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Full Version: You're Lying!
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That One Dude
LIAR! She wanted to ride it with me by herself... >.><.<

Black Hayate is Riza's dog.
LIAR! He's Roy's! (Actually, considering my favorite pairing is Royai, that's not too far off the truth in fanfiction...)

Fuery wears glasses.
LIAR! Those glasses are fake!!!

Breda's actually quite smart.
LIAR! Breda is a very stupid idiot.
Al's soul is in a suit of armor.
Energy Alchemist
LIAR!!! There's a space mutant in that suit of armor!

Riza has a crush on Roy.
Liar! Riza p'wned Roy...( know about the mini skirt and Roy's dating...)

Dante/Lyra wores corset.
LIAR! She just has that has that figure naturally!

Izumi is very well-disciplined and very strong.
Little Washu
Liar! She is weak as wet noodles! And has never had detention in her life!

Izumi's baby died
Liar! He was a healthy child and became a super athlete and had tons of girlfriends when he grew up!

Edward and Alphonse are brothers.

Little Washu
Liar! Ed's dad is Mexican and Al's is Chinese!

Dante and Hohenhiem's son is Envy.
Energy Alchemist
LIAR!!! Dante and Hohenhiem didn't have a son!! (Koji: Like they'd ever believe you.)
What'd you say, Stupid Light?!
Koji: Oh, nothing. *cough*Brainless Energy*cough*.

Al always has kittens stuck in his empty suit of armor.
Fullmetal Poser
LAIR! There is no more for a kitten since his body takes up all the space.

Edward Elric uses alchemy.
LIAR! He's really Harry Potter and can use magic! (Tell me you saw that coming!)

Trisha died of an illness.
Death Awakens
LIAR! She was murdered by Pinako!

Alex Louis Armstrong has a large muscular body frame.
LIAR!! It's just a suit!!!

Havoc doesn't have a girlfriend!
Death Awakens
Liar! He is dating First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.

Heymans Breda fears dogs and puppies.
LIAR! He loves them and wanted to adopt Hayate! (I've seen a bunch of these on previous pages, so I think I'll start in on a few manga ones, instead, using spoiler tags.)

Bradley is still a homunculus, but he is Wrath.
Energy Alchemist
LIAR!!! Bradly is Lust!!!!!!!!!! *background creepy music*

General Hughes died because Envy killed him while wearing the face of Ross.
QUOTE(Energy Alchemist @ Oct 4 2007, 09:04 PM) *
LIAR!!! Bradly is Lust!!!!!!!!!! *background creepy music*

General Hughes died because Envy killed him while wearing the face of Ross.

Hello! You need to add the word to continued/go on...oh well, i'll do mine..ahem

Pinako is a pipe-smoking addict!
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