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So was anybody looking forward to this game that came out today? laugh.gif
I just got it. With the artbook and the OST. :3

Evokers to the head, indeed.

I got a Pixie Persona. ohmy.gif

I ended up naming my character Shujinko Minato. Combination of his fandom name and manga name. Why does he have to be nameless? D: Makes it so much harder. I took like twenty minutes before I just wiki'd him and found out he was "Shujinko"/"Arisato Minato". XD
Yea the funny thing is that I was always thinking before the game came out, what to name him XD.

btw love your avatar and sig.
^ P3 deserves some exposure, I figured. Besides, it's too kickass to ignore. XD

I just finished midterms. Not sure what I got on it. :3
Well I just beat my 4th full moon boss.
XD staying up till 5 in the morning every night can't be good for my health, but the game is just freaking awesome.
^ I wish I could do that but I have to goddamn work. >_>;;

I talked to Fuuka in the hallway but I can't help her with her cooking until my courage is "Badass". XD

Holy crap, there's 263 floors in Tartarus. ohmy.gif
Tris the Reaper
Thread necromancy!

No, I haven't played it, so don't get your hopes up. However, I wish to inform you that an anime has been announced for Persona 3.

Now if Tales of the Abyss could get an anime...>_>
^ Ooooh, merci beaucoup.
oh **** nice an anime woot!
There's also going to be a Persona live action movie. It's not directly related to P3, but it is to the SMT series.

I got Thanatos yesterday. :3
Whoa really nice I gotta watch all these happy.gif
ownage. yuka tan is startin to like my bros character which for him is good. after drinkin 50000000000MILION FERIMONE COFFIEZZZZ. any way can some 1 tell me were i can f1nd a c0spl4y 3v0k3r. god danm i'm retarded
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