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Full Version: The Art Thread Of The Flying Star Alchemist
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Flying Star Alchemist
Well I said in my introduction I was an artist so here is my first picture of many to come.
For those of you who can't read my hand writing underneath this is what it says:
A suit of armor with a soul
Loving and caring for others
Protector of the week
Happy and cheerful with the people I love
Originaly from another body
Not wanting others to be hurt
Son of Hoenhiem of Light
Edward, my caring brother
That One Dude
Oh, lovely. :3 I like it, it's nicely drawn, and that acronym with his name is really cool.
Flying Star Alchemist
Thank's! I don't have that many FMA pic's so this is sort of like my first.

It'll take about a day bettween the pic post's because I can only get them scanned at my mom's work.

I belive when I do the other characters it will be harder because I am not really good with human anatomy.
That One Dude
For your first, it was very nice. wink.gif Keep it up!

And I'm sure I can gather the patience to see more of your cool pics. happy.gif

Don't worry, draw the other characters a little more and you'll be good at it in no time. happy.gif
That's really good for no reference! I have a hard time getting people to look right without a ref pic smile.gif good job!
Flying Star Alchemist
Well that wasn't really what I meant but I actually don't really have that many refrences. I only have one manga and ocasionally a few from my library. What I meant was I don't have that many drawings I have done. Eh he, sorry for that missunderstanding.
@Flying Star Alchemist - Nice drawing of Al!! You did great job with Al's armor!!
And, acronym with his name is a nice touch!! I like it very much!!
Hope to see more of your drawings soon!! biggrin.gif
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