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Hello! This is my wierd idea for an RPG! It is an anime that we shape the whole story of, even what kind of anime it is! For example it could start in a lovely countryside, or in a Dark Castle. The story could become a comedy or a war! Hopefully people are getting the idea. Before we start I have made a few basic rules.

1. Original characters and original places (PLEASE)

2. You can have one main character and 2 or 3 lesser characters.

3. You have to say when writing your characters which ones are the lesser ones.

4. To cause tension, lesser characters CAN BE KILLED! HOWEVER ONLY WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE OWNER OF THAT LESSER CHARACTER, it would be easier to write "killable" or "Don't kill" next to the character.


6. Don't make characters SO powerful that it is impossible to kill them, I like superman but when you watch the film your never think he's going to die because he's invincible.

7. Otherwise, don't limit the story, there could be loads of worlds, or just one! Anything!

So shall I start.

Main Character: Kaido Eiki
Age: 14
Bit about: Kaido Eiki lives with his Grandfather in the countryside. His Grandfather has taught him Martial Arts. He has the odd fear of birds of any kind, a small bird makes him jump to the floor, he can't move when in crowded places with birds. When women talk to him, he may blush.

Lesser Character: Grandfather Eiki (killable, will put up fight)
Age: 90
Bit about: Grandfather Eiki, may look old and small, but don't let that fool you, he has won many martial arts tournaments and determined that his Grandson does the same.

Kaido Eiki was in the field training with his Grandfather, Kaido Eiki was determined that he would beat him this time. So he went to hit his Grandfather in the chest. But before he could do anything, his Grandfather had grabbed his hand and flipped him over his back and into a rock.

"Ow" said Kaido, getting back up and brushing himself off.

"For God sake Kaido! You've got to focus, remember even the tiger is disciplined. As a technique it is sometimes good to release your wildside," Grandfather told Kaido.

"Granddad, you got most of that from a woman's magazine didn't you?" replied Kaido,

"Of Course I did! Adapt and Improve! Let's carry on with the training, the tournament is in 3 days!" he shouted. Kaido once again went forward and they carried on their training.
i like this o.o

main character
name: takai (the name means death or passage to the after life)
age: 22
gender: male
height: 6"2
weight: 180
history: unknown (will reveal in a arc of the rp)
powers: unknown, nobody has ever lived after fighting him
looks: his right arm has a case around it (sorry but it is kind of like ovan's from dot hack) this case would prove as a seal to him, sealing up most of his powers, along with something evil. he carries around a scythe that proves to be his main form of attack, he wears crimson colored sun glasses on his face, and has blue hair, and blue eyes

(they dont know about the fact it also seals up what you would call a alter ego, so imma make another)

name: they would call him blasphemy, his name is unknown, but he is strong enough to be blasphemic
everything else about him is unknown but his name

(this is all i want for know...)
(introduce them somehow, it could be the underworld, space, anywhere)
(can i make a character)
I wanna do this one ^^.
main character:Kari Neko
bit about her-Since she was born she's had Cat ears and a tail and she's a were-cat and a cat demon.Her eyes change color alot but normally they would be blue gray she had midnight black straight hair that goes to about her mid back.
usual clothes:A blue black bandanna around her head to cover her ears,a necklace with a crescent moon and a stone in the middle,a black tank top,black pants,and a grey sweat shirt around her waist to hide her tail.
likes:chocolate,animals,reading,playing guitar,and drawing
dislikes:needles,pervs,her nightmare's,and blood
((no killing her she's my only and main character.))

name: jonny rackson

age: 24

appearance: short black hair, top hat, smart green shirt, jeans

job: state alchemist

likes: life, helping others and hanging out with people

dislikes: idiots, purple ties and the fact he is 24 because it is his unlucky number!

(is that character ok? he is my only character, and main.)
1st character: maximillian walrus howitzer (called lord howitzer by most)

age: 45

gender: male

history: decended from aristocracy, he is one of the most powerful lords in the land. he rules the area with his soldiers, and keeps order using his secret assassins. he rarely does any work of any kind, but sits in his throneroom relaxing. he often holds tournaments of some kind, and is currently holding a martial tournament.

appearance: he is very fat, wears expensive clothing, has a bushy mostache and enjoys good food. if he leaves his tower, he does so by zeppelin.(killable, but don't do so just yet. he is well protected)


name: knox domo

age: 22

gender: male

history: mostly unknown, but he serves now as an enforcer for howitzer. he is an efficient and ruthless guy, who is continually annoyed by his lords mistakes. appearance: he wears simple clothes, and often has a sinister leather coat. he often has hidden weapons about him, and can often be found mingling with the peasants.

(as for knox, don't even try to kill him)
((should we start the RPG?))
(yeah, start now)
Kari started walking into a village with her nose in her favorite book and looked around "It's nice here I suppose I can stay around for awhile." Kari said to herself
meanwhile, a large zeppilin drifted over the hills nearby. howitzer looked out of the window.

"oh, what a splendid view." he remarked, looking out of the window. however, his commanders, sitting round the table before him, were not so amused.
"anyway, what i mean is, this should be a splendid place to hold this tournament thing"

"yes, of course sir." said one commander. "but one wonders, why our lord is hosting this at all?"

"well, it was a good idea."

the generals were not so convinced.
Kari's ears twitched from under her bandanna and she saw a giant Zepplin in the distance and decided to take a look.
That One Dude
((OMFG please let me join!!!))
takai would be watching from the shadows..
"hmm" he would say
the only thing he feared on this earth was to his right, and he looked at his right arm, he being the only one that sort of knew what it held
he was a calm, cool, and collected person, it took a lot to get to him, he stopped thinking about such things and continued to watch form the shadows

((this is like one of those mystery characters you see on the animes, so even kari's ability to hear and stuff would not be able to track him))
Kari continued walking and sat down under a tree and started to draw.
That One Dude
((yes, please let us join... its only the first couple of pages...))
((I need to write my character profile. *is typing it*))
(anything says yes. anyone can join. don't even ask)

"hey you, near the tree, what is a zeppelin doing there, anyway i forgot introduce myself, im jonny, jonny rackson. whats your name?" said jonny
Kari looked up and said "I'm Kari Neko.I don't know why a zepplin is here though I'm new around here."
That One Dude
((kay! ^^))

Name: Nathaniel Vereda
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Race: Human/Spirit (... complex story...)
Current location: The gates of Hell
Description: Silver eyes, dark brown hair, has a very tomboyish face and well, big boobies*flee* and is a master of disguises...

Name: Kieran (try to kill him and Nathaniel will kill you!)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (he looks about eighteen-twenty)
Race: Elven/Human
Current location: Just beyond the gates of Hell
Description: Blue eyes, short/long black hair, is androginous, his eyes turn red when his split personality comes out...

Name: Alexander Aires (killable, but is recomended you dont try it)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (He looks about sixteen)
Race: Elven/Human/Vampiric
Current location: Just beyond the gates of Hell
Description: Grey eyes, short/messy black hair, is very effeminete(in more than one way), he cries quite openly...

Name: Michael Aires (killable, but is recomended you dont try it)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (he looks about thirty-thirty five)
Race: Elven/Vampiric
Current location: Unknown
Description: Red/brown eyes, long/flowing silver hair, is very confident and strong looking, he cares a little more than any other father would for his son...

((i didnt put too many did i?))
My character: (please don't kill her; she's my main character)

Name: Truth (she doesn't reveal her last name to anyone)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Truth has long black hair that stop at the midsection of her back. Her eyes are bright green. She wears a light pink dress which is ornated with red ribbons. Her shoes are plain black dress shoes. This is basically what she looks like:
Personality: Truth is a very cheerful, energetic, and flamboyant girl. She is a bit spoiled, though, making her seem dependant and weak. But she can be independant when she needs to be, like when she fights. Truth is somewhat open to strangers; she seems to like some strangers, but not others. Truth doesn't like companionship, but she does travel with her dog, a huge male St. Bernard. When Truth is inroduced to something new, she becomes very inquisitive and excited.
History: Truth was born into a wealthy family of four children. She has one older sister, one younger brother, and the youngest child in the family is her little sister. Her mother disappeared one day, and Truth never saw her again. So, since she was eight years old, her father has been the one who has taken care of her and her siblings. Truth's father always spoiled her and her sisters the most, seeing as how the brother never asked for anything. Truth has dabbled in some martial arts. One day, Truth heard of some sort of tournament, and so she left home with her dog to become a part of it, training herself as she travelled.
Powers/Weapons: Truth carries throwing knives, though she is very good with a sword. She is not good at fighting with her fists or feet, but even if she is caught without her weapons, she still has her huge dog.
Likes: Clothing, fighting, new things, dogs
Dislikes: Mice, cats, noisy people
(nah, i think 5 is the maximum)
That One Dude
Nathaniel hacked up a little blood, as the demons had nearly killed her and mortally wounded her... She was lucky to not be human... It may have caused her oh so much abuse in the past, but now it saved her life...


Kieran quietly kept shooting dark glances at Alexander. Pitiful boy...

Alexander paid no attention to the older man and merely worried wether Nathaniel would ever come back or not...
Kari continued drawing and started humming to herself.
the small village was a nice place, with flowers and small cottages everywhere. there were some farmhouses on the outskirts, but in the middle of four hills was the arena, where the tournamwnt was to be hosted.

this was where knox was supposed to maintain order for three days until the tournament started. knox didn't know why his useless master had decided to host a tournament, but he decided to obey him anyway, as he had always done. he stood in the main square, on a bench.

he saw two people talking, a man and a woman who looked to have just met each other. he also saw a small object sail through the air. below his masters zeppilin.

*what the hell is that*
Kari's ears twitched from under her bandanna and said "Who could that be?"
Truth was walking cheerfully through a village, and by her side was her huge St.Bernard. Truth was humming some sort of happy song as she walked, looking at her surroundings. 'What a small place...' she thought. She looked around. 'But for a place like this, there are kind of a lot of people...' She stopped. "Where is the tournament being held anyway!?" she said to herself nervously, looking at the St. Bernard.
That One Dude
Nathaniel looked around... The demons were at bay, at least for now... Who knew that killing one man and sending him to hell myself would cause such a calamity? she thought as she used her sword as a staff and walked back over to her companions.


Kieran growled and lifted his head. "I wonder if Nate is still alive..."

Alexander kept ignoring him and wondered only to himself.
"who are you up that tree, you know him kari?" jonny heard something and saw someone "come on kari! you need help? yes you! looking at st. bernard, hi im jonny, jonny rackson, this is kari, kari neko, we met just a few minutes ago! and you are?" said jonny trying to make another mate.
Kari sweat dropped and said "I don't know anybody here but you Johnny." and Kari continued drawing
*they must be spectators or something* thought knox. he noticed that some were sensing his presence, so he moved slowly away from them. he looked to the sky. the red sun was skimming the horizon. it would be dark soon. knox stood in the shadows, but still watched the small group.
An object fell from the sky torwards the three people, and sadly landed in a tree, it was Kaido.

"Oh, my head, I'll get that Grandfather of mine!" said Kaido, he then fell out the tree, eyes spinning.

Kari sweat dropped and said "Are you alright?"
knox instinctively felt for his knife in his coat, but let it go when he saw it was just a boy. curious, as always, he continued to watch.
Kari started climbing up the tree to where the boy was and said "Need a hand?"
Seeing the girl, Kaido, blushed.

"Uh... yeah please..." said Kaido.

knox was already there.

"hello, my boy. sorry to but in like this, thought you could use a hand, eh?"

knox had put on a fake accent
Kaido managed to get out of the tree. "Thanks, so what are you doing in the countryside?" asked Kaido.He suspected it was the tournament."IF your here for a few days, you could all stay in my Grandfather's place," said Kaido"Wait sorry to rush things, um... who are you?" asked Kaido
"well...thanks...but i've got my own place, old chap" said knox, thinking he was being refered to
Truth turned to Jonny. "Who? Me? My name is Truth." she reluctantly gave her name to the stangers. The St. Bernard started to bark loudly at the others.
takai would be watching all this, his shady character going unnoticed, he would see it all, he would lift up his crimson shades with his left hand.
"i see..." he says in a low tone
"NIce to meet you... (he realises she is a girl), uh... I'm... Kaido," said Kaido, blushingly.

"What's the name of your... St. Bernard?" asked Kaido

Before he could get a reply his Grandfather called:"Boy, come here, your not finished with your training,"

"I'll get you this time!" shouted Kaido, Kaido charged.

His Grandfather attempted to hit the speeding Kaido, but Kaido had jumped into the air, and kicked his Grandfather in the head.

"Uh..." moaned the Grandfather, as he fell backwards in pain.

Oh my God, FOR ONCE I WON!" Kaido shouted.
"Uhm..." Truth said, bewildered by Kaido's behavior.
The St. Bernard started to chase Kaido, but Truth grabbed its collar and pulled him back angrily.
"hey, brave show there matey! whats your name? im jonny rackson, this is kari neko and this is truth, just truth, you are?" said jonny chuckling
"Sorry about that. I'm getting ready for the tournament, my dad was the champion all most every year, and expects the same from me." said Kaido.Grandfather eiki got up again and went back to the house for an icy cold glass of... water."I'm Kaido Eiki, nice to meet you guys, so why are you in the... ahem... quiet countryside." asked Kaido.These people seemed to be new, to the area, did they even have a place to say.
"so your part of this tournament jobby then?" said knox, still in a fake accent
"i hear anyone with any fighting skill can join"
"I'm going to join that tournament!" Truth said with confidence and excitement. "And I'll win!"
That One Dude
Nathaniel got back to her companions, weak and struggling. "Kieran..." she whispered as she nearly fell.

Kieran quickly jumped out of his seat and wrapped his arm around her waist. "You can rest now... I'll carry you..."

Alexander stood up and pointed over to a village. "We have to go over there... It's the nearest place and we need to recover..."

Kieran nodded as Nathaniel struggled to saty awake.
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