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OK! I decided that we had a lot about the series but not the Ishballan War, so I decided to test it out! See how it does! I will be playing the Silver Knight alchemist (Name: Michael, Age: 18, Part Liorian, part Ishballan). I'm new to roleplay so be easy.

There were explosions everywhere, gunfire suddenly it came to a halt. Michael stood up from his crouching position, looked around the corner, and quickly ran into the house. The house exploded! There was Michael completely unharmed, he had just made an alchemical reaction causing the house to explode. there were no bodies there. Michael ran back to the HQ.

The Mad Bomber
Name: Alen Corsair
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Nationality: Amestrisian
Job: Mechanized Division Officer

Rank: Second Lieutenant

Appearance: Medium long dirty red/orange hair, well built, green eyes. He wears the normal uniform all tough he rarely wears it over his dark shirt as he mostly spends a lot of time in the garage depot repairing the trucks and other vehicles. He also wears a white bandanna keeping his hair up so that they wouldn`t fall onto his face.

Likes: Fixing machines, hanging around the armored and truck columns and pulling pranks on higher ranking soldiers.

Dislikes: When people do something wrong and he has to correct them thus leading to a lecture by him and when he is wrong, thus he hates himself for it and reminds himself over and over about the right.

Personality: Alen is what you might describe as quite normal and cool, but when something happens he tends to raise his voice and start acting quickly (rarely panicking).

(btw just a word of advice, you are quite straight forward and I think you should add some explanation to your posts for example:

"There was Michael completely unharmed, he had just made an alchemical reaction causing the house to explode. there were no bodies there. Michael ran back to the HQ."

Now adding reasoning as to why Michael ran back to HQ would be nice and he could have for example gazed around only realize that all of the enemies were dead)


A number of men, wearing the regular army blue uniforms sat around in front of a truck just besides HQ. They were not yet to be sent to fight as they were the mechanized division and were not at all well suited for the close quarter fighting that currently took place. Some of them had taken supply boxes as seats as where others leaned or sat on the truck they had been using. One lieutenant, with his jacket placed right beside him, quietly drank his coffee on the hood of the truck. Alen Corsair sorted his scruffy looking orange hair and gazed towards the battlefield from where he spotted a state alchemist approaching HQ. He didn`t know why the man was coming back from the heat of battle unless he had done his job.

"Hey alchemist I think you should do your work to the end unless you keep a tight schedule!"

One of the men near Alen shouted at the approaching alchemist as the rest quietly stared at the man.

"They are unnatural"

One muttered, but Alen hmphed at his words making the rest look at him.

"Unnatural or not they sure come in handy in war and normal life, when they are around to help that is"

Alen proclaimed before letting the rest of them start up a bickering about the usefulness of alchemist, but really Alen himself didn`t care whether they had alchemists or not, they `just were handy`.
Well my character is a 17 old girl, Elizabeth she is an alchemist a very good one she especiallies in any tipe of alchemy, she cand do alchemy whitout a circle thanks to a ring, she also knows how to use many tipes of weapons, she knows all of it thanks to her brother, when they were little their dad abandon them and their mother died in a fire, her brother decided the only way to survive and get money was whit the militarys,she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she is shortempered, active, friendly, agresive, caring, friendly, fun, responsable and sweet.
Her brother is named Alexander and has 20 years he has brown hair, he is tall and have blue dark eyes, he is responsable, bossy, sometimes quiet, friendly, pacific, caring, he really cares about her sister as she does for him. If I forgot something I will put it later.

Elizabeth was sitting in her bed she was looking to the window, she was really woried, Alexander was in the war (He is 1 Lieutenant), she was so scared even when she didnt accept it, she hated wars they were stupid, she took a deap bread and got up she got her bag and walked to the door as she got her blonde hair in a low ponytail, she wouldnt fight in the war she wouldnt participate in that masacre but she decide to help as a doctor.
And there was a medical center next to HQ healing the wounded soldiers so she was going there to help, she walked til she saw HQ there were many soldiers and cars in there she saw soldiers sitting around and then she saw a guy *Looks like a state alc.* She though, some soldiers said something to him but he didnt answer and she heard a red/orange haired guy saying ""Unnatural or not they sure come in handy in war and normal life, when they are around to help that is" She looked him for a second before she walked to the medical center.

(thanks for the pointers)

"Hey Corsair, relax, I only come back after looking for rebels for an hour. At least that's what I thought my schedule was," said Michael.

He started to walk to the medical facility, he wanted to check up on some of the soldiers, maybe even see the apparently amazing healing by a certain "Crystal Alchemist". He did not believe these stories, they made no sense.
Winter Phantom
Name: Grace Gaule
Title: The Ultimate Alchemist
Appearance: Long Silver Hair and Blue Cystal Eyes(She tyes her hair up in a clean ponytail)
Job: State Alchemist
Rank: Major
Grace: Grace is a kind person,only outside war.When needed to,She acts very strict and tough.She gives wise,useful lessons and is a good friend of the Rockbells and a few soilders.She is mostly bossy and responsable and trys her best to not kill the Ishbalians who are innocent.People look up to her as a leader and mistake her name for " Master" instead of Ultimate.She has a few unknown powers that are not alchemy.
You'll learn more.
Grace was standing outside an office in HQ,trying to focus on almost anything that has happened this week.She was olmost caught by an officer,helping Ishbalian children and women.She knocked out the officer with her shadow alchemy and decided to visit him later,as an apology.
Elizabeth entered the medical center, a nurse said "Elizabeth thank god you are here we have many wounded people" Elizabeth changed to other clothes and asked about the first pacient "Is a man he was injured by many bullets but we cant take them out, so maybe you can" Ana (The nurse name) said, Elizabeth nodeed and entered the room and saw a men inconsiet by the lost of blood, she cheked the wounds and said "I can heal him" She said, she claped her hands and put them over the wounds whitout touching them a clear blue light filled the room, and the bullets levitaded off the men body, *Estupid war the only things that causes it is pain and dead* She said "He will be fine now" Elizabeth said to Ana.
This is Elizabeth but whit other clothes and whit clear blue eyes.
While Elizabeth did the alchemical reaction, Michael entered the room. He saw it and was absolutely amazed!

" Hey, are you the Crystal Alchemist, I've been hearing so much about!"

"Ummm.. well some people call me like that, my name is Elizabeth" She said smiling
"Excellent! Well, I now know that there is a Crystal Alchemist. I'd like you to help me... may we speak somewhere else."

Michael walked to the door. He was expecting Elizabeth to follow, he couldn't wait to find out more about this healing Alchemy and also to ask for her help.
Michael walked to the door, Elizabeth looked him and though *He looks like a good guy* She said as she followed.
They both walked through the corridor, and walked outback.

"Right Crystal Alchemist, I'd like to ask a few questions. Ok, first the introductions, I'm Michael, and who might you be."
Winter Phantom
((Can we also play canon characters?))
Grace decided to visit an old friend of hers somewhere in HQ.
(sure, Canon is allowed, within reason. No Ed or Alphonse).
(Can I join?)
his sound sweet. me 2?
"Nice to meet you, I am Elizabeth so in what can I help you?" Elizabeth ascked.

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" Right, Elizabeth. I have noticed your abilities in healing. You may be able to help me get some Ishballans out of the warzone. I cannot stand all of these deaths. I noticed your comment to the nurse. So will you join me? I will get certain people to help."
who are these certain people?
The Mad Bomber
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Alen simply hmhed at the alchemist words and wondered how the man knew his name not to mention had he even realized that it wasn`t Alen who had accused him of cowardice. Alen finished his mug of coffee and slid down from the hood of the truck whilst grabbing his coat along the way. He pulled his dirty jacket on, it a few oil stains on it and the left sleeve was torn slightly. Despite this rugged jacket Alen left it open, just to appear most unofficial soldier to have ever walked among the Amestrisian ranks.

Their rest would soon come to an end and he might as well go to HQ to get his orders already as he didn`t like to wait for things to happen. He began a sluggish walk towards HQ and stared at the alchemists near it, but then turned his eyes away from them as he didn`t really give a damn about them.
mindless drones i suppose

wow, this is cool
For one second she was shocked *I cant stand inocent people dieying militars or ishbalans I want to help, to a doctor there isnt a side in war they are all patients* She though, she looked at Michael and noded,
"Ha ha! Excellent. Glad you've decided to help. We leave tomorrow. I'm going to need to get some transport though!"

Michael then saw Alen walking by! *A Mechanised Division Officer, this is my lucky day!*

"Alen wait!"

as this happened, a mysterious robed figure had been watching from a distance. at this moment, he walked towards the group. he wore a long black robe, with a hood covering his face. he walked slowly, but walked close and said
"your conversation makes interesting listening"
Elizabeth looked how Michael called the red/orange hair, Alen was his name, she saw him earlier in HQ.
The Mad Bomber
Alen threw a rather confused and suspicious stare towards Michael. "who the hell is he and how does he know my name? I never told him that", Alen thought and stepped slightly to the side as he turned to face Michael.

"Yes, what do you want?"

Alen inquired with a rather blank face, but his eyes showed his suspicion and actual resentment towards the alchemists.
" WHo are you? And what do you want?" michael said, cluthing his automail.
Elizabeth saw a black figure walking towars them *Who is that guy* She thought.
the robed figures eyes flared at the sight of the automail
(Michael has automail?)
"I talk to you later, Alen! I need to ask you a favour!" he said, while he looked at the hooded figure
the figure took a breath, and said
"i am the nameless one. my alchemy skills are far beyond your petty minds imaginations"
(to explain, his arm got shot up badly by rebels, being an Alchemist, he was allowed the automail. Asides this there are no other secrets. Asides one...)

"What do you mean?" said Michael

*He might find out, my other secret intention* Michale thought his mind racing
"i know what you all think" said the nameless one. "i feel your confusion and fear bombarding my mind. constantly bombarbing.constantly."
Mai looked the hooded figure, and saw Michael he looked like a battlefield was on his head.
"I'm warning you, I'm not a violent person. You are testing my patient! Tell me who you are and what you want!"
*What the hell is going on* She thought
"you" he said to michael, "you have a secret, kept locked away in the hidden corners of your mind." he then turned to elizabeth.

"you wish to know who i am, do you not" he said
"YES!" shouted Michael

*No one should know that I want to find out more about the Grand Arcanum, the shame of my people*

"Tell me who you are!"
"you" the hooded said to michael, "you have a secret, kept locked away in the hidden corners of your mind." he then turned to elizabeth,"you wish to know who i am, do you not" he said *He only can read though that the person is thinking in that moment* She thoug, her secrets were safe.
he turned to michael "you know who i am, michael"
(Look I know who you are in real life)

"No I don't"
"your theory is correct, elizabeth." he said, turing to her again
The Mad Bomber
Alen was confused by the whole meeting and shook his head quietly.


He muttered before walking swiftly up to HQ as he didn`t want to get involved, he didn`t understand their talks nor did he care, he was a soldier, a minor officer and a mechanic, but not an alchemist so he sought to get out of the whole meeting. He entered the HQ, which was a rather large tent and greeted his commanding officer, Major Norm, who threw a rather despising face towards Corsair. Alen grinned back as he knew that this wasn`t going to be any good.

"Any orders sir?" Alen inquired with a doubtful attitude as there surely were orders and some comments about the men`s behaving.

"Yes Corsair, you and your men are to proceed trough the area that is being currently wiped trough. Along the way you will pick up every supply and soldier you can, other group leaders will do the same and a column will be formed. And in the name of all that is holy, please straighten your jacket and keep it buttoned like everyone else." Norm commanded as he handed a map of the objectives and an instruction of the orders.

"Yes sir and I will..."

Alen answered as he picked the papers that he placed in his jacket pocket and walked out, buttoning his jacket, but as soon as he was few feet away from the tent he ripped his jacket open and ripping the buttons off as well.
he took off his hood. his skin was unbeliveably pale, and is hair was deep grey, and slithered down his forehead. his eyes were bright blue. he grined

with that, he hissed, and ran away and was lost into the surroundings
Who was that guy and what did he want? Elizabeth asked to Michael
*i still don't know this person but this is getting bad!*

"OK, Elizabeth, since you know I have a secret I will tell you! Go to Alen Corsair, that man who walked by, we may need his help! Ask for transport!

Michael charged after the mysterious man. He was going to beat him up so badly that he would reveal who he was!

(OK, I will be away until 9:00 English time, and due to School will have to leave 1/2 hour later)

(IF not see you tonight!)

(I mean tommorrow)
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