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Full Version: FMA Game Boy Advance games
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There are two FMA games for Game Boy Advance.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Rondo of Vagus from Bandai
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Omoide no Sonata from Bandai
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FMA: Meisou No Rondo World Map

Labelled for your convenience :3

So far I only have 77% of the Alchemic Index Complete for Meisou no Rondo while 45% on Omoide no Sonata.
I can't really read Japanese too well so I'm afraid this will take a long time in my case XD
FMA: Meisou No Rondo

Character List (exclusive for the GBA games)
*Appears only in Meisou no Rondo
*Info about translations is by Xcomp.


An alchemist who excels in the field of medical alchemy. A young lady who who grew up in the care of her home and has never left it before. Relishing her older brother's favourite phrase, "National alchemists are there for the public", she wants to be of use to more people. Wanting to become a national alchemist, she heads to Central City.

Although she has quick wits, sometimes she would sometimes be out of it and burn with pure naive.

She is 18 and her hobby is darts.
Gameplay Notes:
Corniche is the only healer of the game and her offensive abilities are really horrible unless you power her up. What makes her useful? For one, you can't buy items, you have to make them and this involves hours of card combinations which is randomly set. HOWEVER, it doesn't mean that you have to have her in order to win the game. I finished this game without using her, ever, aside from those times she HAS to be in my party (which is in the beginning stages).


The Alchemist of Thunder. He's a national alchemist but, just like a wolf in a Kabuki play he would usually go after a girl without thinking.
However, in battle he becomes a calm person who is quick with the sword. He has a great interest and some confused knowlege in the Samurai code but, you don't hear it from him much.

He is 29 and his rank is Lt. Colonel. He is a Katana maniac.
Gameplay Notes:
Man this character is actually really useful. For one, his first skill attacks the enemy twice for a decent amount of damage. The second skill is an AOE (Area of Effect) attack which means it hits all enemies. The 3rd Skill is one flash attack that can do a whooping amount of 310+ damage. I used him most of the time but regretting it because he pulls off an Aeris on the last battle (aka he dies).

You might as well use Roy Mustang instead.


He has the power of chimera alchemy. Originally a national alchemist.
Gameplay Notes:
This guy was a pain in the arse to battle. In order to win against his final form, without ever using Corniche, is to go all offense on him, make sure that you made Edward create loads of items that are lvl 2-5. It's going to be useful. I finished him off by using healing items on Edward (Solo Edward battle yey!) and won.
FMA: Omoide no Sonata
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