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Full Version: Whats Your Favorite Anime Animal/pet?
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mine is probably...Ritsu from fruits basket when he's in animal form laugh.gif
i <3 Ritsu!!!
either Ristu of Shigure in animal form definatley rolleyes.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Uh...I like Kero-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura...but I also love Mokona from Tsubasa and Pakkun from Naruto....argh, hard choice. I think I'll go with Mokona though.
mokona from tsubasa, and black hayate from fma.
oh wait, and that one penguin (grr whatsitsname) from evangelion
*agrees with Triss Hawkeye* Kero-chan and Mokona are some of the cutest anime mascots! And they've got interesting personalities too! Like Kero's love for sweets and Mokona's bubbly nature (and tendency to annoy Kurogane with it!) Mokona was actually from the Clamp series Magic Knight Rayearth, but I think the Mokona/Kurogane relationship in Tsubasa brings his "cuteness" out more!
Black Hayate from FMA
Pakkun from Naruto
Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicles

Sadaharu and Saphira from... a fanfic that Im writting with a friend laugh.gif
Amethyst Sunset
From FMA, definitely Black Hayate. =D But I like all the dogs in FMA.

Hmmm...I like Kyo, Ayame and Shigure in animal form in Fruits Basket, and Mokona from Tsubasa (especially when annoying Kurogane XD).
Of course Mokona from Tsubasa and Kero-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura.

And Pikachu, of course. Noone can forget Pikachu.
Black Hayate from fma of course.
and Wiz from DNAngel (also called With)
Winter Phantom
Black Hayate
Wiz,or With
and Pikachu! ^-^ Kawaii!
Black Hyate (duh)
Timcampy (D. Gray Man) (I dunno if Tim really counts as a pet/animal (he's a golum[sp]) but I still love him!!!)
Fullmetal Poser
Kuroneko-sama from Trigun
I really like Kilala / Kirara from InuYasha.

She's adorable, with the two tails and the big round eyes and all.
And she can grow big and fly :3
Black Hayate (FMA)

And does Hige from Wolf's Rain count if he's in wolf form? laugh.gif
Th dogs of FMA
kero - card captor
the wolves(and blue)(cept darcia) from wolf rain
artemis and luna from Salior moon
The Fullmetal Wad
Does Ed count?

Hes short enough wink.gif

Seriously though,

The Grunty that Hotoru has from Dot.Hack//Legend Of The Twilight, its so ugly its adorable!
Hm...Black Hayate from FMA

Aaand, my most fave is Kilala (Kirara, same thing) from Inuyasha. She's just too adorable with that little sound she makes and stuff. Plus she transformes into this awesome saber tooth like tiger thing. It's awesome! tongue.gif
That One Dude
My favorites in no particular order:
Kirara (InuYasha)
Den (FMA)
That frog from Naruto... >:3

I dunno, maybe there are others...
Winter Phantom
Black Hayate
With or Wiz:My most favorite.
Wizu from DN Angel. "Kyuuuuu" That's just so adorable. ^3^
Black Hayate (FMA) - Tenko (Law of Ueki) - And do Pokemon count? xD
Ein from Cowboybebop!

I named a dog after Ein on my Nintendogs game biggrin.gif
Mokona from xxxholic(the black one not the white one)
timcampy from D gray man
black hayate from fma
Kirara from Inuyasha
Black Hayate and Den from FMA
Suu from One Piece (that fox in Skypiea) and Chopper
Kyuubi from Naruto
Little Washu
Maro from Kodocha!!! I want a chipmunk to live on my head XD!!! How can you all forget Maro ^^?

And an unnamed dog in Kakashi's team of dogs. The one that wears glasses like Shino XD.
Right now it's Gurren Lagann's Boota.
Black Hayate - FMA
Pakkun - Naruto
The cats from Fullmetal Alchemist


and Mokona!! (TRC)
The white pork bun from Tsubasa biggrin.gif (Mokona)
Mokona from Tsubasa, Black hayate from FMA, and Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura.
Akamaru and Pakkun from Naruto. Thats it i guess.
Pikachu and Black Hayate DUH
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