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In a stab at getting something going and stealing other people’s ideas I bring you the following events that will start 1st of September and running all month;
These aren't contests but places you can show off your talents in different fields.

Fan art;
I feel we have been lacking in artistic endeavours for series other than FMA. As such the CoF is asking you fine people to post any original fanart of any series other than FMA.

Parody works;
Anime and manga related parodies wanted. These can be AMV’s, comics, stand alone pieces, fanfiction or whatever. As long as it's somehow anime related it's welcome. For this FMA parodies will be allowed.

AMV studio;
Post your AMVs. They can be serious, humorous or experimental, I honestly don’t care. As long as you made them that’s all that matters.

Any series. Don’t expect me to read but I’m sure others will. Keep it work safe.

General Art;
Any none anime/manga art you want to show off.

Emofest '07;
Share your original musical/poetic creations. Extra points for those of you who share mp3’s or youtube vids of their work.

Iron chef;
Show off your culinary skills. Post recipes and pictures of your edible creations.

Yeah, I said it. Design for me a logo for the CoF. Who knows maybe we'll pick yours as our semi-official logo. Isn't it exciting!?

I'll be starting the threads as and when I can be bothered but no one is to start posting in them until September 1st.
Are FMA fanfiction and amvs not counted for those fields like in fanart?
Tris the Reaper
Now that I'm back in school, I'll have a lot more time to doodle. P: *pokes her Hanyuu doodle* So who knows. I might show up for one of these.
QUOTE(Fushigi Rockna @ Aug 21 2007, 11:04 PM) *
Are FMA fanfiction and amvs not counted for those fields like in fanart?

Naturally I'd like to see more emphasis on other anime than FMA but I'm not going to be turning anything away. Any FMA works will be excepted. I'm not going to have any content removed unless it violates some rule or other.
FMA parodies would be warmly received though.
Like in the style of this?

No, I won't be entering that one. Will probably enter the second in the series tho, as it will be completed come September. As for the other anime/book/movie/game/sports team it's going to contain, that's a secret (hint: it's not Naruto. No really. It isn't. That's possibly third installment. >3>)
I just wnat to make sure that something like that meets the requirements. Since it more parodizes fanfiction in general.
In a Solomon like decision I shall allow such cracky fictions.
Sign me up for the art categories. I needa work on my portfolio anyway.
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Aug 22 2007, 02:45 AM) *
I needa work on my portfolio anyway.

mhmmmm. =3
I believe I have an interesting Rozen Maiden AMV parody to do, although I need the proper program. Windows Movie Maker hates my avi files and whenever I have an avi clip it makes half the screen green. O_o;;;

Anyone know a good free program?
virtual dub it's free / open source ( )
It's also the program that most anime is fansubbed with.
Thank you asu! =3 I shall check it out once I get home!
Count me in. I'm entering in the fanart catergory. =3
asu is there a guide available on how to use virtual dub? =3
hrm there's quite a steep learning curve for vdub. It has the tools to do good video editing but they are a pain to use

good overall guide for amv making

something for virtualdub

I can do the fanart and fanfiction haha
There. The threads are made and ready to go when the ninth month kicks in. A few more events/contests may appear depending on the people running them. I really don't know.
I'm signing on AMV (I'm a regular), parodies (I'm on it), and fanart category.
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