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Full Version: Can't Change Avatar
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I can't seem to change my avatar no matter how many times I try. In the my controls thing, the avi that I have there is the one that I chose but whenever I post, it keeps showing the old avatar. 'elp me sad.gif
Mmm, what format are you saving your avvi in? I think the only formats that is this board takes is PNG, JPEG and GIF..

Also, it might not turn up for a while- it could take a few minutes to register on your computer if you upload to this website. (You can usually overcome this problem by uploading to a website like PhotoBucket or ImageShack.)

Hope that helps. smile.gif
Thanks happy.gif I'll try using Photobucket or whatever happy.gif
@Untitled - Right now the avatar (and also your personal pic on your profile page) is showing only top half of the face.

This is what it looks like now:
Click to view attachment

While ago it was showing the whole picture of this one.
(If this was the new avatar, then is WAS showing fine. ^^)
Then, did you try uploading it again?
Looks like the last time you uploaded the pic, the uploading did not complete?? unsure.gif
Maybe you can try uploading it again?
Dang, Popo explains this all the time but he's still in exile...

If ti happens again...

1) right click avatar.
2) go to properties.
3) copy the url.
4) paste it into your address bar.
5) press enter or whatever.
6) when you get to the image press refresh. It should change to your new avatar.
7) press back and continue to surf the forums~ :3
^Or you could just keep surfing the forums and wait for it to come up that way.
^My way's quicker. rolleyes.gif
yah, yesterday no matter what I did, mine wasn't changing. But now I changed it and it's fine.
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