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Full Version: Devil May Cry Anime
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Devil May Cry(デビル メイ クライ) is an anime series based on the video game series created and owned by Capcom. It debuted on the WOWOW TV network in Japan on June 14 of 2007, and will run 12 episodes

Plot Summary: Devil May Cry follows the adventures of the demon hunter Dante who himself is half demon and half human. Dante is hired through his own business named "Devil May Cry". The characters are based off of the popular capcom playstation 2 games.

Genres: adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, supernatural
Episodes: 12
Age Rating: Mature
(Source - ANN)


Anyone watch it yet? : )

I can't say much about this anime, since it just came out, I have yet to watch the second+third episode episode as well. I also don't know if 12 episodes would satisfy me. (:. In regards to the animation, it was done really well (as I expected anyways). The music is pretty slick too, and Dante's characteristics were perfect, much different from the video games. (I hated his attitude on the 3rd game). I'm definatly looking forward to the future episodes.
ZOMG, the first episode cracked me up. Strawberry sundaes.... XDDDDD
QUOTE(Blitz @ Jul 7 2007, 10:30 PM) *
ZOMG, the first episode cracked me up. Strawberry sundaes.... XDDDDD

laugh.gif I know! I've been excited about this anime all year. I couldn't stop myself from licking the screen whenever Dante appeared.
That One Dude
I've only seen like three episodes on veoh, but so far it's really good. Mmmm... When I saw the first one I was craving a strawberry sundae at the end.. X3
Gawd, Dante is so hot.. *drools*
Okay, I'm-a stop acting like a total n00b now... X3
It's cool, I'm gonna go and see if I can find episode four right now.
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