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Full Version: Which Harry Potter Movie Soundtrack Did You Like Best?
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So which Harry Potter soundtrack did you like best? I think one of the most important things about a movie is its soundtrack! The soundtrack adds flavour to the movie and helps flesh it out, intensifying the tense moments, and softening the emotional scenes.

Personally, I liked the soundtrack for Prisoner of Azkaban a lot. From eerie tracks like "Apparition on the Train" (the Dementor's theme) to dramatic tracks like "Buckbeak's Flight", to emotional ones like "A Window to the Past". It's certainly one of John William's best.

The soundtrack to the latest Order of the Phoenix was good too! It's a very different style from Williams' usual fanfare-ish tunes. And honestly, I think Patrick Doyle (Goblet of Fire) didn't do a very good job. His music was rather flat, and definitely not up to standard for such a quick-paced movie. Order of the Phoenix, on the other hand, did a great job. With is heavy use of tremolo strings and a wide range of percussion, it provided a good dramatic effect and added tension to a movie where there seldom was a boring moment. My only complaint was that the kissy scene didn't have the lush, emotional music that I imagined...

But that's me. What about you? Put in your two cents here!
Philosophers Stone set the benchmark for the 'Harry Potter Theme' so that wins for the simple fact it rules over all theother soundtracks to some degree. Phoenix was good too, but they had some very unique scenes to put a score to.

Didn't like the fact they added pop music into the Phoenix film, they listen to 'magical' bands that don't really exists, not the flaming Ordinary Boys
So the Ordinary Boys are too ordinary to be magical? Heh, excuse the bad pun. Well I think that by adding pop music, the director was trying to reference the "ipod phenomenon" among the teens in our world, and show that kids in the magical world aren't much different. But perhaps doing what they did for the Weird Sisters in Goblet of Fire might have been better. Three songs were written specifically for them to perform in the movie, as I remember.

True, Philosopher/Sorceror's Stone did well to introduce "Hedwig's Theme" (aka the "Harry Potter main theme"), and I must say that theme gives the movies a very magical feel. John Williams must have been proud that his tune continues to influence the soundtracks long after he's stopped work on them. But for me, John Williams just got better and better with his work on Harry Potter, such that by the time he decided he'd had enough of Harry, which was after Prisoner of Azkaban, he'd produced a whole set of beautiful themes. smile.gif
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