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Full Version: Shall We Dance?
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Or not.

You know.

Either way is good.

ATTENTION: Please read this before beginning. No complaining is desired, though honest criticism is appreciated.

Shall We Dance
Category: Gag, Angst, Romance (...You'll see.).
Pairing: HeixEd, Sliiiiight nostalgiac EdxRose & EdxNoa.
Rating: Original rating was NR-17 (For cursing and *le gasp* sex, although not of the terribly graphic kind). Depending on the audience, I may edit original storyline to PG, or perhaps PG-13. Please give me your opinion before I reach this small area in the story.
Characters: Edward Elric, Alfons Heiderich, Gracia, Noa, rememberance of Rose and Alphonse Elric.

Main Setting: Apartment.

Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong to be. Great sleuthing, genius. Image is from the Doujinshi 'Oasis'. Please give it a read if you're into this pairing.

No gaybashing, or asking to fit other pairings in. The story is already developed. However, if I decide to change my original previously written story as I write it for, It may be switched about a little bit. Any added characters will be put into the description. I'll be happy with real feedback, though! smile.gif

I was afraid.
Dead frightened, just to open my eyes
For fear the you'd dissapear before me once more.
I couldn't lose you twice. The notion was horrific.
Once more...
Once more is all I want.
One more time, one more chance
To hold you in my arms
And tell you how I feel.
Because I feel lonely here without you,
And nothing feels the void
But the warmth of your arms
Wrapped around me, like a blanket
Keeping me content on the coldest of winter's nights.

I remember these nights, chilling to the bone.
The snow fell, dainty like fairys outside our window.
Hah, Fairys. What am I, a child?
Well, you couldn't exactly call me an adult.
Mabye somewhere betwixt the two.
And you were right there with me.
What I'd give for you to be with me right now!
Though, I couldn't bare to hold you, even then.
Scared to find out how you feel.
How I felt, myself.
Because, truly, at the time, I couldn't tell.
So, we'd sit there. Staring down at half empty cups of hot chocolate,
And babbling on about days past. German chocolate...
It kept me cozy, but nowhere near as cozy as I was, as we waited for the storm to lift up,
and I leaned against your shoulder when you fell fast asleep.
If only you were awake.
Would you allow it?
Perhaps... even lean back?
"Huh? What am I thinking?!"
I'd wonder, drawing away.
These crazy, impossible thoughts.
They couldn't be genuine.
With a sigh, I'd lean back, eyes locked out the window, trying to concentrate on something else.
Anything but you.
However... how could I resist a final night's glance when you smiled so sweetly in your dreams?
That's all you were. A dream. A figment of my imagination. My little secret...

I was content with that.
Or at least, I thought I was.

Now and again, you'd step out the door,
Arm in arm with some giddy girl.
I'd see you step away, grimacing from the window.
I was jealous.
Mabye it was the fact that you could forgive,
Feel free to love, with that grin plastered on your face like it was natural,
after the world had been so cruel to you. To us.
Something I could never do.
It made me nauseous.
Ridiculous! These people didn't deserve our sympathy.
Yet you managed to give her a light kiss on the cheek before departing,
Out of view... out of reach.
But these knots in my stomach still remained, long after you were gone.

Mabye that wasn't what I was jealous of...?
Well, what else could it be?
No, I couldn't be.
Could it?
It didn't matter, either way.
We didn't have a chance, and I don't think I wanted us to.
This secret just made me distant. More then ever before.
Harsh, and cold.
Like a skipping stone that sunk instantly, with no chance of survival...


"Alright, let's give it another try." The young German sighed sympathetically as he ran a sickly pale hand through his fair blonde hair. He was staring at another, who'd abruptly plopped down into their lopsided green chair, looking back at him briefly. He didn't speak a word in response, just gave the taller of the two a death glare, one that, despite being one of his shorter 'looks' before he riveted his gaze to their rather uncleanly wooden floor, sent a feeling akin to a spear being shoved through his heart after Alfons.

A nervous grin spread across his face, followed by a matching set of quiet laughs which were lost under the faint orchestral music which floated from their record player. Edward didn't shift his eyesight. The method was somewhere along the lines of, "Ignore him- he'll go away."

The smile faded from the younger Blonde's face. "She's expecting you to know."

Nothing. Not a flinch!

He continued to stare down at the ponytailed man, although his eyes caught nothing more then the top of his golden head. "Look." He continued, brows furrowing slightly over crystal blue eyes.
"This is the social event of the winter season, and the entire scientific community will be there. People from all over Europe- no- all over the world! Like a shelf of living, breathing knowledge! All the big wigs will be there. Sponsers, Ed. We need money for the Rockets. And they're expecting us all to be there, including you!-"

His eyes followed the 18-year-old's his did the same for an ant who'd invaded his little staring-square on the floor.

Still nothing.

It's a miracle I got him up for the first ten minutes...

"You know..." He sang quietly, one eyebrow now raising slightly. "If you won't take her, she'll be sorely dissapointed."

Heiderich then looked up innocently towards the ceiling.

"But I'm sure I'll have some fun with her."


Hook, line, and sinker.

An awkward hand was placed on Ed's shoulder. "Hey." He assured. "It'll be fun!"
Finally, the young man slowly raised his head to find the other pratically hovering infront of him.
"Dancing with you, or dancing with Noa?"
"Well, Edward! Noa, naturally."
"I'm sure."

He backed away slightly, radiating satisfaction in his success to make Mr.Elric, step by step, cave.
His grin became more sincere. "There you go! If we don't practice, you won't get anywhere with Noa. It's amazing we even got into such an event as the upcoming galla!"

A familiar painful glare.

"What are you implying?"
"Nothing, nothing..."

Edward pouted. "Why'd you drag me into this f*!@in' thing, anyway? I help you guys out, of course, but I'm not on your 'team' or anything."

A rare, accusing finger pointed at his face. "But you're my roomate!" He exclaimed. "And the University finds your theories of interest. The want to talk to you, Ed-" His expression, a rare trace of anger, changed to his previous overtly polite smurk which was constantly pasted onto his face. "Besides, like I said before. If I make a few high-end friends, I make quite a bit of cash. North American sponsers are influenced suprisingly quickly after a few doses of German beer."

The golden haired boy could feel his eyes practically glazing over and he looked blankly in his roomate's direction. "You're evil..." he muttered. His friend had been acting quite out of character since he recieved the invitation. Conversations had evolved from the usual, "Hey, um, you're coming, right?" To shockingly strange outbursts of, "THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFE TIME!"
"Like some freaky Alphonse and Winry lovechild..."


Edward shivered at the notion. Unwanted imagery.


Al shook his head disagreeingly. "You." He began. "Are just like a child sometimes."
Edward peered through animal eyes. "Is that a short joke?"
"No," Heiderich responded, "But if you don't practice dancing, our little Gypsy-"
"Roma.""-Roma friend won't appreciate it."

The golden haired teen slammed his hand down on the arm of his chair, causing his brother's look-a-like to jolt backwards slightly.
"Why do we have to bring her anyway?! You know how people discriminate- surely racism won't get you any sponsers!"
Al frowned, not sure if Ed was protecting Noa, or trying to wiggle out of the situation.
"But she's got her heart set on it- They're expecting to see you there, too, but that doesn't mean they'll be talking to you. I'll do all the business, Donch'a worry!"
"And why, per se, wouldn't they be talking to me?" he responded through clenched teeth, expecting something along the lines of 'because they wouldn't be able to see you, you're so small!'

"We-hell..." hummed Alfons, "They might, but, er- you're accent is sort of hard to understand, sometimes."

Ed blinked. "Uh." That was a new one.
Come to think of it, he hadn't had a good 'short' outburst in a while. Mabye the rage was penting up inside of him, or something. Definitely not healthy.

The song switched to a slower pace. Ed sighed. Alfons sighed. He pulled his roomate up from the chair as his gaze started to wander towards the floor once more.

"Peh." Spat Ed, but knew there was no escape. After a few moments, he groaned, grabbing his roomate's hand hastily. "Fine."

"I knew you'd come to your senses."

"I'd rather practice with a chair."

"And I'd rather you knew how to dance."

Awkwardly, he started. His bad leg being the one currently attached, dancing resulted in more of circular limp. Al was not impressed.
"Have you ever even dance before...?"

Edward growled, looking up at the man with contempt. "Well, Uh, of course I have!" It wasn't exactly a lie, either. The first time he danced- and really danced, not like when he was a small child and Winry would drag him into make believe fairy tale balls, spinning around in the kitchen before giving up and volunteering his brother so he could go read instead- was, oddly enough, the same day he arrived here. Or from what he could tell, at least. The windows- the outside world. Beneath central, the time was a mystery. Had it been such a cold and clear night as it was this evening? No. It felt like a storm was brewing in that small ballroom. His aritifical limbs, the only momento of a land and a sibling left behind, creaked with nostalgia... and that dance was simple, of course. They sure as hell had nothing like 'The Waltz' in Amestris.

Who did he dance with? It was Rose, wasn't it? A puppet at the time, and nothing more. But the way she gripped onto him. It was real- real at the time. In turn, Edward gripped Al. He looked down, suprised, but saw the look in his roomates eyes.

He wasn't here.
That fantasy world of his.
Sometimes, he looked like he was dreaming, even as he danced there, or at least attempted to.

A dream. But did he think that world of his was the dream...?
Or was Earth? Perhaps it was his nightmare. That's what he treated it like. Unsure, and alone. This place... was his nightmare land.
Everything was so close, yet just beyond his grasp. This is what Al imagined. It was almost the truth, too- just not quite.

Both shook their heads, though they took no notice in eachother doing so. Don't overanalyze.

Edward loosened his grip. He was definitely, definitely not making any progress, but Heiderich didn't complain. It was nice to see Edward helpless once in a while.

After all, there are some things you can't do on your own.
I like it so far. =3 I can't wait until the next chapter!
i like it i wanna read more!!!!!! this is good so far keep up the good work!!!
K. So. Haven't been here in monthes. Boredom struck, so I guess I'll update. I didn't do so before from lack of response, but if you likey, I'll update frequently. Still haven't checked for grammatical errors, yet. D'oh.

As I said, if you give this a read, please drop me a comment. Your support keeps it running.

Just to tell you, though some parts may learn towards it, I'm not implying Elricest. Any reference to him is purely brotherly love (Sorry, Ed/Al Fangirls).

CHAPTER 2 (They're short. thumbdown.gif)

Edward heaved a sigh. 'This...' he thought quietly to himself as they continued, 'Is going nowhere.'

Heiderich followed said sigh with one of his own.
"Edward, I'll put it bluntly." He groaned. "You're short on progress."
His roomate shot another glare his way. As stated, Ed haden't had a good height freakout in years, but tonight would possibly break the trend.

Orchestral music continued to flow from the stereogramne.

"I'm going to take that godforesaken machine..." He whispered under his breath.
"And break it over your head."
"Ha, Nothing!"

As they danced hand in hand, the older roomate's face grew bright red. Rage, possibly? The only emotion he could categorize at this moment. Nervous, hot, like his heart would jump out of his throat.

Whether it was rage or something quite different, Alfons had his own general idea.

"Aw." He said, smiling slightly, but couldn't mask the evil purposes beyond that sweet face of his.
Edward looked up at Alfons, who continued to smurk at him disturbingly. "Uh, w-what?"
"Are you embaressed?"

"The Hell I'm embaressed!" he shouted. "You're the one who dragged be into this! Don't be making smart ass comments!"
Heiderich's eyes shot open, and he jumped slightly.
"Well, geesh, Ed. It's nothing to get angry about."

The frustration faded from Edward's eyes, and his vision shot to the floor.
"Besides." He whimpered, quietly. "How am I supposed to lead when you're so tall?"

Alfons turned a slight pink as they conversed, still circling around. 'That's... Adorable! He thought, not in a lustful but a rather frightened manner. 'Just like a girl! Surely a sign of the apocolypse!' His eyes narrowed slightly. 'I bet he's doing it to get his way.

The two stopped abruptly. Edward stared at Heiderich, voice back to average arrogance. "Good. We're done?" he said, flatly. Alfons shook his head. "You watch to many soap operas, Edward."

His roomate continued to stare blankly up at him, as he wasn't quite sure what a soap opera was.

"Ha, ha. You've got a real cute personality, Edward. We can switch positions if you want."

And so, the blank stares continued. 'Better then nothing...'

A new song begin. "Ah." Alfons mumbled, then took Edward's hand in his. The older man's face turned Cherry with suprise. This time around, they were much closer together, like something much more real.

Like lovers on the ballroom floor.

Ed thrust his head to the side. 'More unwanted imaginary!'

But where did someone like Heiderich learn to be so forceful?
Was it because... this was something he was passionate about? Usual, the younger of the two was kind, and gentle, speaking in a polite, whispery tone. This time around, he was much more outgoing. This Galla... This ball, whatever the hell it was. It was something he really wanted.

In that case, Edward wanted it too.

'Mabye this is a chance to see another side of Alfons.'


They continued their practice for quite a while. Edward remained that Cherry hue for reasons unknown, but was still comfortable against his friend. He couldn't explain it. Mabye there was an air of familiarity... the same thing he felt dancing on the night he dissapeared.

The two had changed dance styles from now and again, and considering the height difference, all had worked out quite well.

"Watch what I do, or we can switch back. You've gotta' know this!" Alfons remarked several times, but Edward had lost all interest in this. He was wrapped in nostalgia of the world past. Rose, Mustang, Hawkeye, Winry, Hughes... Alphonse. Heck, he even missed that Book Worm. He'd pay a visit to the Homunculus, if that would satisfy the craving for his own land.

This silence on the cold winter's day as they slowly danced.

It gave him time to think.

His roomate too.

He frowned. Alfons didn't want to ask. Ed look comfortable. Finally, as he held him in his arms, happy. But it wasn't him that was making him happy. This could never be. It'd never happened before. Illusions only keep you content for so long.

"Edward..." Heiderich whispered. "What... Do you think of me?"

Ed's head snapped up, breaking out of a nearly hypnotic space. "Wah!?"
"No, I mean.." He smiled. "Do you think of me like that Little Brother of yours?"
The ponytailed blonde had to think about this for a moment. "I don't think so."
"Then why... do you use me as his replacement?"

His eyes widened. "A-Alfons, I could n-never-"
"But, you do. I've heard you call me by a name. Weird. Foreign. Somehow, it still sounds like mine."
Heiderich's face, quite serious, transformed into one rather dissapointed. It made his roomate's heart ache.

"Sometimes, when you're asleep, you speak in some language I can't understand. You can hear it from the other room. I doubt you'd have ever approached me in the first place if I didn't look like your brother. All our ties... are from some invisible boy who I'm not sure exists."

"D-Doesn't exist?!" Edward cried. He continued to peer up at Heiderich, though, even as the music stopped, he wouldn't let go of him as they stood mid-center of they apartment's living room floor. "Of course he exists! Why do you think I'm studying rocketry in the first-"

Alfons took Ed's arms off him.

"I understand you have a total infatuation with your brother, but I'm an entirely different person!" He shouted, shaking his head from side to side. "I'm a different person. Who knows how long I'll live! I don't want to spend the rest of my life as some fantasy replacement in this dream of yours!"

Edward stepped back slightly. "A-Al..." He muttered nervously, reaching for the taller man. "You're getting too high-strung over this-"

"Tell me, Edward. What where you thinking about a minute ago? Were you thinking about them?"

He looked down guiltily.

"I thought so." He mumbled.

Curiously, Edward watched as his roomate bent over and turned off the stereogramme, record still spinning around aimlessly.

"I'm going to sleep." Alfons said, giving a slight wave and heading to his room.

Edward simpley stood in the same place he'd been held by the seemingly jealous boy moments before.

What could this be?

Something weighed down upon his soul.



Whatever it was, it kept him frozen there, walking helplessly as his recent dance partner walked away.

Drama Llama! ohmy.gif To be continued.
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