shiny black bubbles.
in doing so he would be transported into the area of his bad feeling, being mad of the black bubbles.
he would appear pushing up his crimson shades with his free arm.
"well, seems your here.." takai said actually seeming to know them.
"then you remember who i am?" he asked in a casual voice
"takai, of the black death... one of many names known to me.." he would repeat to them.
That One Dude
Michelangelo tilted his head. "Who? I'm not very good at remembering names or faces unless it's a close friend..." he said, blinking.

Kieran scoffed and laughed softly. "I didn't join this f*ck rally till three years ago, so I probably wouldn't know anything about any black death..." he looked up at Takai, a very twisted grin on his face.

Nathaniel sighed. "Takai-san, what're you doing here?"
"i have been around a long time.." he says a small smile.
"i'm sure, if you look in your best files, you might find a little something on me.." he said in reply to another comment.
"i'm a cause of many massacres..." he said revealing a bit about his past.
he would look at Nathaniel with a bit of a smile.
"well, unless you feel like haveing that done to you again, i suggest you let me do my work.." he comments, suggesting he knew what went on just now.
he would look back at the two men.
"well?" he commented, almost a hint of sarmcasm in his voice to the other.
That One Dude
Michelangelo looked at him, slightly interested. "So you're THAT guy... So many years of lurking and you finaly decided to join..?"

Kieran scoffed, the same sick grin still on his face. "Whatever... Massacres are child's play..." he said, turning his head away from Takai, the sickest grin still on his face.

Nathaniel sighed. "Takai-san, please don't say TOO much to them... Or at least not to HIM..." she said, not pointing or even glaring at him, she knew Takai would know who he was.
Silver walked back to her room and then saw Ikki "Hey there do you need anything?" As she walked to the door.
Fullmetal Poser
(( Wow doki, lay off the stalking, it is making me sick. ))

Ikki said to Silver:

"Oh! Hey, I was going to hardward store to pick up a few things and I was wondering if you or Deanta needed anything. So, um, do you need anything that I could pick up for the two of you?"
Silver shook her head "No but thank you anyway" She said as she entered then she saw Deanta "Deanta are you ok??" She asked as she walked were Deanta was.
takai would smirk at his seemingly old friend of sorts.
"eh, that is not all i am known for, as your friend over here would know..." he tells keiran with a slight grin.
he would then already be behind him with two fingers pointing to his spine.
"touch her... ill make sure you die... in the most worst way possible..." he says.

Triss Hawkeye
Deanta saw Silver walk in in the corner of her eye. She would have sighed in relief, but she was still paralysed in her foetal position, unable to move or talk.
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