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Full Version: Desu Ne?'s Fma Fanart
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Desu ne?
Okay, this will be the thread for my fma fanart.

The first FMA fanart thing I did were some quick avatar pics of black hayate and Riza but they are awful so I won't show them. The next I made was my current avatar, inspired by an omake so you kind of need to have read that to understand the joke.

Paperwork is funfunfun
Here's my first real piece, a quick humoristic one featuring everyone's favorite colonel (well not Ed's) Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye and Roy's paperwork. Flames are involved.

Roy and Riza as waiters
This is my second and somewhat more serious piece, at least in terms of time spent on lineart and coloring. Features Roy and Riza as waiters with cat ears. This picture is partly my sister's fault since we RPed, and somehow Roy and Riza ended wearing cat ears in our RP. Then my internet went down a morning five minutes after I got on, so I started drawing and this pic came out. Comments and criticism on this one would be very much appreciated.

I hope you like some of my art~

Have fun

(Side note: I'm working on an ongoing manga that I'm posting on deviantart. Have a look if you want.)
@Desu ne? - WELCOME to the board, and welcome to fanart forum!!
I love Paperwork is funfunfun!! laugh.gif
And, Roy and Riza as waiters is fun, too!!
I would love to show these on our Royai thread!! (Or, better yet, please come to Royai thread and post those yourself!! Posters there are some of the friendliest bunch, and I bet they would love to meet you there!!) happy.gif
BTW, nice job with your doujin also!!
Looking forward to seeing many more of your posts here!! ^^
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