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Full Version: Envy's Jealousy (manga)
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I know Envy's ordeal in the anime and why he is jealous of the Elric brothers. However, I'm confused with the manga. All of the homunculi seem to be very much like the sin they represent, but Envy never showed any strong feelings of envy to me. Can someone clear this up?
Lust wasn't that Lustful.
Presumably you are up to date with them manga so you know about as much as we do.
im not that sure either.

it isn't really shown in the manga

Envy's Lady
I'm just going to spoiler tag this whole thing.

If you think of it there were always signs that he was jealous of humans. If you just think of the fact that the character's name is "Envy" and the fact that when Envy killed Hughes, he transformed into his wife to do it. It shows that he envies human relationships and therefore wanted to mess with it by killing Hughes while looking like his wife.

Also when he was going to transform into his huge form he said something about not liking to take on this form because it's ugly. It shows he is insecure.

Envy's normal form doesn't look human at all....yet he makes himself look like a human. That is preferred cute form. So he WANTS to be/look like a human. He HATES the way he really looks.

Also, he always yells "Don't look down on me!". He got like that back when first reduced to his small true form in that fight against Marcoh. It was obvious how he felt, insecure in the eyes of humans.

Envy talks a lot too about how he loves to see humans fighting amongst themselves. He loved starting that war that he started when he shot the child because he just loves to see humans hating on each other. It makes him feel better about his own insecurity.

There were always signs.
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