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Full Version: Fanart By Reta Mcclain
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Reta McClain
Yeah, I decided to post something here as well because I love drawing.

I don't draw that much with computer but I thought I should post part of my work-in-progress Alphonse fanart here. I got the inspiration from manga chapter 73 but right now it doesn't really spoil anything.

I'm very proud of how the armor turned out because I'm a newbie in the world of computer-made art. I drew this part about a week ago and the whole pic is coming along pretty slowly because the file is quite... heavy.

I just want to know what you think of my... hmm... style(?). I'll post the whole pic when I get it ready.
@Reta McClain - Oh, chpater 73 inspired Al fanart!! Awesome!
I think to really appreciate this pic one got to read chapter 73!! It's nicely done!!
IMO it's a difficult angle to draw, but you got it nicely, with nice shading and highlighting works!! And, the white background is so appropriate for the chapter's story!!
I can feel what's going through Al's mind (yeah, totally chapter 73 spoilers.. ^^)
I love it!! happy.gif
Reta McClain
Giih, thanks, Tombow^^ I still have lots to draw to this pic (in reality it would be about the size of A3...) most of it from that freakishly cool Al-scene at chapter 73... Most of it is shading (which is pain with the computer getting slower and slower >.<). It'll have (besides this armor!Al) the Doors in the background (that eye is creepy... I'm proud of it) lots of black hands and you-know-who (no, not Voldemort xD).

OMG, just saw RAW for chapter 74... The Guy at the end is sexy <3

Desu ne?
It looks pretty good already. smile.gif

I'll be looking forward to see it finished.
Reta McClain
Thanks for your comment Desu ne?, I'll continue working on it when my family is out of house xD

And while waiting, I've two hand-drawn pictures biggrin.gif

Ed, Al and Roy; Ready to Fight
Click to view attachment
Only flaw I can see (apart from coloring, but that's okay) are Al's hands and helmet. They're funky. BTW, this was the first time I drew alchemy and I drew this sometime last spring...

Sorry for the poor resolution, I don't have a scanner sleep.gif I had to use our digital camera.

Edward and the Philosopher's Stone
Click to view attachment
And the other picture is PG-13 rated for nakedness (but the most important part can't be seen, sorry fangirls tongue.gif ) Ed's head is kind of funny and I forgot his automail toes but otherwise I kind of like this pic^^

I have few other pictures as well, but I have to do some editing because the camera doesn't really like me that much sleep.gifU

ETA: Aug. 27
Pity, no one says anything.

Well, I got that Al-pic completed. It was a pain to draw, I tell ya. Spoilers up to chapter 73 of the FMA manga. Rated PG-13 for mostly nakedness.

~*Reta Mcclain: Wow, all of your drawings are awesome. I specially like the Ed, Roy and Al one. Mostly cause of their expressions, and the color. Your a great artist and I enjoyed seeing how the Al one came into the full picture, with Ed and the gate, good job biggrin.gif! Keep it up!!
@Reta McClain - I had been sooo busy for the last couple of weeks... sorry!! ^^
Nice drawing of Ed, Al, & Roy, and Ed with wings!!
I love Al in your drawing with the beautiful long plume!! His armor came out so good!!
And, you did nice job on Ed and Roy's clothings also!!
And, I love the clever use of wings in the second drawing!! biggrin.gif
Beautiful jobs on these wings, and nice coloring jobs, too! It came out beautiful!!
And the last one with Al from chapter 74 is totally awesome!!
If/when next time GunGun magazine has a FMA drawing contest, IMO you should definitely enter that one!! ^^
Reta McClain
~Edward~Elric~Fan~: Thanks^^ And it's Al who is holding his hand out for his soul to to return^^

Tombow: Thanks to you too^^ I would enter one if I knew when there is one. But alas, I do not.

And so this is not completely offtopic...
Ling, Ran Fan, Mei Chan and Xiao Mei; The Xing Gang
Click to view attachment

My first Xing-related fanart biggrin.gif This was first time drawing any of those characters and they all came out nicely in my opinion. (Well, I don't like Mei's head and Xiao is kind of crooked... sleep.gifU )

Hmmm... I forgot to color one part of Ran's shoe... Oh well, no one cares.

Again, taken with a digital camera.
@Reta McClain - Yes, yes, we have more future activities in the making, and we love having your awesome drawings and fanfics!! We'll make sure to ask you next time!! happy.gif
And, that Xing Gang drawing look soo cool! It's great to see more Xing fanart!!
I love those poses by everyone, even Xiao Mei!! XDD
All the accurate details.. their clothings and weapons, and their poses... are amazing!!
This looks so professional it's like an illustration we see in real FMA novel look!!
Great job!! I like it very much!! happy.gif
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