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Full Version: Raindrops
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chapter one
warnings spoilers for episode 25; spoilers for chapter 15

Raindrops falling from the dark sky now seemed like the loudest sound in Edward Elric's ears. The street was lonely and empty, except for the boy on the bench under a streetlight. His ears still ached from the scream he had heard only moments ago, making the wound on his shoulder seem like nothing. There were no footsteps, there were no sounds of people, there was nothing but the rain to accompany him. However, nearby, a tall man with dark hair stood in the shadows watching.

Roy Mustang was never one to show great concern to the young alchemist but yet sometimes oddly found himself feeling some care for him. As much as he got yelled at and cursed at, it was just too difficult to ignore him, and now, it was this thought that made him walk out into the deserted street and approach the boy. He soon stood directly in front of him, but could not see his face, the red coat's hood being over his head and tilted down. It was unusual for Edward to do this but Roy paid no attention to it.

“I don't know what happened, Haganeno,” Roy began, “but it isn't very good for your health to sit out here.”

Edward didn't move.

“I suppose I can't force you to go anywhere.” He pulled out a tiny, wrapped up blue umbrella from his pockets, opened it, and then set it over him on the bench. “See you.” Roy waved as he turned and slowly started to head a different direction.

The footsteps echoed in Edward's head, and he could not hear the rain anymore.

He picked up the umbrella and ran to catch up with Roy, pulling down his hood along the way.

“I knew you would come with me,” Roy whispered just loud enough to hear. “You were never meant to be an only child.”
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i hope it doesnt explode like last time XD the post was all ... weird ...

chapter two
warnings spoilers for episode 25; spoilers for chapter 15

The sunlight came in strong through the tall glass windows, waking up a certain boy, and causing him to put a hand over his eyes. Edward found himself in a bed that wasn't his, in a room he'd never been to before, and strangely, was still fully clothed (or, all but his shoes). His hair wasn't in a braid anymore and he could not remember a thing from the night before. The feeling was terrible and he had a hand to his forehead now, but ignored it and climbed out of the small bed.

Before heading down to see what was going on, Edward put back on his shoes, in case he had been kidnapped. The blond really couldn't remember anything. He heard somebody talking as he turned the doorknob and exited the room, and could barely make out the words.

“He's fine ... found ... last night ... I know, but ... will later.” He suddenly knew.

Taisa Roy Mustang ... on the phone. This was Roy's place.

Oh great, how did I end up here ...

“Roy don't even mess with me,” he started yelling, heading down the stairs, “I want to know what is going on right now! Why the hell am I at your dirty house?!” Roy looked up from the phone he'd just put back on the charger and showed a serious expression. Edward's intentions were initially to ask why he was pulling an act that of a pedophile, and then to leave; but now, he knew things were going to be different. “What happened?”

“You don't remember ... ?” Roy did not look happy in the least bit. “I don't know what happened, but you looked pretty down, in the rain all by yourself last night, so I brought you here.”

Suddenly, Edward could recall some of it. “I was ... no, I don't want to remember, Roy, I don't want to remember last night ...” He put two hands to his ears unintentionally, and turned to run back up the stairs, but Roy grabbed one of his arms and didn't let go.

“Haganeno, tell me what happened last night! What happened that's so terrible!?” Edward didn't try to escape and Roy let go. “Don't scare people like you are now!”

“I want to ... sit down ...” Edward walked, slowly, to a sofa Roy had in the other room, which he guessed to be the living room. “I ...”

Roy sat next to him and pulled the boy into a hug. “Tell me what happened yesterday.”

“They took ... they took him ...” he said between sniffing, tears already pouring, “they took Aru ... they took my only brother! It's really complicated ...”

Roy didn't say anything, hoping he'd continue.

“The homunculi did it ... broke his bloodseal, because I wouldn't make the stone for them ... it's really complicated ... but ...”

“Is your only brother worth lives?” Envy hissed. “Is there even competition?”

Edward looked back at his brother, even as a suit of armor, he was still his brother ... “Envy ... you know how I hate to play with human lives ...”

“Then why were you able to do it with your mother so easily?” Edward considered getting Envy back for that one, but knew it would do no good ... he needed to take utmost care right now, to make sure they didn't take away Aru ... “It isn't like you even know these people.”

The plan was to take out an entire city close by Amestris to make the Philosopher's Stone. The homunculi already had a small piece in their possession, but it wasn't enough.

“If you can't do it, boy ...”

He really considered it.

This was his brother's life. But so many innocent people ...

“I don't think so,” Edward muttered, putting his hands together to create a transmutation ...

“One wrong move,” said Envy, and only a half-second later, Lust's nail was through Aru's bloodseal.

One wrong move ...

“I learned I can't solve everything with violence, but this was a terrible way to learn a lesson!” The front of Roy's shirt was soaked in tears. “If I wasn't so ... if I had thought it out differently ...”

“I know I shouldn't be saying anything like this, but ... Ed, I really need to know what else happened.”

“You ... Aru ... !”

“You really are worthless, shrimp,” Envy muttered. “So many chances and you've never been able to finish the job. Can't you do any better?”

How can you treat it like nothing, when you've just killed ... my only brother ...

Lust removed her nail and dropped the lifeless suit of armor on the floor.

“You won't get away,” Edward managed to say, “I'll kill you! I'll kill you ... !”

“Are you sure you want to waste even more time ... ?” asked Envy, leaving the boy to think about the sentence as they left, calmly.

They're right ... I'll have time to get rid of them later, but now ...

Getting an idea, Edward found the strength in him to run after them, transmuting his automail; running up behind Envy and stabbing it through his chest just as he turned.
They won't die so easily ...

“There's more to the fight, but it lasted forever ... and isn't very important ... I got away with a few wounds which don't bother me anymore, but ... I got their stone, finally ...”

Edward stood at the gate once more.

“Give me back my brother!” The gate slowly opened and many black dolls stared at him, one approaching and taking the small stone as the payment for passing through. “Give me Aru's soul, again ... !”

“You're too late,” came a whisper, “you wasted so much time ... his soul is already gone.”

“You're kidding me ... you are seriously kidding me ... DON'T MESS WITH ME!”

Edward couldn't speak coherently through his tears anymore.

“It's okay,” Roy whispered, “I know enough, now ...” He didn't let go of Edward and tried to be as comforting as possible, suddenly getting a terrible feeling for the only child comment he'd made earlier.

“What do I live for, now ...” Edward choked between tears.
oh, how sad sad.gif poor edward.
Winter Phantom
Nice story...O.o Aru's dead?!?!
Umm ... thank you haha happy.gif
I'm not the greatest at plots, but I try, and if I never posted anything I made I'd never get better tongue.gif


chapter three
warnings spoilers for episode 25; spoilers for chapter 15

“Don't talk like that,” Roy said to the blond who he was now comforting. “You were the alchemist who learned his lesson well, and you learned not to toy with human lives, you refused to sentence any person to death, you never ... Ed ... you had more courage than I've ever had ... I took many lives and almost took my own, and ... this isn't about me.”

The boy sucked up his tears and tried so hard not to cry anymore. He called me Ed ... instead of some formal thing, like Haganeno, or anything sarcastic like 'shrimp' ...

He looked up at the older, black-haired male, and started,“Roy ... can I go to bed? I don't want to deal with this now ...”

“You'll have to sooner or later.”

Edward knew he was right. He couldn't escape what happened, and Winry was probably worried, and who knows who Roy was on the phone with, and he was being childish, and he was at Taisa's house of all places, and ...

There was a small growl ...

He was also hungry.

“Do you want something to eat?” asked Roy.

“No,” growled Edward. “I want to go to Risembool now ... please?” The blond knew Roy would argue over it, even though he'd never quite seen Roy in this kind of situation it was just his personality and attitude that led him to believe this. He gave Roy the best stare he could to take him back and could see him agreeing ... it was all in the eyes, really.

Roy noticed he was still hugging him and let go.

“Get ready, your stuff is up in that room,” he said. “And we can catch the soonest train to Risembool.” So hard to argue with those eyes and that face ... so hard to resist temptation as well. But he's going now, so, I don't think things will be any different anyway.


Roy was trying his best not to laugh, really, he was, but it was a bit too hard. He clapped a hand over his mouth to muffle the small giggles, but who would have known? Hagane no Renkinjutsushi ... such a powerful title, given to a teenager, who was now napping on Roy's lap with his mouth wide open, and if Aru were there, he would be complaining about the hand on his stomach ...

But fact was, Aru was not there. And he wouldn't be there again, maybe, someday, reunited with his brother, but not truly there; all but memories ... until death.

All until death, huh ... so what if I don't do anything ... will I regret it for the rest of my life ... ? Will I look back on what I could have done, could have had, and could have changed ... ?

Edward opened his eyes and nearly immediately got up, realizing what he'd been doing. He pulled down his shirt first thing.

“Gomen nasai ... ! I can't believe I fell asleep on you ... !” He wiped his mouth just in case he'd been drooling. “Can we forget this happened?”

Just like a kid ... he wouldn't have ever said anything even remotely like this before ...

“Haganeno, you've really changed!” Roy laughed without hesitation now. “Before, you wouldn't say anything like that, you always had to act so serious ...” Edward didn't say anything, but did think about it. In fact, it turned into one of those small things that he couldn't stop thinking about ... one simple sentence made him reconsider his entire personality. But soon enough he stopped the thoughts and without even realizing, or so it seemed, leaned to the left ... onto Roy's shoulder.

What is this kid thinking ... ?

Edward, surprisingly, started to laugh also. “You're quite ... predictable.”


“I may be more calm and at ease, but you can't hide anything from me still,” he said, peacefully, “I've known forever, Mustang. I'm not one to say things like this but I think you have something for me ...”

Roy was nervous inside, but tried not to show any signs. He was almost thirty, for God's sake ...

“... And you don't feel the same in return ...”

What am I saying ...

“Actually, I do ...” Edward turned to look at him in the face and cautiously moved closer, it felt so weird to him, being only a teenager, and this was the Taisa whom he'd had such a grudge on for so long ...

Though it wasn't really his doing, after all! He backed off. But Roy didn't let the opportunity slip and grabbed him with his free hand, pulling him into a kiss.

“This makes you a pedophile.”
great story!!
“This makes you a pedophile.” lol that line is so ed. the plot's really sad, i luv aru! he's my favorite!, but very interesting. cant wait for more! smile.gif
Hehe. happy.gif
Ed makes interesting comments.


chapter four
warnings spoilers for episode 25; spoilers for chapter 15

“I'll be around town if you need anything, after all, I am Haganeno's superior,” Roy said calmly as he handed Winry a paper he'd scribbled an address on during the train ride. “I'll be at this place for the next seven days. Get the message back that he has that much time to get back to me.” Winry took the paper and nodded, saying nothing. Edward had gone off to his mother's grave already, not sticking around for long, and now Roy left him with a week to make the decision of what to continue aiming for.

A week.

Edward lifted his right, automail arm to his head to avoid the wrench he knew would be flying at him anytime soon. Him, and the Taisa, approached the Rockbell home as requested.

“Edward Elric!” It was definitely Winry, Edward could recognize her pissed off voice from miles away. “Why don't you ever call!? Your automail better not be busted to pieces either!” He had previously been looking down at the dirt, kicking rocks with his shoes, but looked up to see Winry standing in front of their door, holding a wrench, fresh for throwing. The automail arm stayed at his head to prevent any more bumps.

But it never came.

“It's fine as always!” he shouted, but with a different tone in his voice than usual. “Do you doubt me that much?”
Because you'd have a reason to.

“It's just different when you come home for a reason other than a busted up arm ... So hey, where's Aru?”

Edward's facial expression turned dead serious and he couldn't look her straight in the face anymore. “He's ... not here,” he muttered, hoping she'd catch the hint. Soon Winry had her arms around him and her lips pressed to his. Once she realized he was obviously not interested, she let go of him and there was an awkward silence between the two.

“I'm going to mother's grave,” he said quietly, ignoring what just occurred and almost immediately running off.

Roy had witnessed the entire scene from a distance, as he wasn't in as much of a rush as Edward had been when they arrived. He also watched as the alchemist ran past him but did nothing to stop him once he saw ... that he was crying.

“I apologize for his actions,” said Roy, “but as you can probably guess he's been through a lot.”

Winry ignored him and looked to the floor.

“I'm also assuming you know what happened to Aru,” he waited to continue until she gave a signal, “and I don't know what course of action Haganeno is taking next.”

“I will,” Winry said softly, watching Roy walk away from the Rockbell property. “I can guess he's not staying here.”


“I'm sorry, mother ...” Edward had his head face down in the dirt and his arms out in front of him, legs curled up behind. “I couldn't save my own brother ...” The sky was clear as day but there were still drops of water falling to the dirt; just not coming from clouds. His gloves were no longer white, his face no longer clean, and he no longer felt happy.

“Don't be such a pessimist,” came a voice, “that's not like you at all. Optimism is key, and you are most definitely the last person I'd think to forget that.”

“That coming from someone like you?”

“If you want to stay down there in the dirt then I won't stop you but you have to go back home sometime.” Roy turned to leave. “Also, I've left a message for you with Winry.”

A message, huh? It can't be anything important if he's left it with her.


Get back to you ... you left me such an interesting message.

Edward sat outside the door of the Rockbell's house. He couldn't go back in after the incident with Winry, she'd always be a friend and he even admitted to himself that at one point he had feelings for her, but not anymore. And now he had to decide what he was going to do within a week. It was something to think about; he decided not to rush into a decision right now. Seven days ... I can make a decision by then.

The boy got up and went back to the door, but when he opened it Winry stood in front of him, as if waiting the entire time.

“Know what you're going to do?”

“Not yet,” Edward replied, “but I've got seven days. For once I'm not going to rush into a decision.”

Winry looked as if it was a surprise, but didn't think much of it. “Going to think like an adult now.”

“As if you'd know!”

“Will you talk with me?”

“What are we doing?” he asked sarcastically.

“You know. Did you meet someone during your travels? Can she bother with waiting for you? Does she have a place you can come back to?”

“Winry ...”

“Is she willing to wait as long as it takes? Is she nice? Is she good for you?”

“WINRY. I didn't meet anyone recently,” he said softly. “More like ...”

“Someone you've known for awhile ... Edward ... this is weird to think about ... and although it's a stab in the dark, is it ...” she looked at him funny, almost expecting an interruption along the lines of 'OH HELL NO!' or maybe even 'You've got to be kidding me!' but nothing came. “R-R ... Roy?”

The silence said everything.

“I didn't know you were that way,” she mocked.

“Shut the hell up.”

She quickly turned serious.

“Do you love him, Edo?”

“I-I ... I don't think you'd call it love just yet, I mean I know I may be one quick to make my choices but I've never thought of something like this before, the only real experience I've had with anything like this is with family which is completely different, and I may have had feelings for you at one point but that was when I was much, much younger, not to mention I'm still a kid, and ...” he paused. “I'm saying too much, aren't I ...”

“I'm glad you grew up,” Winry said, then pulled him inside the house, letting the door shut. “Dinner's going to be done soon, stew.”

“I have to remember to properly thank you for taking care of me later.”
This storys taking some very unexpected turns, especially Winry reacting actually a little bit docile towards Edo's decision.

Good plot, keep up teh good work.
I wanted to give her a feeling as like, she cared for him but can settle for just caring for him in a sisterly way (or in this case motherly lol ed is acting quite childish happy.gif)

and thank you
i got so bored so i did another chapter quick but didnt post because last time i posted twice in a row the entire thread exploded and though its unlikely im not taking the risk bahaha


chapter five
warnings spoilers for episode 25; spoilers for chapter 15

A shiny red apple sat among many other, less red apples, and managed to catch Edward's eye. He walked up and put a cold, metal hand on it to put in his basket, but a different hand managed to get to it first. Needless to say, Edward was thinking of a few choice words to give this person with no manners, at least, until he saw who it was. “Can't escape me that easily, can you, Haganeno?”

It was the ever-familiar voice of Roy Mustang.

“Give me my apple,” the blond alchemist said quietly, but with enough attitude to make any kid within a mile run to their mother. “Give. Me. My. Apple.”

“Have you decided yet?”

“Give me my apple!” Edward decided he would have to take it by force, but as if Roy could read minds, he reached his arm into the air, out of the boy's reach. “You ass.” He acted as if he was backing off from the fruit, but sneakily, and quietly, put his hands off to the side and clapped them together; then to the basket Roy held in his other hand. It broke, sending fruit all over the dirt. As predicted, Roy bent down, forgetting all about the apple, to pick them up and wipe them off. But once he had completed this task, he realized he had no shiny red apple anymore.

A few feet away, it sat in Edward's basket, mocking Roy with it's bright red colour.

“Tricky,” Roy said as he walked up next to Edward. “But not good enough.”

“I don't think so.”

Roy stood with one hand up, clutching absolutely nothing. The apple was still in Edward's basket.

“You are just too good.”

“That much is obvious, Taisa.”

“Really, because I don't think I've seen what you can do.”

“Don't tempt me like that. And don't assume anything foolish,” Edward said calmly, playing along, “I'm sure I'm better than anyone you've ever done before.”

Roy laughed. “You're going to make me break the law if I stay here any longer. I'll see you later, Haganeno.”

“Nice talking to you,” came the reply, as if taunting. When Roy went to go pay for his fruit, he noticed a shiny red apple sitting in the dead center of the basket.


The next day was interesting as well.

Edward somehow found himself at the doorstep of the address left behind by Roy. It was late, a bit past dinner, to where the sun had just set and the sky was still just a little purple. He put off knocking on the door. He sat on the bench conveniently placed nearby, looked up at the windows, and walked up and down the steps until the sky was a full, dark-blue colour and then finally tapped his wrist against the wood. The floor was where he found himself looking, until the door opened.


“Winry's house is cold,” Edward said without considering anything he was saying, “and it makes me even more cold because of my limbs.”

Roy grabbed his wrist and dragged him inside, shutting the door behind them. The place was small, and Edward didn't know whose house it really was, but didn't care. He sat on a sofa facing a warm fireplace and soon found a blanket being wrapped around him by Roy.

“Get warm,” he whispered before leaving to the kitchen, which was just across the hall.

“I'm hungry,” Edward said loud enough to hear.

After awhile, “Do you want coffee ... ? Ah no wait, coffee would probably make you too hyper. Hot chocolate?”

“Doesn't that have milk in it? And I said I was hungry, baka, not thirsty.”

“But it's warm,” Roy called back. He'd already prepared everything, walking in with a plate. Edward let Roy set it on his lap, only to see a shiny red apple cut into careful slices. He soon left after dropping the plate, but coming back as fast as he'd done that and carrying two cups in his hand. One of them was soon placed in the blond's hand and the other was Roy's, who had invited himself to come under the blanket with Edward.

“Can I sleep here?”

“I'm sure it's fine,” Roy said, “I'll take it later.”

He was quiet. Roy didn't even know he had fallen asleep at first, until he noticed that he had become silent and the sound of chewing had stopped. It took awhile.

But he gladly picked up the dishes and left Edward to peacefully nap on the sofa.


“It's too warm ...” said a blond alchemist as he opened his eyes. “I'm too warm ... Roy, I feel sick ...” The alchemist slowly got up from the sofa, peeling back the blanket and putting his metal hand to his forehead. To his dissatisfaction, it wasn't as cold as usual.

“Royyyy, where are you ...” He walked, still slow, along the unfamiliar hallway and came across one with the door open, Roy Mustang sleeping on the bed in full view.

Edward looked to a nearby clock, to see it was early in the morning. Four, to be exact. To his amazement, and the first he'd ever seen as he'd never been up this early before, the sky was just barely lightening up. He paid no attention, instead walked into the dark room and climbed onto the bed next to Roy after removing his red coat and boots.

“It's too hot,” he muttered as the other started to open his eyes. “I feel really hot.”

Roy swore under his breath and started to sit up, still dead tired. “Haganeno ...”

“I feel sick,” he said again. “I'm going to puke ...”

“You aren't going to puke,” Roy said still half-asleep, “just don't think about it and lay down over the covers on your back. Then go to back to bed, ugh.”

The alchemist did as Roy instructed and nearly fell asleep instantly, soundlessly.

After leaving the house that day, he ignored the Taisa for the next four days.

On purpose, of course.
uwah those two are so stubborn tongue.gif but u gotta luv em. cant wait for more!!


chapter six
warnings spoilers for episode 25; spoilers for chapter 15

“Are you going to be back home late again? I had something special planned.”

Roy Mustang looked back from the bedroom door to the blond—oh how wonderful he looked with his hair down—and smiled; the first time he'd smiled for a long time on his way out. “Of course not, it's our anniversary, isn't it? Of being together?”

Edward seemed angry, but was playful. “Don't say it like a question!” It was still too early to be getting up, so he ducked underneath the covers again, enjoying the warmth. It had been raining now for a week straight, without fail, getting the temperature to lower, which did not please him. Cold weather and metal was never a good mix. But with someone like Roy, it was never cold during the nights.

One year of being together. Marriage was not an option; Edward was still only seventeen and, therefore, underage. Many other things the two considered, and outright did, were illegal at this age but no attention was made.

“And he better not just come home empty handed,” Edward muttered before sleeping again.


“That's so suspicious,” Pinako said under her breath. “I think those two are suspicious.”

“Ah, leave it alone,” Winry said, sounding amused, as they both waved to the two alchemists walking down the path in the opposite direction. “It's not ... suspicious at all.” A week had passed and Edward truly showed affection for the Taisa. Although the age difference was one of those things that always tugged at Winry's mind, she often tried to forget it—love knew no limits.

“I think you trust Edward too much,” came the reply. But before letting Winry answer, Pinako left and went back in the house.
I will be taken for no fool!


“Haganeno ...”

“Don't call me that!” Edward said as if scolding a child. “I like it when I'm called by my name but the only time you ever say it is when I'm feeling really sad or emotional. Why do you have to be so formal, especially when we aren't at the HQ?”

“Ed,” Roy began again, over the sound of the train, “where are you going after we get back?”

“I don't know,” he replied, acting casual. “Maybe stay in the military dorms for awhile to decide what I want to do—I really can't think at Risembool.”

Roy was somehow able to slip a small key into Edward's hand, going unnoticed, at least until he felt it.

“A key for ... your house?”

“Those dorms are disgusting, you know,” Roy said, obviously joking and not trying to hide a thing, “And I think you can think clearly at my house.”

Edward looked at him funny. “I don't know ... with a pedophile like you around? Might get too distracted.”

To think of where they ended up ...


A year later, Roy came up to the door not expecting a thing. Not that he underestimated what Edward was saying earlier. But he didn't come to the door expecting anything, didn't expect anything wonderful inside, because if he did, there was always the possibility of being disappointed. When he turned the key and opened the door he saw just that.


He saw nothing. But he could smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen, which instantly led him in that direction (after dropping a small plastic bag by the door). Directly in front of him was something that, to his and everyone else's surprise, he had never seen before—considering the many different ways he'd seen Edward before.

But no. Never in an apron. Never in an apron, holding a spoon. Never in an apron, holding a spoon, and cooking. Did Edward even know how to cook? He thought about this without actually thinking about it but was soon answered by the sweet smell in the air.

“Well, I thought you'd be later than this...” muttered Edward. “I'm not finished.”

“It smells finished,” commented Roy, approaching the stove. “What is it?”

The blond immediately rushed over to the stove and made Roy leave, glad he'd left the cover on and no potholders nearby (this proved to be good enough to not spoil the surprise).

“Don't look yet, baka! Go do something outside!” Edward attempted to push Roy, but even a year later and he couldn't do anything of the like. “Please?”

Roy took the invitation very differently and pressed his lips to Edward's, putting his arms around his waist. One of his hands fumbled around looking for a place to rest as Roy was obviously dominating. It soon found the edge of the stove, and slipped, turning the burner on high and making Ed fall to the floor, Roy following suit soon after.

“Turn ... the stove ... down ... to low,” he choked.

Roy removed himself from the floor quickly and did as instructed.

“I think I'll go do that thing outside now,” he said quietly, leaving Edward to the kitchen. And to come outside and yell when it was finished. Though he'd never cooked before, it just seemed like him.

And when the hell did Edward learn to cook anyway!?
WRITE MORE!!!! I want to read more of this story *sob*
edo little kid
great story!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
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