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Okay, so I was browsing the Gaia forums, and saw this pretty cool game, that I'd like to give a shot at here! laugh.gif

Basically, all you do is say something that's true about Fullmetal Alchemist, then the person under you would say LIAR! and tell the 'truth', which is of course, a funny lie. Example:

Person One: Ed is a fifteen-year-old with a strong love for alchemy.

Person Two: LIAR! He's acually a fifty-year-old pedophile who uses flashy flashes to attract little boys.

Get it now? smile.gif I'll start it out. <3

Winry hits Ed with wrenches when he is wreckless with his automail.
That One Dude
((lol, this seems like a fun game...))

LIAR! She actually hits Ed over the head with a hammer cause he isn't reckless enough.

Maes Hughes positively adores his daughter Elysia and his wife Gracia.
((Thanks! ^^))

LIAR! He doesn't even have a wife and daughter- he just has fake photos to cover up the fact that he's madly in love with Roy.

Roy loves dogs because they're loyal, and they never ask for raises.
LIAR! He doesn't like dogs at all, he just lies so he doesn't have to say he likes kitties as much as Ed does.

Al is a sweet and kind 14 year old, even though his soul is attached to a hollow armor.
That One Dude
LIAR! Alphonse is flesh and blood, and he's as mean as they get, too!

Edward is short and short-tempered.
LIAR! Edward is a sweet, kind person who never gets mad and loves milk.

Greed practically lives in a whorehouse.
LIAR! He lives in Wal-mart

Izumi lost her lower organs from a failed Human Transmutation.
That One Dude
LIAR! She lost them in a boxing match!

Dante is a manipulative, intelligent villain. (blah, someone stab me for saying that!)
LIAR! She's acually stupid, because she was formerly blonde, and no one likes her.

Envy resembles a palm-tree.
LIAR she looks more like Jackson!! XD

Hawkeye's goal is to help Roy become Fuhrer.
That One Dude
LIAR! She wants him to burn with his own flame!

Havoc smokes constantly.
(lol, was expecting you to put something like she wants to chain him to the bed XD)

LIAR that's a lolipop stuck in his mouth you dumbass!

Humonculi are born from a failed transmutation
That One Dude
LIAR! Humonculi come from Disney Land!

Greed is greedy.
LIAR he just wants to become immortal so he can help people with AIDS in Africa

Breda is fat.
That One Dude
LIAR! He's so skinny that if he turns sideways he dissappears.

Sloth was originally Ed's mom. ohmy.gif
Liar! She some sort of weird tree-creature that sleeps all day.

Barry the Chopper loves Riza.
That One Dude
LIAR! He wants to gut her alive... O_o

Pride has the ultimate eye...
LIAR! He just wants to be a pirate. happy.gif

Den has automail.
That One Dude
LIAR! Den has gloves...

Lust is hot.
liar. ed just likes to wrap den's arm in tin foil to make him look tough.

Ed and Al are brothers.
LIAR! She's acually Paris Hilton attempting to be cool.

Gluttony is cute.
That One Dude
LIAR! He's not cute, because tonight, he dines in hell!

Dante is good-looking when she's in Lyra's body.
LIAR! She's not, 'cause her boobs are decaying. =O

Roy loves miniskirts.
That One Dude
LIAR! Roy likes miniskirts, but in men. XD

Hughes is Roy's best friend.
LIAR! Roy likes only himself.

Winry is not 'lady-like,'
That One Dude
LIAR! Winry's actually a guy. O_O

Edward hates his father.
LIAR!! they love each other! that's why you see all those slashy fics..

Greed is the Ultimate Shield
NO WAY! It's just painted foam.

The sky is blue.
LIAR! It's my nose

Envy is Ed's half-brother.
That One Dude
LIAR!! He's his sister! XD!

Ed is straight.
Liar! Ed loves Alphons Heiderich.

Greed has a fuzzy black and white jacket.
That One Dude
LIAR! He has a fuzzy PINK and white jacket XD

Envy is androginous.
LIAR! I don't even know what that means! And Envy's a girl cuz she's my classmate in school! except she's in another section... sleep.gif"

Roy's actually a girl in disguise!
That One Dude
LIAR! She only MOONLIGHTS as a travestie... XD

Alphonse loves cats. X3

Havoc is a chain smoker.
LIAR! Havoc's not a chain smoker, he's a male stripper!!
(please excuse me for this!)

Ed wears a bathing suit as a pajama!
That One Dude
LIAR! He wears his BIRTHDAY suit... XD

Havoc is a blond
Liar! He just wears a wig since he thinks the ladies will love blond hair

Scar has a tattoo on his right arm
ed's numbuh 1 fan
Liar! It's a expensive nicoderm patch!

Edward has a metal arm and leg.
Liar! Those are just props. He just wants to look cool!!

Winry secretly loves Edward Elric.
Liar! That is a total Lie because Ed is with me right now!

Riza and Roy look cute together.
Lair! Ed and Roy looks cute together =) (your avvie is a lie also biggrin.gif)

Armstrong is obsessed with his muscles
LIAR! Armstrong is running for Governor or President!

Shezka is a bookworm...
That One Dude
LIAR! She's just doing it to look smart~! >:3

Envy is androginous
LIAR! Envy is transvestite or a drag queen!

Lust's boobs size is 36C.
That One Dude
LIAR! She stuffs her bra~! XD

Riza can shoot basically anything...
LAIR! She cant shoot Roy!

Scar's name is coming from scar on his face:)
LIAR! It's shortened from Oscar!!!

Armstrong is a very muscular man indeed.
That One Dude
LIAR!! It's a body suit! ohmy.gif !

Sciezka wearsglasses...
(Hey, this looked fun, and I thought I'd join.)

LIAR! It's just the frames! She's not even really a bookworm! She's... Armstrong in disguise!

Ed's eyes are gold-colored.
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