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Full Version: An Abundance Of Royai
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I've got one completed set of RoyAi 100 themes responses- In 100 Words. Some chapters have spoilers, but they are all tagged at the beginning of the chapter.

My Contribution to '07 RoyAi day-The Gift of RoyAi: Young Adult!Roy and Young Adult!Riza don't know what to get each other for their birthdays.

Another set of responses to the RoyAi 100 themes I've started-Back to Back: 1/100 chapters posted, and more to come! First chapter has spoilers from chapter 58 of the manga. WIP.

You can find the rest at my fanfiction page. Be warned that some of the content in the following is pg-13 and above.

Random One-Shot is a collection of one shots that I am always adding to, most of them are Roy or Riza centric, but there are one or two that aren't. 39 chapters posted and more to come! Some contain spoilers, which are tagged at the beginning of each chapter.

One Day She'll Say Yes: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye are in love, and as the song goes "First comes love, then comes marriage..." 30 variations on the way Mustang might propose to her. 3/30 completed-WIP. Spoilers marked at the beginnings of chapters.

Military Affairs:
A completed story that takes place after Scar's attack on the alchemists in Central. Ken Pierce had writer's block, until he overheard a conversation between Roy and Riza. Little did he know using them as his newest characters would pull him into their lives. Jealousy, Obsession, Action, and a bit of Fluff ensues. RoyAi, MariaxDenny, and HavocxSchiezka.
So, I've got a couple new chapters to post.

Pain and Fireworks--was written for the RoyAi thread summer fest. Their annual end of summer picnic always resulted in some sort of pain for Kain Fuery.

Back to Back--three new chapters added. Scars, Shirt, and Gunshot.
A couple additions to Back to Back:

Before Falling Asleep-Who's Maes, a question they knew would come sooner or later.
Heiki & Heiki ((Weapon & Fine))-Riza finds out Roy isn't her guardian.

The Mystery of Strawberry Jelly: One-shot. Roy has always been curious about the close friendship between his first and second lieutenants. How can strawberry jelly help solve this mystery?

At Roy's Expense: Variation four of the ways Roy would propose to Riza. Havoc finds out that Roy is finally going to pop the question to Riza, and decides to get a little entertainment out of the day by ruffling his superior's feathers. Who knew it would backfire?

Back to Back: Continuation from Heiki & Heiki: all three are companion pieces:
Letter: Roy finds out Riza is no longer living at her father's house and goes to investigate.
Grave: While waiting for a train back to Eastern, Roy contemplated Riza's fate, and visits Mr. Hawkeye's grave.
Conversatoin: Once back in Easterm Roy confronts Grumman.
Battlefield-the end on the "Guardian Arc". Past spoilers. Roy and Riza meet on the battlefield of Ishbal. Some Dialog taken directly from chapter 59 of the manga.

Correcting Past Mistakes: An AU holiday fic. Roy, Riza, and Co. are a news paper staff in our world, present day. During the dull workday Havoc finds out that Riza hates mistletoe, but why?
Gift - Spoilers for Roy's & Riza's past. Christmas fic. On his first day of training with his new alchemy teacher, Roy is put to the task of cleaning out a long abandoned room in the house, but he couldn't throw everything out with the little girl watching him.
Song - Chapter 75 spoilers, Riza is asked to play a piece on the piano.

If I Die - Chapter 50 Spoilers: She knew he would bring up the incident again, she just hadn't imagined it would be then.

From Yesterday - No one, except maybe one grumpy old man had expected them to have children.

All Night Vigil - Spoilers for Roy's & Riza's past, Christmas fic: His teacher as at time a sensible man, and not as sensible at other times. This was one of those other times, and sitting in that chair, Roy found himself wishing he hadn't opened his mouth again.

Coat - Chapter 50+ spoilers: Riza keeps a token of familiarity with her during trying times.

Drawing A Boundary Line - Chapter 94 Spoilers, AU. With the power to avenge his best friend in his fingertips, Roy is ready to give up everything he and his friend fought for, but she won't let him.

In the Dead of the Night - Chapter 60+ spoilers: She'd never forget those words of Kimblee spoke from across that man-made fire.

Proof - Spoilers from Roy's & Riza's past: She knew he was different from her father, he was stronger.
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