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Toward the Terra (地球へ Terra e...?) adapted into an animated TV series in 2007, co-animated by Minamimachi Bugyōsho and Tokyo Kids, and produced by Aniplex, SKY Perfect Well Think and Mainichi Broadcasting System. It was directed by Osamu Yamazaki, written by Satoru Nishizono and featured character and conceptual designs by Nobuteru Yuki (Vision of Escaflowne) and Yutaka Izubuchi (RahXephon) respectively.
(Source - Wiki)

Plot Summary: In the far future, humanity has left behind an environmentally destroyed Terra and began colonization in order to reproduce their home. Humanity, now ruled by a super computer that controls the birth of children, sees the emergence of a new race called the "Mu". The Mu, now hidden from the rest of humanity, have one dream, to return home, to Terra...

Genres: drama, psychological, science fiction
Themes: bishounen, esp powers, space, superpowers
Episodes: 24
Age Rating: Teen
(Source - ANN)


Terra he (Toward the Terra), the new April anime this year... the anime version is certainly better than manga (1977). Reason being...
- Better character development. Manga's characters aren't developed as well because manga version was meant to be short (~900 pages).
- Music and action and great voice acting biggrin.gif
- New stories (I wouldn't call them fillers since they are plot-related and well written)
- I especially like episode 5-9, where they give more "personality" to Shiroe than manga version did.
- Episode 15-17 as well, character development and extra story for Soldier Blue.

At first I found the anime weird but watched it anyway since it will only have 24 episodes... For ep 1-4, I thought the pace was too slow, but as I watch the story progresses, i see why 1-4 were necessary to be this long and slow happy.gif Great character development added to the story indeed. I think I downloaded the manga and read it after I watched episode 8... and it's very different, the manga. When you read the manga, it makes you feel like... "Uh? This is it? o_O" Yeah. The manga's pace is really fast and abrupt, and makes you wonder "uhhh, that shouldn't work out like this"... Manga gives a feeling like that because it is rushed. Very rushed. Anime, on the other hand, took its time to develop characters and explain all the tiny details, so that things actually makes more sense biggrin.gif

Anyway, I suggest that you watch this anime after it's done happy.gif Episode 17 just aired, and it has 24 episodes in total... but "unfortunately", the anime has been licensed by Bandai US. already, so fansubbing of it has been stopped >.<;; however, Makoto has continued and completed the rest of the episodes.


Edit: The links for raw manga I posted have expired, but I'll reupload if anyone is interested...
This anime was reviewed in my friend's podcast, and I've had an interest in it ever since...

But I had so many other series I was torrenting at the time and now my laptop hasn't been hooked up to internet for a while. XDDD I'll have to watch it someday tho. Sounds good, and similar to one of the ideas I had for a novel. o.o
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Old thread TTATT No one other than Fushigi has replied... TTATT

This is such a great series... You guys should all watch it! D= Yes, the first few episodes might be kinda boring (but it's still good! If you have read the manga, you'll understand why the first few episodes were actually necessary because they didn't do it in manga! Character development is always important! There is a lack of character development in manga because the manga was intended to be a short story to begin with.)

Terra is an anime with a "slow" start. It gets really good at episode 4, 5 and 9~ (However, if you still can't stand watching this after you have seen episode 9, then I guess you can give up on it. Episode 9 is one of the best episodes).

Takemiya Keiko, the mangaka of Terra he, is one of the pioneer for Shoujo manga as well as BL aka yaoi aka shounen-ai, COUGH... CLAMP started a decade behind Takemiya Keiko. I am sure CLAMP's BL stuff won't work out as well without a pioneer like Takemiya! That's why she is awesome =O Terra he was a really popular series 30 years ago. This anime remake version is awesome too! Its OST and OSTII is unbeatable *-* I have been listening to them for days during my exam period and I still haven't got bored of them. So go download it and watch it now! Ask me for downloads if you can't find them.

And just to show how awesome Takemiya Keiko is, our university was celebrating 10th anniversity for its Asian Studies department during September, and Takemiya Keiko was invited to give a guest seminar and she was giving out autographs too for people who bought Terra he! I of course, got her autograph. <3 (Takemiya Keiko is the first mangaka who has become a professor specializing in manga studies in Kyoto Seika University.)

Everyone, go watch it! You won't regret it!!
Seriously, what's with everyone moe-ing at all those anime with nothing but moe factor? Stuff like Lucky Star has no plot! I watch Hayate no Gotoku and I still don't see a good plot in it other than Hayate's horrible luck and how he'd make money to return to Nagi... Well, I am watching it because I like Kugimiya Rie but that's the only thing that's keeping me watching Hayate... <--- This official ED clip remix is filled with love! *-* It's official because this video comes w/ ED1 Love is... single. Toward the Terra is NOT a BL series by the way... It's a science-fiction.
Triss Hawkeye
Ooo...I read the first two volumes of the manga. I loved it immediately - I always like sci-fi, and I did enjoy this one which had a bit of a retro feel to it as well. Still, I am only overjoyed that we get more character development in the anime - especially for Shiroe, because I liked him (he's the one who gets killed off by Keith at the end of the first manga volume, right?).

I always thought there was a teeny bit of BL implied between the two though. tongue.gif
Hmmm, sounds interesting. I'll watch it. I needed a new series to watch anyway. And it's finished airing now, so I guess it's perfect.
I have around 8 episodes on my computer right now, though I haven't watched any of it yet. >_> I was gonna save it to watch with my housemates, but seeing as we've all been really busy and winter break is upon is, I'll probably just watch it when I get home. I'm rather excited. smile.gif
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@Triss Hawkeye: Hehe yeah, if you are a BL fan, you can see BL floating every where in this series... 8D;;;
Yes. ;A; Poor Shiroe... I really like how anime gave him this "Peter Pan addict" personality... it just suits him so well.
Do you plan on getting volume 3 as well? =o

@Nekokitty: Please do come back to the thread and comment about it after you started watching! Terra needs more fans and love ;_; *wants to chat w/ people about Terra more*

@mei_tenshi: watchitwatchitwatchitwatchitwatchit! Get episode 9 too before you start... *hugs*
I have 12 so far~

I'm trying to get as many as I can before I go home. Dunno how fast (or slow!) the internet is going to be over there. ph34r.gif
Double-post for bumpage!

I just finished the series and am totally in fangirl mode. I can't decide who to fangirl over, so I'll just do it for everyone who had spoken at least 10 lines throughout the series--sans Grand Mother, of course, because you can't really get emotionally attached to her. (It?)

Which leads me to what really got me hooked--besides a great story, impressive musical score, character designs that pulled off 80's-ish hair and fashion really, really well...the list goes on. The clincher for me was that you can feel for pretty much the entire regular cast. Needless to say that the main characters are very well-developed, but even the minor characters are all well-rounded. You never get the sense that anyone is a cardboard cutout. Which makes it harder when you seen them die one by one. You'd think it gets easier once you get used to the idea that people die in this series, but it doesn't. My gosh, the last episode. T___T

I can see what AA battery meant by the first few episodes being slow...but I really think that's only relative to the rest of the series. Most of them were action-packed, and those that weren't were still intriguing. It might be just me, but I never felt bored at any point while watching this.
Just finished the series after being prodded by AA Battery to watch!
I highly recommend that you put this series at the top of your "to watch" list.

It won't disappoint! Overall it was very well produced and had a bit of something for everyone: romance, drama, space battles, action, and great music to boot!
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*glomps meimei and asu~* Thank you for taking my advice (?) and watching this great series!

I would love to further discuss this series but I don't want to spoil anyone... XD;;

This would be one of the series that I would hate to be spoiled.

*pokes anyone that looked at this thread* go watch it! ;A;
The R1 DVDS will be released in mid July!
from ann:
Toward the Terra will be released on July 15. There will be a bundle release, containing 10 episodes over two DVDs for US $34.98. Two singles will also be concurrently released for $19.98 each containing episodes 1-5 and 6-10 accordingly.

edit: correction
There will be three US$34.95 DVD bundle collections with eight episodes each. There will also be six regular DVDs. Both versions will be English-subbed only.
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