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Full Version: Night Shadows Sig Shop
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Night Shadow Alchemist
Here is some of my stuff

The Mad Bomber
I would like you to make a matching avatar and siggy


Size: 120 width x 120 height
Text: The Mad Bomber
Effects: Some kind of rusty/crimson color (or just make it look cool as your other work)


Size: 450 width x 150 height
Text: Zolf J. Kimblee
Effects: Some kind of rusty/crimson color (or just make it look cool as your other work)

& (if the two pics won`t fit into the one banner then just use the upper cause I want the banner and the avy to match)
Night Shadow Alchemist
il try something with those images but they are a bit odd, not great for graphics i if i cant make somehting good out of them then i will make you a kimbley sig with a different image ok?
The Mad Bomber
No problem, is the avatar picture any good? Well the main thing is as long as the texts are what I said and the banners are good biggrin.gif

btw I want the banner text to be changed to the following:

"Kimblee, The Mad Bomber who blew up enemies as well as allies"
Night Shadow Alchemist
finished smile.gif

also can a mod change the title to "Night Shadows Sig Shop" and move it to the ship shop area thanks happy.gif
The Mad Bomber
Thanks, but I did mention an avatar didn`t I? ah well... thanks, it`s great IŽll get the avy somewhere else
@Night Shadow Alchemist - Changed the thread title to "Night Shadows Sig Shop" as requested. (Although, you could change it yourself, too... just go to the first post of the thread, and click on EDIT under the first post. ^^)

And, this is the right place for the sig shop thread, and your sig shop is added to the Board Sig Shop Directory. biggrin.gif
Night Shadow Alchemist
heres the avy too happy.gif

The Mad Bomber
Thanks, they are both cool
That One Dude
wow, your signatures are awesome^_^
those sigs are amazing

i like a bunch
are you really good at doing animations? i've been waiting for a sig but it's been forever from someone else..
Night Shadow Alchemist
im not bad with animations im a bit rusty but i will give it a go

@TOXIN13, Cancel??????? what do you mean

<ETA: May 26, 2009. Closing the thread for being on "extended vacation." smile.gif
~ Tombow >
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