This is a story I thought of when I first saw the episode that reveals Wrath's past. I thought, what-if Izumi hadn't given Wrath to the gate? They'd probably have a better relationship and Wrath wouldn't have Ed's limbs. Note: I called Wrath as a human Damien, I just think it fits him.

Chapter One:

Izumi looked down at the baby as he cried. The child was deformed due to the attempt at human transmutation, but he was alive. Izumi knelt down and picked up her son, holding him close. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt, to hold such a small wriggling being in her arms. The child wasn’t human, and probably would never lead a normal life, but Izumi felt…protective towards him. After all, he was her son and she loved him no matter what he looked like, as all mothers should. Looking at the puddle of blood she had coughed up just moments ago, she realized that if she lost this baby, she’d never have another. So she held onto him, held onto her son as she fell unconscius by her transmutation circle.
When she awoke, she saw a portal with hundreds of purple eyes staring at her. They wanted something, and she knew wha t it was. The creatures wanted her child, as a payment for what she had done. Izumi looked at him, as he started to squirm and whimper inside the blanket and decided something. No matter what, she would not let him go. He was her son, not a monster like she thought when she first saw him. And she loved him, like all mothers loved their children. Black trendles came out of the gate, reaching for the bundle in her arms. Izumi placed the baby behind her and clapped her hands, preparing to draw a circle with the blood on the stone. But when she placed her palms on the trendles, they were flashed by a bright light. They seemed to flinch before surrendering into the gate, which closed a moment later to show an eye that stared down at the mother and child. Izumi turned around and picked up her son, ready to leave. She looked down at him, and even though he still had the same deformed body, she knew he wasn’t a monster. But, she realized he also needed a name. She and Sig had never discussed names for their child, wanting to wait until the baby had been born. And now she was on Yock Island, pondering the names that ran through her head. Finally one hit her as a perfect name for her child, so she tried it aloud. “Damien” she muttered looking at the infant, now sleeping soundly in her arms. The name, just seemed to fit this child, for he was almost given to the devil by his mother, to be raised by Satan. Izumi was glad she had changed her mind and stepped into the boat she had arrived in, starting to row back to Dublith.

About twenty minutes later, she arrived with the baby in her arms. He was sleeping soundly as she walked through the town to her and Sig’s butcher shop. It didn’t take her long to arrive, it was her house after all. She was greeted by Mason, who seemed surprised that she had the baby with her, but he didn’t seem to mind the mutation of the child. “Where is Sig?” she asked him. “He went out for a while. Said he’d be back by morning”. Izumi nodded and looked down at Damien, who was starting to fuss. So she went to her bedroom and, as they hadn’t built a cradle yet, laid her son on her bed and smiled at him as he began to drift off to sleep.