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Tian Ai
I'm curious, how many people here are either Chinese/Taiwanese and know the latest pop like the back of their hand.. or just like to keep up with Chinese music? Like..

Jay Chou (oh jeez, did I even need to mention him dry.gif) 周杰倫
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林
JJ Lin 林俊傑
Leehom 王立宏
Fei Lun Hai [Fahrenheit]
Cyndi Wang 王心凌
Vivian Hsu 徐若宣
NanQuan Mama 南拳媽媽
Angela 張紹函
Rainie Yang

And a LOT more that I can't think of right now .. blame my blank mind!

Anyway, I just thought I'd make this so us Asian listeners can discuss and recommend new artists and albums! If anyone thinks this thread is duplicated feel free to delete; I didn't find any others when I searched, though ph34r.gif



Also, this isn't just for Chinese music.. got Korean, Japanese, Cantonese suggestions? I'm sure they're welcome! biggrin.gif
No picture for Fahrenheit? XP

Do you know how much I love you (in a platonic way) for making this thread? =D

Hm, you forgot S.H.E, Lollipop (ew), 5566 (ew), and 183 Club (ew again).
May remember more later.

For Korean, I can remember DBSK, Rain and BoA.

About 1/3 of my music is Chinese. XD

Now, a thread for Asian dramas please.

-Rainie Yang
-TANK (wub.gif)
I'm not. But there are a lot of artists there.
Tian Ai
Baka-nekoh - Glad you like the thread! laugh.gif Yeah I couldn't think of a lot of artists while I made the list..

Haha, about.. I don't know, 99/100 of my music is Chinese biggrin.gif
Heh, I listen to Chinese radio most of the time! I think 1/2 of my music is Chinese... Most of the rest are instrumentals. Some of my all-time favourites are up on that list. Like: Jay Chou, JJ Lin (which incidentally comes from my home country!) and S.H.E.

I don't really like Farenheit though. No, sorry, just think they're a bunch of pretty boys with average voices. My friend's gaga over them though. Especially the one named Wu Zun... I think she nearly died when she managed to get his autograph that time they came to my country to promote his new serial Hana Kimi (also featuring Ella from S.H.E.). I think my ears nearly died hearing her story too... >.>
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