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takai would bow a bit.
"fine, i shall stay..." he says, but still he would be cautious about his surroundings now.
he would follow her as she walked, and pushed up his crimson shades as he did himself.
he did not ask where they were going, or what they were doing, he simply followed.
That One Dude
Nathaniel kept walking, till they were in tthe other side of the arena, exactly across the other apprentices. She narrowed her eyes and they glowed, she stared off into the crowd. Alright... If I am correct... The higher the price, the more powerful they are... And I've gotten some very strong targets that paid very little... This guy must be an ass kicker... she thought, mostly to herself, still glaring at the crowd. I know I saw him... But now, where did he go?!
takai would follow, he would ask no questions, but follow.
he would push up his crimson shades and be able to tell she was looking for something.

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That One Dude
((heh, its kay))

Nathaniel's eyes kept moving very quickly, trying to spot her target again. ... Damn!!
takai would grab her shoulder.
and with a great assumption, and using his ability to read her and the areas she was looking in.
he would point his finger at a person.
"is this our target?" he asks retrieving his hand and pushing up his crimson shades.
That One Dude
Her eyes narrowed and she looked down, an angry blush on her face. "Yeah, that's him..." she said simply.
"we should go talk to the target, or complete what we need to do then, correct?" he asked in a simple tone.
"shall we go?" he asked/said, begining to move ahead of her.
That One Dude
"Yeah..." she said, walking side by side with Takai. He found him so fast... And I didn't even spot him... Am I starting to get out of touch? Or is it that you crave so much blood that you won't let me think correctly anymore?
takai could see she was in turmoil with herself.
he would walk up to the man and bow a bit.
he would then straighten up.
"hello sir.." he said.
"we are here, and lets get passed the introductions, as i am sure by the looks, you are pure business" he said
That One Dude
The man looked at Takai, then at Nathaniel, and bolted.

Nathaniel, her head lowered, whispered. "We hunt... And we kill... He is to die..."
takai would already be in front of the man.
"how rude of you, young one" he said as his scythe was drawn and he would then with such speed it seemed as though he did not move, would draw it across the mans chest and cut him in half, his blood raining in the hall way, as this happened, the blood would grow black and vanish along with the body, leaving no trace of the mans existence.
takai would sigh walking back up to the leader, his scythe already vanished.
"well, we are done here" he said, pushing up his crimson shades
That One Dude
"Yeah..." she said simply. You... Why? Stop it... Stop it... Don't do that... Not again... she groaned softly and held her head, as if she had a headache. "Alright, let's go back..." she said, walking back to the other apprentices again.
takai would pay close attention to her.
he would smirk.
-seems she has her own 'demons' as well- he thinks, as he follows her.
he would push up his crimson shades, and smirk.
"i see.." he mutters..

((g2g for now, will be back))
That One Dude

Nathaniel sat down on the bleachers again, quite some distance away from the apprentices. She looked off into the distance, quiet and somehow thoughtful. You've never acted up this bad before... Except with him... Because you loved him... But what is it now? Why..?! What is it you want that you have to torture me so..!!
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at Deanta and said rather apathetically:

"I am Minoru. I see you are another crossbow and dagger user. Gosh, I feel so unoriginal. And who might you be?"

Minoru then perked up when he heard Takai speak and said rather happily:

"You think I was to flashy? Umm, I was not even really trying. But I have to give you credit on your great sense of perception. However, I did not do it for something, but more or less for someone."

Minoru gives a big smile to Takai and states:

"And wow, what a gentleman cleaning up the mess. You are too kind."

** What Minoru was really thinking: 'I can't believe you cleaned up the mess. Why, my love, Why?!?!' **

Minoru then looked at the long blonde sailor moon looking guy with hopes, maybe he could keep Nathaniel busy tonight.
That One Dude
Nathaniel was too occupied in her own world to notice the one she was supposed to be 'watching'. Instead she just looked on into the distance, almost as if her soul had left her body.
Triss Hawkeye
"Deanta," she replied to Minoru, grinning. "Well as they say, 'great minds think alike'."
Fullmetal Poser
As Nathaniel and the guy who's glasses are too big for his head (maybe, the glasses are for his ego) came back to the arena, Ikki walks into the arena to face the test. Honestly, he was not in a fighting mood. He would rather be making sweet love to a woman. He thought to himself: 'The girl with the purple eyes is probably kinky, and kinky is a good thing in my world. The crossbow chick seems hyperactive and probably could go all night. But the leader, she has great inner turmoil. I always seem to want what I can not have.'

He looked at his opponent in complete boredom. He said to him: "Please give me your best fighting stance."

He opponent quickly enters a fighting stance and was ready to attack Ikki. But Ikki simply took Bob his pet tuatara and said:

"Parietal eye stone encasement!"

Bob open his third-eye and Ikki opponent was turned to stone. Ikki went to examine the statue. He said to Bob:

"Good job my dear pet; we can easily sell this one from a few 100 grand."

He gave Bob a treat and walked out of the arena. He looked at Nathaniel and said:

"Would you like to sell the statue on the black market? I have a few contacts that will be more then willing to buy it for a fair amount of money."
That One Dude
Nathaniel blinked, snapping out of her daze, and looked at Ikki. "Sure..." she said simply. "About how much would it go for?"
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki smiled Nathaniel and stated"

"Sadly, probably only a hundred grand or two. There are still people that believe stone statues can protect their home and treasures. But I assure you, this opponent will be stone forever."

He hand Nathaniel a list of possible buyers with a name of a moving company specializes in artifact transport.
That One Dude
Nathaniel browsed through the names. They all seemed familiar to her, but her memory of the outside world had always been nothing more than vague. "I see..." she nodded as if she understood everything, even though she didn't. "Well, I'm pretty sure that all the apprentices are done... Let's get a move on..."
(AHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so sorry for posting so late!!! TToTT my computer got broken since I downloaded too much doujinshis!)

Skye looked at her opponent and pulled out her sword. With one swift slice she cut open his chest and sliced his heart. As soon as Skye had killed her opponent she wiped the blood off her sword and went over to Nathaniel and followed her.
Silver looked all the escenes it was quite funny Minoru liked Takai and Nathaniel seemed to like Takai too but Takai liked?? "This is going to be interesting" She then noticed the guy Ikki was looking at her she srugged and followed Nathaniel.
That One Dude
Nathaniel started walking to the door of the arena, her face in a seemingly everlasting scowl. She never really was one to smile unless it was a smirk, at least not after IT happened... She would just stare coldly into the distance, no emotions except anger and a seemingly unending sadness was all visible in her eyes... No more happiness, not now, not ever again.

((sorry if my post is useless, i just felt kinda poetic tongue.gif))
Skye looked at Minou. It was amusing to see how much he fancied Takai and Takai seemed a bit like he liked Nathaniel. Skye then approached Silver. "Amusing isn't it?" said Skye to Silver while still looking at Minoru.
takai would sigh, as he followed nathaniel.
he wouldthen have another conversation with her, inside her mind.
=do tell, what heppened, if you dont mind, and dont say, "why do you care", cause i am now becomeing your friend, and that is what they are meant to do= he said to her.
he would push up his crimson shades in reality nd listen to them speak of the love factor, all he would do is smirk a bit.
=you need not say, if you wish not to, just know, your not alone any more..= he spoke to her and then would leave room for a reply before thinking about exiting her mind.
That One Dude
Nathaniel kept walking and scowling as though everything was perfectly normal. What is it you want me to say? You want me to tell you what happened to me? Alright... she stepped outside and stood around casually, waiting for the others. First person I ever really loved... That person was always kind to me, that person would always smile at me and hug me... She was so kind... But I was always a freak, so when anyone saw her with me they would scorn her just as they scorned me... She never stopped being kind, either way... Because of me, she had to endure abuse from even the closest members of her family... And eventually, they killed her right before my eyes... I started my work as an assasin soon afterwards... Heh, you must be wondering why I speak of a woman... I'm no lesbian, just so you know... she smirked softly. Second person I ever loved, he loved me back... Or so I thought... Apparently he knew a woman that looked just like me, so he thought I was her... When I found out, of course I no longer kept in contact with him... And that, friend, is why love, for me, is absolutely pointless... she sighed. "Stupid runts... Why does everyone always have to think something like that?"
takai would sigh.
he would then walk up to her, and pin her up against a wall, with one arm, with such power in it.
"you listen here, those people will get theres" he spoke to her, and it seemed as though he was talking to himself too.
he would know she would try to get out, and he would apply more force, keeping her from moveing at all.
"you need to understand, it is not your loss, it is theres, they lost you, meaning they screwed up" he said, seeming a bit mad
"you stop this, bull ...., right now, you should know, you have close ones to you" he says.
he would give a slight smile.
"think what you will though" he says
That One Dude
Nathaniel went wide eyed for a moment when Takai pinned her. She never expected him to do something like that, but still she listened to his words with calmness. She then turned her head away. "Right..." was all she said.
Silver looked at Skye and nooded "Amusiang and complicate at the same time" she said
"Yes but isn't it interesting to find out what happens?" mused Skye then remembering her manners. "I'm Skye by the way." she said as she extenended her hand.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki noticed Takai press Nathaniel against the wall rather forcefully. He did not know what Takai intention was but was ready to attack Takai if he believe Takai actions were without merit and inappropriate.
Death Awakens
Minoru grined at Deanta and stated:

"Well, I guess they do."

He then turn to Skye and Silver, smiles warmly and says:

"Love is often complicating and amusing."

Minoru got jealous again when he saw Takai press Nathaniel against the wall. His heart so wished it was him pinned and not that evil woman Nathaniel.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta gave Minoru a quick smile. If it wasn't for the fact that he seemed attracted to Nathaniel, she would have admitted she quite liked him.

((Poor Deanta, she doesn't realise it's actually Takai Minoru is attracted to! tongue.gif))
That One Dude
Nathaniel noticed her underlings glares and pushed Takai away, scowling and brushing herself off. "Okay, okay, point taken..." she tried not to blush and kept scowling. She then turned to the rest of them. "Listen, before we go off to sell that thing..." she briefly pointed at the statue. "I gotta tell you about our living arrangements. We'll have a small apartment complex all to ourselves, I'll show ya where it is later... Or now, If you'd rather get settled and get accostumed to your place first."
Death Awakens
(( I love it Triss Hawkeye! Poor Deanta can have a crush on Minoru. It will give the story more ~*~ (Sparkle) ~*~ Pizzazz ~*~ (Sparkle) ~*~ ))

Minoru looked at Nathaniel and asked:

"Will we each have our own apartment or would we have a roommate?"

Minoru heart almost burst at the thought of sharing a room with Takai. It would be a dream come true for the half elf/half fae boy.
That One Dude
"We're a little tight on space, at the moment, so we'll have roomates..." she said, her face very serious. "Well, YOU'll have roomates... Not I..."
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta thought it over. Most likely it would be restricted to same-gender romm-mates, meaning she would most likely get paired with Silver, or possibly that other girl she'd seen. Then she would make it her business to find out exactly where Minoru's room was, then find some excuse, say, bringing over some coffee, to visit. Then something to distract Minoru's room-mate......she fell unusually silent as she began to scheme.
"I am Silver" she said smiling, then she noticed Deanta *So Takai likes Nathaniel and Nathaniels likes Takai but Minoru likes Takai too and Deanta likes Minoru ok this is getting confusing" She thought
Triss Hawkeye
((How did she know that!?!? O.O But yeah, that's basically the gist of it laugh.gif))

Deanta gave Silver a cheerful grin before turning back to Minoru.

"So, do you have the usual traumatised childhood people seem to enjoy boasting about, or are you a normal guy who by chance became an assassin, like me?" she asked him.
That One Dude
Nathaniel looked at her subordinates with a bored expression. Wow, the idiocy that runs through their heads... she yawned and looked at the sky. "Now, why couldn't I be more happy like you, Mama? That way I would find humor in all this confusion..." she whispered softly to herself and sighed. God will never give me an answer, but I'm not about to give up on Mama giving me one...
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at Deanta questioningly:

"Eh?!? Where did that question come from? Well, my childhood was not exactly traumatizing and by no means a normal one but all of family member are alive except for those who died of natural causes. And I am not exactly a normal guy but killing is cool with me. It is a living after all."

He then turned to Takai and began to pray to himself: 'Please, for all things good .... and evil. Let Takai be my roommate!!!'
Silver thought about it "Normal?* She asked herself "Well not exactly normal but not traumatised either" She thought.
That One Dude
Nathaniel sighed and got nearer to them. "Alright, runts, break it up now..!" she ordered. "Alright, let me get a few things clear with you now... One, I'm not your friend, though I think most of you already got that... Two, I'm not here to answer questions, I'm here to ask them... And three... Welcome to the Legion...." she smirked and turned on her heels, heading over to the small complex she was talking about earlier.
Triss Hawkeye
"No reason," Deanta replied, glancing at her nails. "Just wanted to make sure you weren't some prick-headed little Gary Stue, which you're not, thank God." She gave Minoru what she hoped was a disarming grin, then followed Nathaniel to the complex.
Death Awakens
Minoru took his glance off of Takai to answer Deanta. He looked at her and said vainly:

"Thank God, my name is not Gary Stue. Seesh that would be a good reason for suicide. I am completely original..."

He mumbles and continues telling Deanta:

"Except when compared to you."

He looks back to Takai and admires his devote masculine way, his muscular body and his perfection since he has no noteworthy nor realistic flaws. Minoru wonders what poor and tragic past dear Takai must have live through. Nevertheless, Minoru can not stop writing his Harlequin romance novel in his mind involving Takai and himself together.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki was not all that impressed with the complex. After all, he was there the night before, so he knew what to expect. He followed Nathaniel but kept a watchful eye on Takai. In all honestly, he did not trust him.
That One Dude
Nathaniel led them to what seemed to be less of a small builduing and more of a large house. The walls were gray and looked as though they were mistreated and poorly taken care of. The windows were a bit yellow from old age, and frankly the place just looked old and dirty. "Well, uh... It's much nicer on the inside, I can make sure of that, I spent my entire summer cleaning it up..." That'll be our project for tomorrow... Clean up the place a little more, especially on the outside. She looked down, a little ashamed, then pulled out a key to open and unlock the front door.
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at the lackluster apartment, in all essence it was prefect for an assassin boarding place. He quickly asked Nathaniel without taking his eyes off the Takai:

"These apartments are not infested with snakes by any chance?"

Minoru was still praying to be Takai's roommate.
"Excuse me, do we need to share a bathroom?" said Skye suddenly.
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