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Kari was a little shaken sure,but she was not a pathetic girl,and she said to him sweat dropping though hugging him gratefully

"One,relax before I start freaking out.Two,no he did not hurt me and Three,Not particularly since Elill was in my head pretty much the whole time."
he nodded and let her go

Catalina looked at her feet obviously holding something back

Aidon opened his eyes and looked at Kari, he was back to his normal childish look, he smiled at her and said "Im sorry"

((is it really pathetic to be scared in a situation like that O.o?))
((For Kari it is,for normal people hell no XD))

"You owe me big time."

Kari mumbled sighing and said to Cat

"Spit it out."
she ignored her and looked away "nothing..I'm just thinking.." she said

Aidon stood up after getting his bandaged put on his shoulder "Kari...Im glad your okay?" he said coming to sit next to her even though he was resisting glomping everyone
"You really freaked me out earlier you know.And everybody was PMSing even more than usual since we all thought you were dead."

Kari said bluntly to him rolling her eyes as she ruffled his hair
he smiled and let his finger tips rest on her hand and kissed her sweetly

Elill finally walked in"why the hell does he get all the love! he shot me!" he yelled

Catalina giggled "because he's got that little kid 'aawww its okay' factor you dont.." she said

he went over to her "oh so thats what it is" he said grinning madly
"You ever get your body possessed by some psycho again and I'll kick your [All hail lord Xenu]."

Kari mumbled in his ear smiling though as she hugged him
he smiled and hugged her tightly his face bright red and trying to resist and nose bleed while Catalina gave Elill a kiss

Alexander moaned and yelled"WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE SO LOVEY DOVEY!!"

Catalina giggled then glomped him"aaw...feeling lonely?" she asked smiling

"no..its annoying.."
"That's my Aidon always getting nosebleeds!"

Kari said giggling hugging him back,cheerier now that she had him back.And she said finally getting her lovey dovey moment over

"Er,shouldn't we go back to Konoha?"
Alexander sighed"on coming thunder storm..we may not make it back safely for a few days.." he said "oh well..I suppose we could use a vacation..." he said "unless we want to walk.."

Aidon held a tissue to his nose "um...what am I gonna do?" he asked

Anake sighed"you will live with me in will still be able to see each other everyday but I dont think its appropriate to live with the person your dating.."

Cat seemed to cheer up "so Im still gonna have Aleck with me?"

((holy crap i gave em all names that star with A >>))
((You just noticed?XD It was such a pain in the butt when my 'A' key was sticking))

Kari simply nodded and mumbled something that sounded like

"Free loaders."
((tongue.gif clean the keyboard maybe? XD and I didnt mean too...I went by meanings to name my characters...akane means deep red(red eyes), Alexander means protector of men and Aidon means fire XD))

Alexander sighed "oh please do you think i would let anyone tear us apart"

She simply clung to him

Elill said to Kari"how do you think I feel...think about which two are living in my house..."

Catalina then said to Kari"we can find our own place if you want...though you always say how boring it is without us.."
"Just help pay the rent and taxes is all I ask."

Kari said sweat dropping and said to Elill

"If Aidon gets any porn crap then burn it for me."
((No,I just had to really thump on it before it worked XD))
((thats what happens with my backspace sometimes...))

Elill saluted"will do"

Catalina said to Kari"you are the one that invited us to stay did you not?...and I though you owned that house?"
"I half own it,I just haven't lived in it long enough for the bank to gimmie the deed so I still pay rent."

Kari said to her sheepishly and said to Elill "Thanks soldier."
"okay then/...well considering we saved you from being raped and having to pay about $10,000 in bills for having a baby and diapers and stuff..i think we are off the hook for now.." Catalina said

Aidon blushed shamefully

Kari said sweat dropping
"besides..we are family right?" Alexander said

Akane sighed"anyway..if we are stuck are we all going to spend the night in the same room"

Elill shrugged and opened the closet door"three cots..."

Alexander put his hand up"I get Catalina" he said giving Elill a dirty look

Aidon sighed"i suppose mum will make me stay with her becuase its 'improper'" like we havent done it before... he thought to Kari

"nope..Aidon and Elill..." she said and they both gave her wtf looks
"Catalina would try to claw me to death if I even thought about sharing a cot with Elill."

Kari said sweat dropping
Catalina nodded slowly and evilly"but him and Aidon is fine.I dont think either of then are bi..maybe.." she said

Elill raised an eyebrow"Alexander seems more gay than me.." he said 'he can sleep with a girl and not even flinch..."

"shes like my sister..hey wait didnt you have a twin? you should understand.." he said

"but we where blood.."

"blood smud..catalina come here" Alexander said then cut both their finger and pressed them together in the ritual as old as time"happy?" he asked
"There now they're brother and sister."

Kari said chuckling as she yawned feeling tired as she stretched
the boys layed the cots out and Elill and Aidon started fighting over where to put them

"I want to be near Kari!" Aidon yelled

"well I want to be next to Cat!" Elill retorted as they played tug a war with one
Kari had multiple sweat drops at the two of them and sighed knowing they wouldn't stop simply put the boy's cot in the middle,then Cat's and Aleck's on one side and her's and Akane's on the other side and asked

"There,happy now?"
"no! I dont want to be near the others!" they both yelled

Catalina and Akane where both cracking up and Alexander seemed annoyed
Kari smacked her forehead and yelled whacking them both upside the head

they both crossed their arms and pouted like children

Alexander sighed "if you think Im not sleeping between you and Cat anyway your wrong" he said to Elill

"we will see about that.." he muttered

they both where plotting on how to get rid of everyone

"men are so stupid.." Catalina said still laughing

"Boys,do you want very detailed yaoi pictures online for the world to see or do you want to stop acting like children?"

Kari asked calmly
they both shut up with a quick"no ma'am"

Catalina crawled into her cot with Aleck and Akane turned out the lights
Kari smirked and mumbled as she crawled onto her and Akane's cot

"Still got it."
Catalina snuck out of bed at around 2 in the morning for some strange purpose and crawled out the window obviously wanting to do something in town before the others caught her
Kari was beyond out cold asleep,she was snoring softly not getting up anytime soon so she didn't notice Cat leaving.
About 8 in the morning Aleck was the first to wake up then he groaned after looking around and yelled"EVERYONE GET UP!!" he said getting out of his cot

The boys jumped up in shock and Akane didnt budge
Kari quite literally jumped 6 feet into the air nearly hitting her head on the ceiling and asked with a groan face flat onto the ground

"What Aleck?"
Alexander grabbed a sleepy Elill by the collar"you little brat where is she?" he asked just asked she walked in the door dripping wet and her boots muddy, indicating she has been walking for hours

she was carrying a large box "good morning.." she said cheerfully
"Mornin,Clearly she went to get breakfast."

Kari said simply while stretching and popping her joints so they would connect properly
she smiled"not quite.." she said then set the box down and pulled something out "I saw them along the way here and wanted to go get them before they drowned

she held a small grey kitten that didnt even look like it had opened its eyes yet.

Alexander sweat dropped"catalina..put them back.." he said before she held it in front of his face and it opened its eyes mewing

Alexander seemed to melt and took it into his massive hands"aawwwww.." he said staring at it curling up
"So....SO CUTE!"

Kari said happy chibi as she looked at the kitten with her own kitty ears and tail wiggling,of course she would have no problems with it.
Alexander set the sleeping kitty down with the other half a dozen in the box "theres one for each of us." he said "I get the grey one"

Catalina giggled"so he finally lets me have a kitty.." she said before Alexander started furiously drying her hair

"yes I love them...but I love you more and would rather you not kill yourself.." he said being more condescending than caring

Elill laughed then pulled a black one out"its mine..I call it..fate" he said kissing its nose
Kari pulled out a snowy white one and said smiling as she noticed it had black eyes

"Pepper because of it's....her eyes."
Catalina laughed"and what are you going to call yours?" she asked Aleck

"..misty.." he said smiling then he pushed her into the bathroom to go take a hot shower
"I am going to train it to be a ninja kitty!"

Kari said confidently anime posing just for the heck of it
Aidon sighed then held Kari around the waist"good morning"

Alexander opened the linens closet to find a bunch of really weird bondage stuff that looked sized perfectly for Kari, he sweat dropped then dug through until he found something suitable, it took him 10 minutes to find a powder blue kimono with dragon flies on it

Kari said cheerfully as she hugged Aidon back,how the heck she was this cheery without coffee is currently unknown to me.
"hey how come the ones that wotn talk to me are the ones that Ive lived with all my life.." he asked Aleck

"if you truly knew and cared about us, you would know what you have done was unforgivable.."Aleck said


"you made the original descision to betray us.."
Kari sweat dropped and half ran to the kitchen,she did not want to get into the brotherly fight.Plus she needed coffee.
Aidon said to Aleck"well maybe if your wernt sich a idiot.."

"and hows that..dont forget I raised you" he said "then again I must have done something wrong"

"oh yes all you ever gave a damn about was that little slut."

Alexander and Elill both punched him
Kari was currently banging her head on the wall mumbling repeatedly

Akane took Cat her Kimono and went to help her put it on

Aidon lashed back at Aleck and punched him in the throat before Elill kicked him in the stomack"hey Kari..wernt you going to do something about him?"Elill asked

Aleck was gasping for air
"Yup,though you two handled it well so now it's scolding time."

Kari said dragging Aidon out of the room
Elill sighed helping Alexander

Aidon muttered"stupid could they replace me like that...Im supposed to be the one they care about...besides Im right about Cat right..look at what kind of guys she picks"
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