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Full Version: What To Do With Our Sub Forum?
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We have all this space and nothing to really do in it.
Such being the case I'd like to hear your ideas for what we could do.

We had anime viewing night but that went no where fast which is a shame.
Night of the Homunculus interesting idea and if someone wants to run another one that would be...something.

There must be something we can use this sub forum for...
Well, I think we should have more games like Day Of the Homunculus. The problem is thinking them up.

I'm not quite sure how well this would work but uh....maybe a CoF sponsored scavenger hunt? We open a thread here saying what people need to find and then they search various topics for the requirements and return to the thread with links and, if required, quotes, of the requirements.

Besides games there are other things we could fill the subforum with, and I have some vague ideas, but I don't have the right words to explain them O_o;;; Hmmmm...
Carnal Malefactor
Burn it down for the insurance money?
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