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Full Version: Don't You Cry
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Hanae Mai

Fullmetal Alchemist fan fiction
Pairing: none
Rating: K (G)
Warning: oneshot, small Ed's POV
Summary: "Father!!!I'll run after you! Till the end of the road!!"
A/N: this is the work that took me forever to finish. I type as slow as a turtle walks ><. If there's anything you like or dislike, please comment, OK guys? Oh, and check the grammar for me<I'm bad when it gets to grammar ):>, alright?

Grass shakes with the wind. Colorful pin wheels around the house revolve at their full speed. The sun gently shines. A couple of swallows swift above the sky. How peaceful is the sound of the church bell. I gaze up, feast my eyes upon the swallow high above. Sandalwood trees by the river, the pleasant feeling given by the insects' rumbling nameless song. Daddy silently stays inside the reading room for hours, windows slightly closed, letting a part of the curtain fly with the gentle wind. Tightly holding the bunch of white flowers, I run inside the house, knock on the door. Daddy, you don't answer, you just slightly cough. Reluctantly, I call you, waiting for the reply. Silence. Giving Dad the flowers, I continue waiting, you continue keeping silent. The insects keep on singing, then suddenly rise up their voices. The white petals slightly shake in my hands.
How long did I actually wait? I'm not sure. I only know, when Mom gently took my hands, smiling, putting the flowers into the pot, my legs felt weary. But I'm not unhappy now, the sadness of a kid disappears real quick. Mom puts on our hats and we go out to play. I laughed out loud, running through the meadow with my friend. The flowers slowly wither, you still don't see...

I yell a painful scream. You stop, slightly turn around, eyes hidden behind those cold glasses. A few seconds later, you continue walking without hesitation. Mom cries by the window, soft locks of brown cover her wet eyes.
I try to run after you, as fast as I could. But you're already too far away. I can't keep up, can't hold you back, can't follow you. Sandalwood trees cover your figure. A dewdrop on some leaf falls down my cheek. I cry out calling you, replying me is just the wind rustling the sandalwood leaves from afar. Mom takes my hand and lead me back home, slowly dries her tears. Following Mom, I try to turn back, hoping to see Dad behind a tree, smiling with me. Of course, I can't see you, for you left without a trace. You're gone, but someday, will you come back, Daddy?
When we get back home, Al is waiting outside. Seeing only Mommy and me get back, he bursts into tears, embracing Mommy tightly. Crying, he asks if I know where Dad has gone. A question I never know the answer, and perhaps will never know. No one tells me where you go, or when you'll be back. I smile. I'm just a kid, so I don't know, because children don't need to know anything, as simple as that! Holding Al's hand I smile again. Dad has gone, but you'll come back at any time, right? Back to hear us calling you tousan, to let us touch you and hold your hands, ne, Dad?
The sun still rises every day, warm up the earth. I clean the reading room every day, waiting for you to come back. Another day...

Al runs fast through the meadow, I slowly follow. Two years have past since the day you were gone. They have cut down the trees and planted the grass instead. The wind blows. The light in Al's hand flashing weakly from afar .Suddenly turning my head to the sandalwood trees, looking, I still see just green and night black. Smiling, eventually, will you really come back?

Dim light from the fireflies floating dreamily in the space, twinkling. Lying on the grass, I startled as Al asked:
-Nii-san, what would you do if we see Dad?
I don't answer. Hesistatingly, I wonder. Aand silently laugh inside thinking about the reading room, so clean without any dust. What would I do? Embrace you, welcome you with a smile and white flowers? Don't know! No one can tell the future, no one can catch, no one knows, right Daddy? You too. If you're like the're real, right? Or are you just some illusion? I can never answer questions like those.

Fireflies keep flying, mourning, embracing the night...

The call for Dad from two years ago echoes in the night...


Mother has gone! She's gone in tears, smiling unhappily. She's gone like that, lonely and painful like that, gone but with no one beside. White flowers in the pot melt to the light every afternoon. Mommy, too, fading for the light, disappear for it too. But the tears remain as she vanishes. Mom still cries when everything is over. Does Mom just kepp on crying like this? Mommy, stop crying, it's over, it's really over, no more waiting, no more pain. Don't cry, ok? Dad won't come back, never will come back...never come back to you...because Dad always been like that...

And so because, the cold black coffin silently lies under the ground.

And so because, Mom died lone and sadly like that, such a cruel exchange for years of wiating in vain. Daddy is it fair??

But still you go, go so far, too far...


Prayers lost shall never be returned, things lost shall never be compensated. Cutting a deep line on hte body,blood spurts. Eyes flash. Dirty hands grapse my feet. Hoarse screams echoe. Mom has revived, Dad, she's back, due to my fault, we were punished. Where are you anyway? What are you doing? Why aren't you here and why don't you tell me what to do? Why not give me an advice? Why never come back for just a second?

-Nii-san, what would you do if we see Dad?

If we meet again, what would I do? Could I smile? Could it be happy? Could I be glad? I know what to do. If I see Dad another day, what to do, I know, don't I?

Will kill!!!



The child runs and runs ignoring the damn bright sunlight. He is getting tired, but he doesn't care, and doesn't stop. The sandalwood trees' branches quiver. Insects singing nonstop. Colorful pinwheels revollve at their full speed. The smooth pathway ahead strechts out to never ahead. Dad always leaves, and the child always runs after.

Smiling brightly.

Mom crying by the window.

Smiling brightly

Al discouragedly looking at the deep blue sky.

Smiling brightly

Winry quietly holds the flowers in her hands.

Smiling brightly...
Smiling brightly...
Smile... bright...

The child scream out in pride, smiling ever so brightly in the first light of the dawn.

-Father!!!I'll run after you!! Till the end of the rpad!!!

Dad turns back and smiles. Dad's oh-so-rare smile is also so bright.

And slowly, Dad vanishes in the bright sunlight...

This piece has alot of beauty to it. I liked it, but you really need to work on grammer and sentence structure.
Hanae Mai
Yeah...I know. Thanks Ins-chan! happy.gif
edo little kid

really good jop!!!

I love it
Hanae Mai
So glad you like it, Edo-chan!! happy.gif
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