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Behold The Sharingan
An Akatsuki rpg. No Original characters!


Deidara: Lost Alchemist
Itachi: Behold The Sharingan
Kisame: Triss Hawkeye
Sasori: doki

I know that three of them are dead, but pretend that that never happened.
Lost Alchemist
may i be deidara?
Behold The Sharingan
Yes you may. Ok since there isn't a Tobi or Kisame, we'll be teammates for now. Is that ok with you?
Triss Hawkeye
Aw, Itachi and Deidara are taken >:

OK, I think I'll be Kisame then if that's OK...
Lost Alchemist
(so that means i'm alone till we get a tobi) Deidara holds out his little brid playing with it trying to see if he can blow up the Samehada for no point at all.
"When is sir leader comeing back, Un"

(and please for give my spelling i have a hard time with my spelling even thou i'm a 10th grader)
Behold The Sharingan
((We can be a three man team for now))

"I'm not sure. He should be back soon though"
Triss Hawkeye
"Deidara, if you don't want to lose your arms again, stop trying to blow up my sword."

Kisame slung it off his back and laid it in his lap. "I hope Tobi comes back soon. I'd like to see Deidara annoyed for a change."
Lost Alchemist
Deidara glares at Kisame. "I dont need TOBI I NEED SASORI!!! Un" Deidara pouts as he finshes he work of art. He thows it at the Samehada. "Art is a bang, un" The poor samehada blows up into little bits. "WHERE IS SASORI!!! HE IS LATE, un"
Triss Hawkeye
Kisame narrowed his eyes. "Right, that's it." He stood up, the pieces of a fake Samehada falling to the floor and disappearing in puffs of smoke. "Bet you didn't think of that. Now if you want a fight, I'm more than happy enough to oblige."
Lost Alchemist
Deidara stares up at Kisame. "na, un" He gets up to bug Zetsu's plant. He grins and puts his hands togeter. "Hey Kisame look what i'm doing"
Triss Hawkeye
Kisame sits down again next to Itachi, slightly disappointed from the lack of fight. "No Deidara. Annoy someone else. Sheesh, that kid has far too much energy." He glanced over at Itachi's face, expressionless as usual.
Lost Alchemist
"I CAN HEAR YOU FROM OVER HERE!!!un" Deidara walks over to Kisame still with his hands togeter. "Lookie. what do you think they are doing? un" Deidara sits on Itachi showing Kisame his hands.
Triss Hawkeye
Kisame knocks Deidara off his partner with a not-so-gentle swipe of his sword. "Deidara, that's disgusting. Stop it, or I really will shave your arms off."
Lost Alchemist
"awwww your no fun, un" Deidara rubs his butt then he starts crying. "Whaaaaa Kisame hit me....WHAAAAA" Deidara crys as he now pulls at Itachi's jacket.
((may i take either the leader, zetsu, or sasori?))
Triss Hawkeye
((That wouldn't be a problem I think - if you want to be Sasori then please do! Deidara is annoying Kisame...))

"I hate it when Deidara's bored..." Kisame muttered. He took out a pack of cards and threw them into the air. "Hey, Deidara, want to play 52 pick-up?"
((sasori is fine with me happy.gif))
sasori walks in slowly..
"are we the only ones here?!" he asked impatiently
"i hate waiting!!" he said his impatience becoming more apparent
he walked to where he was now close enough to the others to actually get what was going on..
he heard kisame make the Deidara bored comment.
"yes him being bored can get on a lot of people's nerves" sasori said sighing
"but i see we put up with it none the less, kisame" he said with a tinge in his voice

((tell me if i am mistaken, but don't the teams itachi, kisame and sasori, deidara have huge issues with each other? i mean it is really evident in shippuden when sasori and itachi talk.. even with the leader putting in his comments they still went at it, even though not with fists))
Lost Alchemist
"SASORI-DANNA!!!un." Deidara gets up and hugs Sasori. "Kisame is no fun, and he hit me.un" He lightly pats where Kisame hit him with his Samehada. (i know Deidara would never art like this but he has nothing better to do, i bet he got all of this from tobi)(i dont know to much but i think we could drop the issues since dei and saso all end up dead)
"Deidara, amuse yourself somehow" sasori said
"the leader should be here soon, and i don't feel like listening to a lecture on how to control my subordinates" sasori said
sasori looked at kisame
"play nice why don't you" he commented to him
and looked back to deidara
"can you let go?" he asked
"you are crushing what little true ribs i have" he said
Lost Alchemist
Deidara drops his head. "Awwww but Sasori your late too.un" HE walks over the the cards and starts to thow them at kisame and anyone but sasori.

something for all us
((WTF!!!!!! oh my god!!! lmao, dude that like.... messed up akatsuki for ever 0.o))

"i may be late, but my reason is good" sasori said
i hate keeping people waiting as well he thought
he was getting extremely inpatient now
"i think we should get the leader to establish a member to take his place when he is not here" he said his voice showing some of his irritation
"my point is we will get no where, siting and waiting" he said his anger rising
Lost Alchemist
"aww Sasori-danna why dont you be the leader for right now? Itachi fell sleep I think and Kisame is being mean." Deidara pokes Itachi.

(i know but it is still to good, i'll put up more just cuz)
this what they do when they have nothing to do
((i think i broke 0.o, i will never see naruto the same way again... that bad part is that was actually funny))

sasori thinks to himself for a sec.
me leader? i like it! he thought to himself
"it cant be helped" he said, actually getting kind of exited at this new turn of events.
"i will be the leader in the absence of our true leader" he said
"now to the important stuff" he commented
"how is every body with there individual biju?" he asked
"i need to know before we go further" he said as he walked up to where every one that was there could see him and turned around.
Lost Alchemist
"biju?un," Deidara stares at Sasori. "wha?un" Deidara sits on his Danna "What is a biju danna?un"

now think of tobi
"biju are tailed demons Deidara, i can see you hav been studying" sasori said
"some examples would be the 'one tailed' shukaku, the 'nine tailed' kyuubi" he continued
"honestly deidara where is you mind today?" he asked
"i need to know how you all are doing before we continue" sasori finished

((WTF!!! honestly man, where do you get all this?, lol, is this not that dude that takes other songs and makes fun of em?))
Lost Alchemist
(yep thats him) akatsuki mib

"I'm just worryed about Toooobbbbiiiii Danna,un" Deidara draws out a heart in mid-air. "Oh i'm sorry i have not being wanting to read i would make art than read!!UN. And the kuubi has been pokeing his nose into places where it does not belong, un" Deidara just flatly states out.
sasori rasies his eyebrow
"note to self, get tobi for makeing Deidara wierd in the head" he mutters
"well Deidara, like itachi said... he (naruto) is a wierd one" he said
he half jokeing and half for real looks to see if tobi is in the room
sasori sighs
"Deidara what exactly did you do while i was away?" sasori asked with a funny look (or the best kinda look he could give)

((0.o wow... i am at a loss of words... but is they were MIB they would go after kisame cause he looks like a fricken alien.. and then Deidara cause his hands make him look like one too tongue.gif))
Lost Alchemist
O.O "Wow Danna just made a joke." Even Deidara's 'un' was in aw Deidara stares at his Danna standing still. "Danna wow."

(No dei and fish man would be good mib's now for the next two)
*hides*see tobi did this to me
"yes Deidara, if i want to i can be funny as well" he said
"now back to the subject at hand" he said
"has anybody made any progress at all?" he asked

((yea, i officially feel bad for Deidara -.- he had tobi flirting with him and all, wow... i don't even want to know what went on in the cutscenes 0.o))
Lost Alchemist
(*moves eyes back and forth* now you see why i'm messed up?)
"I have found a kit of the 5 tails.un" Deidara runs off to his room to get the kit. He comes back holding the poor thing. "Is she not cute? un?"

Kisame as cuban pete
akatsu baby walk
Behold The Sharingan
"If you people don't shut up, you'll be in a room ALONE together naked for the next 72 hours" Itachi said with a displeased expression on his face.
Lost Alchemist
Deidara blinks then get evil idea. "Itachi IS A GIRL!!!!! HE WHERE'S A DRESS WHEN IT'S JUST HIM AND KISAME!!! un." Deidara rolls on the floor with the 5-tail kit in his arms.

(hey watch at that i have posted)
sasori looks at the kit.. then at Deidara.. then at the kit again..
"riiiiiight, Deidara when....never mind i don't wanna know" he said
"really Deidara, can you not get serious?" he asked

((lmao, that was so funny... but one problem... i will never see naruto the same way again... >.< they fricken had itachi imitating a girl))
Behold The Sharingan
"I most definately do not. I've about had it with you, Deidara."

((You guys should watch these... funnier than hell... Fun With Akatsuki! Click here! Funny stuff!
Lost Alchemist
ranting"tobi found the kit un" Deidara goes back to his non-loveing form. "But can Itachi do what he was going to do any way? un" Inside Deidara's head is his side that ounly a fangirl would think of. Evil thoughts about Sasori and Tobi flow thou his mind. He grins at the best one.Evil thought last frame

(more pics for ya)
Behold The Sharingan
Itachi just rolled his eyes and thought about how immature Deidara is and how much fun it'd be to kill him.

((That video of Akatsuki's Day off is HALARIOUS! Watch this! CLICK HERE! I'd love to go to an Anime Expo... but there isn't any in Michigan... They are all out in California... sad.gif))
"are we awake now itachi?" sasori asked
"good, now tell me.. how are things going with your target?" he continued, trying to ignore the comments and things Deidara was making.. but it was proving to be very difficult..
Lost Alchemist
(i saw that before)

Deidara falls asleep becuse Itachi wont do what he said he wound do if Deidara wound not shut up, btu he fell sleep till something good happed.
sasori stops in mid-sentence of what he was asking itachi.
"Deidara, what are you doing?" he asked.
"get up.." he said to him giving a unsettled look.
i got to remember my note to self he thought
Behold The Sharingan
"To be honest, not very well."
Lost Alchemist
Deidara sits up rubsing his eyes. Sasori-danna is so cute when he is mad Deidara blushes at his own thoughts. HE pets the little kit hopeing that the others wont kill the poor little girl. i think i'm the oluny one who can care for her
"and why is that?" sasori asked
"what happened?" he continued
and stopped talking all together as the two started there own little spat
wow, how pointless can a argument be? he thought

(( i don't know if you know already, but i posted in there other thing))
Lost Alchemist
Deidara stare at his Danna leting his mind go free. how would i tell him? what he says he does not like the same way that i like him. What if.. The what ifs run thou his head. He knows he cant tell his Danna that he likes him. He blushes.
Triss Hawkeye
Ooh, Itachi had woken up. Things could get fun if he got mad.

"Seriously guys, we are acting like those ridiculous Akatsuki flashes that are going around at the moment. If I have to knock some sanity back into this place I'll do it very gladly." He gave Deidara a sidelong glance as he said so, swiping his sword from side to side in a bored sort of way. "Hey Deidara, why are you staring at Sasori like you haven't eaten in weeks?"

((I like breaking the fourth wall. tongue.gif Sorry guys if I'm not online at the same time as you, I'm from a different time zone so put up with it as best you can. Sorry... ^^))
Lost Alchemist
Deidara looks a Kisame not all of the way there. "Wha, un?"Deidara smiles at Sasori hopeing that he wont see it but you never know. i want to hug at least, un"Becuse i am hungry and i cant cook at all, but i can cook FISH!!! un." Deidara drools.
Triss Hawkeye
"That was not even remotely funny," Kisame said in disgust, slinging Samehada onto his shoulder. "Oh mister temporary-leader-sama, please give him somethign to do before I lose control of my arms and accidentally slice off his. Not that they can't be repaired or anything." His face split into a sadistic grin. "Say, that might even be fun, we'll just call in Kakuzu later..."
"yea.. you get a grip and you.. stop encouraging him" he said
"and put that blade down, there is no need for it" he continued
"now, is everything in order?" he asked
Triss Hawkeye
"'Tisn't a blade, baka..." Kisame muttered, abandoning his usual politeness. He sat back down with a scowl. "Yes everything's in order. Now what do we do? There's still a Kyuubi that needs catching, although I'm sure Itachi and I can handle it without any help from you two." He glanced over at his partner."Or do you just want to relax for the moment? I don't mind..."
"a sword is a blade regardless as to the effects it has on the enemy" sasori said
"i guess we will assign biju again.. and go after them" he said becoming impatient
Lost Alchemist
Deidara sit stareing at the oddness going around lost in what is going on. "Sasori we might want to stay here just in case sir leader comes back? un. And if we do go then wont it be better to go as a pack?un? Sasori-Danna?" Deidara blushes when he truns to talk to his Danna.Aww it looks like i wont get that hug from Sasori or get put in the room with him bare "And i'm sorry for what i said and did Kisame.un" He pets the little 5-tail demon.
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