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That One Dude
Nathaniel looked at Minoru. "Nope, no snakes... Alexander took care of them during summer... I think..." she said rather jokingly.

She then looked at Skye. "You'll share a bathroom with your roomate, but besides that, no."
Death Awakens
(( I was going to go off on some nasty tangent based on the bathroom question, but then my stomach started turning so I decided against it. ))

Minoru decided to use a bit of reverse psychology and said as if he was disheartened:

"So, I guess they are not going to be co-ed. How exactly do you plan on assigning roommates? And are these roommates going to be a work partner too?"
"Umm.. Are we going to be roommates by the same gender?" asked Skye uncomfortably remembering that she was still dressed up as a boy.
That One Dude
"Well, the rooms will be same gender, yes, though I don't think you'll be very annoyed by that..." Nathaniel smirked at him briefly. "And no, work partners will be cross-gender. Tough luck for the two of us."
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki let out a sigh of relief. He was glad that the roommate would be the same gender for two reasons. First, sharing an apartment with a girl would prove too much temptation for him. Second, his pet Tuatara was a male and honestly, he would not trust anyone with caring for Bob. Ikki then waited for farther instructions from Lady Nathaniel.
That One Dude
Nathaniel ulnocked the door and opened it. "Alright, first floor is the kitchen, my room, a mess hall, and a little, uh, 'activities' room... No pervy thoughts please..." she smirked. "Second and third floor are the rooms, and finally the roof... The rooms are all basically the same size, so there'll be no reason to be jealous of anyone else's room... You can do whatever you want, put up wallpapers of your idols, who you wish would marry you, whatever, you want to put a picture of your mom on the bedstand next to you, you can, blabbity blah and so on..." she said simply, stepping inside.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki looked around and thought to himself, 'Yea, this place definitely needs more lights. And a nice place for Bob too.'
That One Dude
Nathaniel sighed. "Watch your step, people..." she said as she walked inside. "I'll pair ya all up with your roomates later... Talk amongst yourselves, or whatever..." she opened a door painted all in black and disappeared behind it.
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at Nathaniel and said rather sheepishly:

"Annoyed?!? I don't think I would be annoyed either way, well unless my roommate was snake-like, then I think I would be annoyed. I not a big fan of snakes. Teehee."
Triss Hawkeye
"Ooo, what fun!" Deanta said, cheerfully running into the kitchen and looking around. She hoped her work partner would be Minoru.

"You know, it will be really interesting to see who our room-mates are, huh?" she said, flicking a kettle on. "Coffee anyone? I guess it would be pivotal to our enjoyment over the next while..." She hunted around for a mug and found a slightly grubby item which she plonked onto the sideboard. "Where's the fridge?" she murmured.
That One Dude
Nathaniel was in her room, changing clothes. Ah, six recruits... Three male, three female... There's gonna be two people with their own rooms... she thought. She let down her hair from the tight bun it was in previously, it was straight and layered. She sighed and walked outside, wearing an outfit that looked quite like a pair of pajamas. She went upstairs and started checking out the rooms, one by one, to see if they were still clean. A black cat came out of a room and yowled at her. "Yeah, yeah, shut up Alex..."
Death Awakens
Minoru looked as Deanta as if she was a servant girl for a rich family, he quickly pull out a coffee mug from his bag and handed to Deanta saying:

"I love coffee and all that caffeine. Oh, and I take my coffee dark, rich with flavor and .... "

Minoru laughs foolishly and says through laughter:

"Pretty much straight."

He laughs some more.
Triss Hawkeye
"Awesome, me too!" Deanta said, delighted at finding something else in common with Minoru and that he carried a coffee cup with him. Now that was prepared. Deanta did have her trusty towel in her bag, but it wasn't so useful for conataining liquids... ((Sorry, random H2G2 refernce there tongue.gif))
That One Dude
Nathaniel heard laughter. "Ah, so they're starting to joke around..." she picked up Alexander and patted his head. Somehow, at that very moment, she seemed very gothic and distant from everything else. "Well, the rooms seem fine..." she patted the cat over the head again and went back downstairs.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki looked at Minoru and could not figure out what was so funny about how someone likes his coffee. He wondered if there was some hidden message in there. Ikki was bliss to all the crushes that were going on around him.

Ikki then looked up stairs and saw what he believe was a ghost of some gothic/lolita girl with a cat coming down the stairs. Oddly, he thought it was cool that the apartments could be hunted. But when he got a closer look, he saw the pretty little girl was the lovely Nathaniel.
That One Dude
Nathaniel yawned briefly and saw Ikki staring at her. "Um, why are you looking at me like that?" she asked, tilting her head slightly. Alexander just meowed and jumped off her arms, running around in an 8 shaped circle at Ikki's feet. Nathaniel sweatdropped. "A'ight..."
Death Awakens
Minoru took Deanta delightment to be more of an evil grin. He quickly found a towel like thing and was ready to participating in towel flicking. But only if, Deanta engaged hand-to-hand combat with her trusty wet towel. (( My small but humble H2G2 reference. ^^ ))

He then notice the ghost like appearance of Nathaniel and was sure, that she just saw a snake.

Fullmetal Poser
Ikki look at Nathaniel and said sincerely:

"I am sorry, m'lady. I was just captivated by your beauty for a moment. Please forgive my stare."

He listen, as it sound as if Nathaniel was going to list their assignments.
That One Dude
"Nunununu..." she leaned forward toward Ikki and Alexander. Alexander's ears perked up and he jumped back into Nathaniel's arms. "Alright, well... Today, tonight, and early tomorrow, we celebrate your making the Legion..." she said in a 'certain' tone. "Tomorrow we clean up the place a bit and make it 'nice' for us and the day after we start with REAL work... You may complain about not shedding blood quite yet, but you'll thank me for starting you off easy, there's more to being an assasin than just killing anyone you're assigned to kill..."
Silver looked around the place was "interesting" not a place she was used but she didnt care the heard the word "clean" not a word which she liked it she shighed "This is gonna be interesting" She mumbled.
Triss Hawkeye
"Oo, lovely," Deanta replied to Nathaniel, distracted by the fact that Minoru also had a towel.

"Oh. My. Goodness." She whipped out her own, soaked it under the tap then flicked it in his direction. "I propose a duel!" she yelled.
"Against who?" asked Skye looking at Deanta.
Death Awakens
Minoru sat there enjoying his cup of black coffee but his was anxiously awaiting the announcement of roommate and work partner assignment. Normally he would have been more playful and engaged in a towel flicking contest but they were still all practically strangers and he did not want to make a bad impression on the boss.

He caught at the wet towel, which seemed to be aimed at his butt, turned his head towards Deanta, smiled and said:

"Perhaps another time."

He then looked a Nathaniel waiting for her to make the announcement or declare more rules.

Minoru was there drinking his coffee .... listening .... waiting ... hoping ...
Skye sat down and sighed, how long was it gonna take until she knew who her roommate was?! It has to be a girl or who knows what might happen?! If she just didn't dress up as a boy before showing up then she wouldn't have this problem.
That One Dude
Nathaniel noticed Skye. "Relax, I know you're a girl..." she said, staring at her. "You're too cute to be a guy..." she smirked. She turned to the rest of them. "Well, Takai will be rooming with Minoru, to teach him to be a little calm cause of his outburst earlier today, so Ikki will be in his own room. Skye will be in her own room and Silver and Deanta shall be bunking together... I'll pair you up with a work partner after our first mission..." she said simply.
Skye was torn between the shock of Nathaniel knowing she was a girl and the happiness of at least not needing to share her room but she quickly hid this and stood up. "Than you very much." said Skye bowing.
That One Dude
"No problem at all, cutie." Nathaniel smirked and rubbed Alexander between his ears. Alexander purred and stared at everyone with big grey eyes.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta scowled at Minoru then turned to Silver with a grin. "Well, what do you know. Roomies!" she said, offering a hand while stuffing her still-dripping towel back into her bag. She took her coffee and started to drink.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki was surprised that he got his own room. Maybe it was because he had a pet. but he got a pet because he did not like being alone. He looked at Nathaniel and asked:

"What are the rules of having company over?"
Silver smiled lightly and shrugged having a roomate was fine whit her she then heard Ikki coment she just shiged.
takai would sigh, and stand up, he would turn, and walk up to the roof area.
as it was now night time, he would stare at the stars.
as he looked at them, and would think to himself.
he would rest his sealed arm, and push up his crimson shades with the other.
he would then hum to himself in a deep tone, and it would sound actually very nice.

((really sorry for the wait, -.-; been busy.. ))
Silver walked out of the house and walked to a nearby park the moon light whit her silver hair and her lightly pale skin gave her the look of a ghost girl she sat on a bench and looked at the moon when she was a little girl in the nights she always got into her roof and stared at the moon but lately she didnt do it anymore, not since the fire, the fire, the one that took her family from her side, the fire that took her were she was now. She hugged her kness, accepting that she was alone was difficult but somehow she like it, well infact she was just trying to convince herself it was better that way.

(Today i felt a little poetic, by the way guys I would love for all of you to join my new rollelplay)
Triss Hawkeye
"Hmmm..." Deanta saw that Silver had wandered away. Following her silently, she ran up behind her and appeared suddenly at her side. "Well hi, you probably know I'm Deanta and I'm your new roomie, right? I think we ought to be friends," she said, offering her hand again for Silver to shake.
Death Awakens
Minoru smiled behind his coffee mug. He was very pleased with Nathaniel's decision. He threw his bag over his shoulder so it was rest on his back and grabs his other two cases. He started heading towards the stairs to go to the apartment he would share with Takai. As he passed Deanta, he leaned towards her and said with a smirk:

"Remember, tomorrow is cleaning day."

Minoru continued up the stairs and opened the apartment's door. It was a dull and colorless site but okay for living. Since Takai was not around, Minoru decided that he would pick the room he wanted. One of the bedrooms had a big window, so Minoru decided to help himself to that room. He put his cases on the floor and threw his bag on a near by chair. He moved the bed closer to the window, lies down on the bed and opened the window. He crossed his arm on the window ledge and then rested his head on them. He watched the girls walk into the distance until he could see them no more. Being part fae, the moonlight gave him energy and magic. He closed his eye and bathed in the moonlight and stardust, listening to Takai's melodic tune.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki went up the stairs to his room. The room was a bit stuffy so he decided to open a window to let it air out a bit. He placed his suitcase on the bed, opened it and took out a picture of a beautiful woman. He put the picture on the nightstand near the bed. Ikki then heard someone humming for outside. He picked up his balalaika and starting playing the tune once he got the melody. The music of the balalaika compliment Takaiís humming nicely.
That One Dude
Nathaniel sighed and set Alexander on the floor. "Guess it's you and me now..." she talked to him as if he were human. Alexander mewed softly and stared at her, tilting his head. "I wish he was still here too..."" she crouched and patted his head lightly. Alexander purred softly. "Yes... Your namesake..." she seemed very sad for a moment. I never thought about how lonesome I've actually been... she scratched his ear and went inside her room, she fell limp on the small mat on the floor. Ah, we were supposed to celebrate tonight... she thought, then lazily stood up and went inside her bathroom to bathe.
Skye went up to her room and threw her things on the ground before sitting down on the bed and taking out a small picture of two children with their arms around each other laughing. "I made it nii-san.. I made it into the legion!" whispered Skye looking at the picture before closing her eyes until she heard a sound coming from her things on the ground. Skye stood up alert and grabbed one of her swords and pointed it on her bag as she approached it cautiously. As the bag shook a pair of black ears popped out following a small black head then the body legs and tail. Skye dropped her sword and hurried over to the small black creature and lifted it up realizing what it was. "Ed! What are you doing here?" asked Skye as she placed the cat on her bed and patting it on the head, "Never mind that, well at least now I have a roommate." And with that she spent the night fixing her things.
Silver looked at Deant and smiled and shook her hand "My name is Silver" She said and she got up "Well roomie I am going to get my stuff ready" She said and smiled as she walked away still staring at the moon, she entered the house and got into her room, she put her suitcase into the bed next to a big window and then she opened the window a beatifull tune filled the air she got next to the window the melody sounded familiar it was a song but she didnt rememeber the lyrics soon she remmebered the lyrics and whitout noticing she started singing.
That One Dude
Nathaniel sighed and finally stepped outside of her bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel. She sat on her mat and lay down, not even caring she was undressed. She sighed and looked at the alarm clock on the floor next to her mat. It was just barely eleven in the night... She could salvage her evening of gambling and drinking still. She stood up and got dressed in a black leather pants and jacket. She walked out of her room, locking the door of her room, and headed outside, back to the arena... It was not the best place for a woman her age, but she obviously knew how to take care of herself.
it would be noted that takai's humming stopped.
he would already be at the arena that she walked into.
he would be training.
moving around his scythe ever so gracefully.
as he moved around his scythe a shadow of black bubble like apparitions would follow it.
he would then spin around sending a wave of the darkness out, and look at Nathaniel as the darkness disappeared.
he would raise his scythe and let is vanish.
he would walk to her, while pushing up his crimson shades.
"well, hello there" he said
That One Dude
Nathaniel was surprised to see him there. "Oh, hey Takai-san..." she said, her voice sounding oddly tired. "What're you doing out here? I thought you were back at the complex..." she blinked and looked at him, but she didn't wait for an answer. She took a seat nearby some men that seemed to be gambling. They greeted her with pats on the back and cheers, lifting up their glasses full or half full of beer to her. She just blinked and talked some bussiness with them, pulled a wad of money from her pockets and retreated, sighing, and just looked off into the distance, a tired and bored, though also rather lonesome, look on her face.
takai would follow her, and have a sudden urge of which he would listen to.
he would walk up to her.
right in front of her, and stare her right into her eyes, deep into her eyes.
he would smile a bit.
"you have people who care, you know... listen here, the past is not a weight.. but a stepping stone that leads you to who you are today." he says
"you are a wonderful person, you need to understand that" he says
he would sigh and put his hands on her shoulders.
"do you understand?" he asks, a smiling a bit.

((i g2g for now, i will be back later))
That One Dude
((a'ight, later))

Nathaniel blushed a bit. "Yes, I understand that but... Why are you holding onto my shoulders?" she asked, still blushing a little. "And... Please stop looking at me like that..."
takai would remove his hand from her shoulder, but continue to look at her in much the same way.
"nathaniel...." takai would say as though he had something to say, but it got cought in his throat.
That One Dude
"Yeah?" Nathaniel asked, looking back at him. "C'mon, tell me... I've heard it's bad to keep things pent up inside..."
Skye looked at her now fixed room and wiped the sweat off her forehead using her arm. "Finally I'm finished!" she sighed. Skye looked at the clock and saw that it was still a bit early and she could go out for some fun but quickly dismissed the idea since she didn't want to get told off. She sat on the floor while leaning against the wall as Ed looked at her with his dark green eyes. "Aww come on don't stare at me like that. Look I'll just go and out and se if anyone's still awake and if not then I'll go to sleep." said Skye leaning forward and scratching Ed behind the ears before standing up and opening the door. As Skye closed the door to her room she heard a voice singing. It was really beautiful, the voice that was singing thought Skye as she followed it to until reaching the door to Silver and Deanta's room and stood there leaning against the door listening.

(Tennis was fun today! We beat coach!! happy.gif But he was going easy on us and we were playing doubles against him and he was only one though.. happy.gifwink.gif
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki heard that the humming had stopped, so he put his balalaika aside, looked a Bob and said:

"Well Bob, how about we find some company for this evening? The night is still young."

Bob crawled onto Ikki's back with his head looking over his left shoulder. They headed to the arena. Within minutes, Ikki was surrounded by good-looking women, mainly because he was on a lucky streak at the gambling tables.

Girl 1: "Wow, what a cool looking iguana."
Ikki: "Actually, it is a Tuatara."
Girl 2: "Cool, that is even more exotic."
Ikki: "Yea, I guess it is."
Girl 3 laughs.

He spotted Nathaniel and Takai in the distance. He would keep a watchful eye on them, mainly because he did not trust Takai. He found it odd how fast Takai attached himself to Nathaniel. But Ikki knew that everyone had ulterior motives for joining the Legion. And half the fun was figuring out what those motives might be.
(Sorry Fullmetal Poser that I copied the "Girl 1.. " part from your post. I hope you don't mind and if you do mind just tell me and I'll re-edit my post.)

Skye stood up and saw that the night was still young. "Well it can't hurt to enjoy a little can it now?" she said as she made her way to her room and dressed in a cleaner set of clothes disguising as a boy again. (She likes dressing up as one since she doesn't like gettting hit on.) "Ed, wanna come with-" Skye stopped seeing that the small cat had fallen asleep on her pillow. Sighing before leaving, Skye made her way to the Arena. Within a few minutes Skye was already surrounded by a group of women who looked like they were just dressed in pieces of cloth.

Girl 1: Hey handsome! Wanna come and have some fun with me?
Girl 2: *shoves girl 1* Don't go with her if you really wanna have some fun.. *winks at Skye*
Skye: *winces* Umm.. no thanks...
Girl 3: Quit bothering the cute boy girls since he's coming with me!
Skye: Look I have to go somewhere! *tries to get away from the girls*
Girl 2: Stay here with us!
Girl 1: He's coming with me!
Girl 3: Not a chance!
Girl 2: Shut up you two! I'm his type!

Skye escaped the group as they argued on who she was gonna take. "Yeah right.. as if I'll really take one of you.." breathed Skye thinking that maybe it was a bad idea to come disguised as a boy as she made her way through the crowd towards the gambling tables. She spotted Ikki in one of the tables and made her way there. "Id like to place a bet." said Skye standing right beside Ikki and spotting Nathaniel and Takai in the distance, so she wasn't the only here was she?
Death Awakens
After absorbing a bit of the moonlight, Minoru decided it was best to do a little unpacking. He placed the two cases on his bed and opened them. Inside one were a full size crossbow and a smaller wrist crossbow. The other case, contain a recently use sniper rifle and two other hand guns. Minoru sighed at the site of the sniper rifle, he had forgotten during his last job he was in a rush and did not have time to maintain the rifle. He was bored so he figures he would clean his all of his guns. He handles the guns delicately but still manages to get some of the anti-corrosive gun solvent/lube on his face. He put his guns away and figures he would take a nice evening shower. Knowing that he was alone since Takai went chasing after Nathaniel like a dog in heat, he starts undressing while walking to the bathroom.

When he got to the bathroom, he was already naked. He turned the hot water knob for the shower and when he did, this loud banging noise started coming from the pipes. A few minutes later this brown slug-type water started coming out. Minoru looked at the 'water' with great disgusted and sighed. He did not know much about plumbing but would ask Nathaniel about it in the morning. He wrapped a towel around him, grabs some jammies and his essential bathroom items and went into the hall.

First he knocked on Ikki's door and said:

"Hey Goldilocks are in you in there?"

Since he did not get an answer, he tried Skye's room next. He knocks and said:

"Hey anyone home?"

Finally, he tried the last room, Deanta and Silver's room. He knocked on the door, wearing nothing but a towel and awaited an answer.

(( Cool miracle_flame_alchemist147! Glad you had a fun tennis practice session. biggrin.gif

Triss Hawkeye, Sorry, trying to kept the towel joke going between Deanta and Minoru. tongue.gif ))
That One Dude
Nathaniel noticed more familiar people in the Arena and edged away from Takai. If I'm seen doing something other than my work with an apprentice, I may get in trouble... Those people will come in two months time, and should any of these runts say I've been with an apprentice I'll be in big trouble... Nathaniel started walking away to the women's bathroom.
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