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Full Version: A Love Story To Remember.
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Note: When ever the text says (blank) insert your own name. Since you are the main character in this story.

You live in Central. A town that is closely located to the militaries main base. You live in a small apartment that overlooks the south side of the ocean. You have no idea of your age because you can not remember anything about yourself up to the point that you woke up. All you know is that you woke in a hay field already in your teen years. That was about 10 years ago which would make you about 20 something. However you have decided not to dwell in the past. But there are two things that bother you everyday. The first is the strange mark you have, a strange tattoo on your stomach. Also that when you touch things with your bare hands they begin to melt so your forced to wear special gloves made at a special alchemic work shop. You weigh about 120 lbs. And have dark black hair. You are also single *sigh* but it won’t stay that way for long.

You decide to go out for groceries since you are completely out of food. It is about 1:00 pm. You walk the busy stores and then head into one of them. You get some milk and other things like that and walk up to the cashier. He looks at you with sad eyes. Then begins to talk.

“Hello Miss (blank) I haven’t seen you around in a while.”
“ Well I haven’t exactly been out and about. I keep having these weird flashbacks”
“ Oh what have you been seeing exactly?”
“Im sorry but I don’t feel comfortable talking to you about that”

Then mans eyes grow sadder as if he was going to cry right on the spot.

“Oh well I guess I shouldn’t be rude its your business”
“ Thank you for understanding Mr. Ballinger, oh and by the way how is your current condition?”

You refer to his medical history. Mr. Ballinger was out of the shop for several months a while ago. His doctor told him that many of his internal organs had been removed. They have no idea how this could have happened.

“ The doctors are baffled. They still are unable to find out what could have caused this. They are still giving me a lot of medication but they still think that I will die this year. But im not worried I believe I have lived my life to the fullest.

“You certainly are brave. But when one door closes another door opens that was true with my amnesia anyway. I was found out in a barn unable to speak even though I was 13. The family that raised me when I was young treated me like I was their own flesh and blood. Something good always comes from something bad. Remember that Mr. Ballinger and you will be fine.”
“Thank you for your inspiring words Miss (blank) and be sure to come back and visit sometime soon please. I really enjoy your company.”
“ I will don’t worry. Well goodbye Mr. Ballinger”

You pay for the food and leave the shop somewhat depressed about the bad news but your spirits are quickly lifted as you stare at the suns huge reflection in the water and the beautiful city. You walk to the plaza to sit down for a little while and just watch the water. You sit there and then you become very tired and take a brief nap on the bench overlooking the sea. You awake hours later. It is dark but the town is still fully alive people are still walking around everywhere. Embarrassed you begin to walk home. You decide to cut threw the alleyways because you have heavy grocery bags.

Right when you are exiting the alleyway to your apartment a dark and heavy voice comes to you from behind.

“ Hold right up b*tch, Now I have a gun pointed right at the back of your head. Hand over all your money and I wont have to use it”
“How dare you call me a b*tch!”

You begin to remove your gloves to melt this idiots face off but then right as you begin to remove your gloves yet another figure approaches from behind you and the mugger hitting him square in the back of the head. Knocking him unconscious. You turn around to see who it is. It’s a boy he looks about 18. He has blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. But he is kind of short and your not sure but you think he has a metal arm. You begin to talk to him.

“ Thank you for saving me”
“ No problem I was just passing through here and im always willing to help.”
“ Might I know my saviors name?”
“My name is Edward Elric but you might know me better as the FullMetal Alchemist”

End of chapter one.

Note: When the story text says (blank) then insert your own name. Also this is chapter 2, if you haven't read chapter 1 then you will not understand this. Read Chapter 1.

You stare deeply into his eyes. Unable to look away. And then he says something.

“You know you really shouldn’t be out here roaming the alleyways this late at night”
“Oh im sorry I feel asleep on the bench and these groceries are heavy so I took this shortcut”
“ Well let me walk you home, just in case there’s more thugs out”
“I live right over their”

You point at your apartment less than a block away.

“Oh well then go ahead, I need to be on my way anyway”
“ Thank you again for saving me”

He begins to walk away but then turn real quickly back to you and says.

“ I never did get your name”
“ Its (blank)”
“ Well (blank) be sure to be carful I don’t want you getting mugged anymore”
“ I will”

And with that being said Edward was off. You don’t know why but you feel a bit sad but quickly get over it when you go to your apartment on the third floor and then go to bed.. But it is not a sound sleep. A dream comes to you. You are walking in the desert. You look down and it appears that you have been shot several times in the stomach area. You suddenly fall. A mans voice echos in screaming.

“(blank)!!!!!! no please don’t die!!!!!! (blank)!!!!!!!”

You are unable to see the mans face. The world around you grows dark. Then you close your eyes. In the middle of the night you wake up.

“What the hell is this!!!!!!”

You say out loud. You swear you could feel the bullet wounds in you even though it was just a dream. The pain in unbearable and while you just woke up you still fall unconscious and have the same dream over and over again felling the same thing over and over again. You awake it is already noon and your head feels like its going to explode you get up screaming and running to your kitchen to grab some pills to make your headache stop. But then suddenly it all stops. You feel fine. But decide you can never do that again.

Knowing that you are not normal you decide the doctors cannot help you. The only man that ever could help you was Mr. Driskel. The owner of the farm you were raised on and a master alchemist. The very man that made your special gloves. You decide that it is time to see him. But he lives in Finway. Miles away from Central. It will take at least a week to get their. So you decide to rent a small car. You never needed a car because you lived so close to everything. However renting a car would be very expensive and you could barley afford it. You pull out all the money you had saved up over the years in case of emergencies.

You walk outside and go to the lot. That’s where all the cheap cars are. But as you are about to enter the lot a familiar voice calls out from behind you. You turn around to see who it is. Its Edward. He runs up to talk to you.

“ You haven’t been mugged again? Have you?”
“ No not yet”
“That’s good, but what are you doing in this dark part of town, being here is almost equal to walking the dark alleyways at night.”
“ I know, but I need to rent a cheap car to go to Finway”
“Finway? Im going to Finway too, why are you going?”
“ An old friend lives their”
“ Well why don’t you save your money and travel with me and my brother”
“ I don’t wanna get in your way. Why are you going to Finway?”
“ Im going to meet a master alchemist who has some interesting theories on a subject I am most interested in. Me being a state alchemist. So please come with me”
“ If you don’t mind”
“I don’t it will be nice to have some one else with us”
“ What time do we leave?”
“ In about two hours. Go pack and meet us at the plaza. And please don’t be late.”
“ I wont.”
“ Well then I guess I will be seeing you”

You turn around and run home in excitement. You begin to pack and wait for the time to pass then go to the plaza.

End of chapter two.

@Summer_Time_Killer - Interesting style, and the story!! It is kiind of mysterious!!
Awaits for the next chapter.. ^^
note: this is chapter three of "A Love Story To Remember" if you have not read on or two go back and read those otherwise you will have no idea what is going on. And if you have short term memory lose remember when the story text says (blank) insert your name. This is intended for females by the ways.

You arrive at the plaza and begin to look for Edward. In the crowd of people its hard for you to find him since he is short after all. But then you see him on the shoulders of a suit of armor. You run over to him quickly and begin to talk.

“ Did you carry that thing all the way over here?”
“ No this is my younger brother, Al”

The suit of armor begins to move freely. Someone has to be inside you don’t freak out. But then a question pops into your head.

“Are you sure your not the younger brother?”
“Im sorry miss he kinda gets mad when you imply something that makes him feel short.”
“What’s your name anyway?”
“ Oh that’s right you haven’t met me before, my name is (blank)”
“ Well lets leave now, I don’t wanna be late”

You move to the small car that’s behind the fountain in the plaza and get in. There is a man sitting in the drivers seat. You sit in the back next to Edward. Al is way to big to sit in the car so he has to stay in Central.

“Bye Al, see you soon”
“ Yeah have fun. Im going to go see Winry in the meantime.”

The man in the front starts the car. There is something wrong with the man sitting in front. Then you examine him and find out. He’s freaken huge!!!!! his muscles are huge that his shirt is stretched to the limits. He notices that you are staring at him and begins to talk.

“ Ahhhhhhhhh Where are my manners. I forgot to introduce myself in front of such a beautiful women. I am Alex Louise Armstrong the strong arm. And you are?”

You are almost breathless. His personality is completely unfit for his body but then you manage to squeeze out the words....

“Im (blank) nice to meet you”
“ The name really matches your beauty”
“Thank you (I think)”

The car travels for hours and hours until it is night fall. Alex then begins to talk.

“Ed, why don’t you and (blank) go to sleep and I will keep driving. You should rest while we still have time”
“What about you?”
“I can sleep while you are getting your information”
“Ok that sounds good to me”

You do not wish to sleep in fear that your dreams will hit you in the car. But you body has its own desires and your eyes start to get heavy. You are fighting to stay awake but then Ed’s hand rests on yours. You look at him and he is fast asleep. The warmth of his human hand goes right to yours and then all your fears melt away. You slowly drift away into a peaceful sleep. You have a dream but it is not like the old ones. In this one you are in bed with Edward. He looks up to you and says....

“We can be this way forever”

You dream like this for hours and hours until a noise wakes you up. You open your eyes to find you are at your foster parents home Ed is staring at you but you pretend not to notice fearing he would stop. You walk up the small porch stairs to the farms front door and knock on it.

End of chapter 3.


note: this is chapter four of "A Love Story To Remember" if you have not read on or two go back and read those otherwise you will have no idea what is going on. And if you have short term memory lose remember when the story text says (blank) insert your name. This is intended for females by the way.

An old balding man opens the door. Its Mr. Driskel. He begins to talk to you.

“So you finally came for a visit, and you brought a friend I presume?”
“ Yes this is Edward Elric”

The mans expressions gets bright red with joy.

“The FullMetal Alchemist! Oh please both of you come in.”

Both you and Ed enter the mans small home an old lady comes out of the kitchen area and practically squalls when she sees your face. She runs across the room to talk to you.

“(blank)!!! Oh its been years. How have you been? Oh you must tell me everything. Come in the kitchen I was just making lunch.”

You exit the room into the kitchen to talk to your foster mom who’s name is Dolly. You leave Ed in the living room talking to Mr. Driskel about alchemist things. You could care less but you do have some questions about your dreams. After all he was the only one to control them all those years ago. But that could wait. Its time to forget all your stressful memories and live in the present with your closest friends. You begin to chop carrots while talking to Dolly.

“So (blank) did you ever move to Central like you said you would”
“ As a matter of fact I did and I got that same apartment that we saw on that beautiful day nine years ago”

You know begin to recall the business trip you took to Central with your foster family. Mr. Driskel wanted to sell some of his meats at the market to make a little extra money and to get some new alchemic tools. It was more of a vacation. You and Dolly went to the plaza that day and you saw the beautiful apartments overlooking the sea. That’s when you said that you were gonna move to Central and live right their.

“You always did get things the exact way you wanted”
“(laughing) Yeah I got that from you”

The night went on like that. Everyone was happy and carefree. Edward even though he had just met Dolly and Mr. Driskel acted like he knew them for years. You cant help but smile. You didn’t know this until just now looking at everyone. But you love Edward. You have loved him ever since you first laid eyes on him. How cheesy, love at first site. The night passes by really fast. Mr. Driskel invites you and Ed to spend the night. You both agree but Ed leaves to tell Alex. When he goes outside Alex is fast asleep in the car so Ed decides not to wake him. Mr. Driskel takes both of you to your room.

“Im sorry we only have one guest room and one extra bed. That wont be a problem will it?”
“Not at all”

Both of you say at the same time. You begin to get delirious with pleasure. You know that your going to be sleeping with Ed. The thoughts race through your head as you start to lay down. Ed lays right next to you. You are afraid that he might reject you though. Even though you have seen the way he looks at you. His personality seems to go against his actions. Suddenly the thought burns right into your mind and you cannot take it anymore. You blurt out.......

“Edward do you like me”
“wha...what do you mean?”
“ I mean do you look at me as a friend? or could their be something more?”
“(blank) I.........have just met this short amount of time we have spent find are different from most people.”
“What does that mean?”
“ You are not like most people. Your brave and I can feel something inside you that draws me to you. However I go down a path you could never keep up with or want. I am after one of the biggest taboos in alchemy. You could get hurt and if that would happen I could never forgive myself. Im sorry.”
“I could keep up. And I can handle myself quiet well in a fight.”
“Ok let me show you what you would be up against by letting you witness the extent of the damage done by just attempting to figure out that taboo I spoke of before. Human transmutation.”

Ed begins to strip. He takes off his red coat first. Then his black undershirt. Then finally he removes his pants. This reveals a metal right arm as you suspected and a metal left leg. You stick your hand out curiously and begin to feel the metal arm.

“Years ago my mother died of a disease. Me and Al were so heartbroken we tried to bring her back. In short I lost both limbs in the process of trying to revive her and sealing my brothers soul which was almost taken but is now locked to a suit of armor. There was no one inside the armor you saw yesterday. And now we want our original bodies back. So we must yet again go after human transmutation in order to achieve that.”
“I see. Well I too have painful history”.

You tell him everything. About your amnesia and about all your dreams. He doesn’t even blink. And when your done he begins to talk.

“Maybe we could be together and help each other with the problems and solve them.”
“ I could help you get your limbs and your brothers body back.”
“And I could help you remember.”

You begin to cry out of happiness. This is perfect. He then kisses you lightly on the lips. It stays that way for what fells like an eternity. You then begin to pull of his last section of clothing. And then he begins to remove your clothing with the exception of your special gloves of course. You feel every part of his body and in return he feels every part to your body. You then stop feeling and have sex. It was your first time. A time to remember. And then once your done hours later you rest your head on his back and drift into dream land.
But then something unexpected happens. Even though you are with Ed you still have a bad dream. You are in the barn with the haystack you were found in. You can hear Mr. Driskil’s voice.

“What the hell is going on in here. What’s with all the blood. Oh god don’t tell me-“

The rest you cant make out. Then the voice from the other dreams comes in of that boy that yelled please don’t die came into the dream.

“Please forgive me. I was only doing what I could. I didn’t want this at all!!”

Mr. Driskel’s voice comes back into the dream.

“Leave, I don’t ever want you to come back again. If I see your face again, I will kill you.”

You awake screaming once again.

End of chapter 4.


note: this is chapter five of "A Love Story To Remember" if you have not read on or two go back and read those otherwise you will have no idea what is going on. And if you have short term memory lose remember when the story text says (blank) insert your name. This is intended for females by the way.

You begin to scream uncontrollable. Edward awakes startled and puts his human hand around your back. A hand of reassurance. Your head still hurts. A pain that could not even begin to heal with a simple brush of the bodies. Edward then clasps his hands together and puts one on the table. A glass of water appears. He then reaches over and hands it to you. You drink it but this is no normal water. You begin to feel better instantly. He then begins to talk.

“ Do you feel better?”
“ yeah.......... what was in that water?”
“Just some ordinary house hold pills. But when combined they can make pretty good painkillers. That essentially sums up alchemy. Did you have your dreams again?”
“ Yes, but this one is new.”
“ What happened?”
“ Im sorry I do not wish to discuss it right now. By the way what time is it?”
“ Its about 5:00 A.M.”
“Lets go back to sleep”

You do not really want to go back to sleep but you do not want to keep Ed up. So he eventually falls asleep again but you lay up against his back. Cherishing the moment and trying your hardest not to fall asleep. But then all of a sudden you begin to get very tired. And without second thought fall asleep. Your dreams come to you but they are peaceful this time. You see yourself as thirteen. You are running in a desert town. Running next to you is a boy, probably the same age. You stop at a hill overlooking the whole town.

The boy gets closer and closer to you. You both begin to snuggle with each other until something happens in town. There is a huge explosion. Suddenly tanks and infantry units from the military come in. It is total chaos the boy gets up and tugs you up to he then turns to you and says......

“ Our city is under attack. We must get out now and find our loved ones later.”

You cannot find words. You just nod and begin to run with the boy away. But once you run down the hill away from the city you find a small group of soldiers each armed with rifles. They begin to yell at you.

“We have isbalan spies!!! shoot them down!!!”

Suddenly the men point their rifles at you and open fire. You are shot several times in the stomach. Then the boy next to you jumps in front of some of the bullets. Then he draws a transmutation circle in the sad. He uses alchemy to make spikes come out of the ground and impale the soldiers in front of you. He then grabs your hand and pull you. You are still unable to talk. You then fall into the sand that is boiling because of the transmutations reaction. You burn your hands. You jump backwards landing in the softer sand unaffected by the transmutation. You fall down face first in the sand unable to get up. The boy then calls out......

“No please don’t die, (blank) please don’t die!!!!”

You then awake from your dream. You hold in your screaming and have another sip of the water Ed made you. You begin to feel better. You look down and Ed is gone. You decide to get up and get dressed. After your done you enter the small living room. Dolly, Mr. Driskel, and Edward are all sitting at the table eating breakfast. Then Dolly begins to talk.

“Well look who finally got up. Come on sit down and I will make you a plate.”
“ I don’t really feel like eating. Actually I need to talk to Mr. Driskel in private, please”
“ Ok but if you change your mind just let me know, ok”

You and Mr. Driskel go outside in the backyard to talk. It looks like he already knows what your are going to say.

“Mr. Driskel you have always been the only person who could help with my dreams. You made them go away for years when I lived here. What did you do?”
“ My dear sweet (blank) you know I would do anything for you. But I am unable to do what I had done all those years ago. Im afraid if I tried that transmutation on your head again it might have sever backlashes.”
“What exactly did you do last time?”
“ Ever since you were young you had those dreams. You would always cry out in the night for one of us to help you. I began to study a sort of healing alchemy. In short I was able to lock the memories up in the sub conscious area instead of the conscious area so it would be impossible for them to arise when your mind was active. However that was when you were just learning the basics of speech and walking. I don’t know why but you had a sever case of amnesia which greatly affected your mind and you had to learn to speak and talk all over again. Since your mind was so basic I was able to change it just a little. But now that you are older your mind is a lot more complicated. If I even touched the wrong thing I could give your brain damage or something along the lines of that.”
“ I cant go on living like this.”
“ Im sorry. I will continue my research and maybe someday I will find a cure.”
“ Thank you.”
“Oh and by the way that young lad in the dining room wanted some of my research. Would you please give him this?”

He extends some papers in his hand to you.

“Sure, I knew you were the alchemist that Ed spoke of.”

You both go back inside. Ed is still eating. He sure does eat a lot. He then turns up to look at you. You hand him the papers and he gets excited. Then he starts to talk.

“Im sorry (blank) but we have to leave. I am part of the military and I have to keep a schedule.”
“ I understand”

You say your goodbyes to your foster family and so does Ed. You promise you will be back real soon. You go outside and to the car. You get in the backseat and greet Alex who has waited in the car for about a day now. But he doesn’t seem to be the same cheerful person. He says hi but not in the same way. He must be pissed off that you left him in a car for a day. He starts the car and begins to drive. Its gonna be a long trip back.

End of chapter 5.

Not bad i enjoy it... (what if a guy is reading this tho dry.gif )
note: this is chapter six of "A Love Story To Remember" if you have not read on or two go back and read those otherwise you will have no idea what is going on. And if you have short term memory lose remember when the story text says (blank) insert your name. This is intended for females by the way.

Alex drove the car silently. It was dark now. You’ve been in the car now for at least three hours. Then he makes a right turn when you think he should have taken a left. Your thoughts are affirmed when Ed begins to talk to him.

“Hey Armstrong you took a wrong turn”
“ Don’t worry FullMetal this is a shortcut”
“ How come I didn’t hear about it at HQ”
“ You didn’t hear about it because this road just opened up.”
“ It looks pretty dusty and old to me”
“well this isn’t exactly the most glamours town in the world, FullMetal”
“ Ok Armstrong, what’s up? you never call me FullMetal”
“ I don’t? I could have sworn I did. Anyway just relax we will all be back in Central in a few hours”
“ If you say so.”

Ed put his hand on yours and gave you a stressful look. Then he rests his head on you shoulder and begins to whisper in your ear so Alex doesn’t hear.

“That’s not Armstrong.”
“ What are you talking about?”
“ Its hard to explain but I think that’s a thing called Envy in the front.”

A dark voice then takes over Alex’s body.

“Very good FullMetal.”
“ Envy you f*!@, what did you do with Armstrong?”
“ Oh sorry to say, he’s dead.”
“ No......”
“Yes that’s right FullMetal.”

You are speechless. You have no idea what’s going on in front of your very own eyes. Suddenly Ed punches Envy in the back of the head. He turns around and punches Ed right back. But her hand was a lot harder. No it couldn’t be her hand. It was she knocked him out in a single punch. She then hit you in the face before you even have a chance to react.


How much time has passed you wonder as you awake. You are strapped down to a table of some kind in only your bra and panties. Sick f*!@ she will pay when you get free. She even took off your gloves. However you are unable to melt away the shackles that chain you down because they are shackled down at your wrist. Almost like she knew you had the powers. No that’s impossible. But then again taking form of another human being is impossible too.

What happened to Ed. The thought hits you right in the middle of your other thoughts. But then you stop thinking when you tilt your head to the right and see him. He is also shackled but on a wall. His metal arm and long have been removed but he is still unconscious. This is bad you think. Suddenly evil laughing pours in the room. You turn your head to the right and Envy is standing almost right next to you. You freak out a little but quickly get over it. Then you start to talk to her.

“ What the f*!@ do want with us? I don’t even know you”
“ You know you and me are not that different.”

She completely ignores your first questions

“ Don’t give me that speech, b*tch!”
“ Oh now hold on. Im not the one sleeping with FullMetal, now am I?”
“ the hell did you know about that?”
“ Huh the curtains in the window don’t really cover very well”
“ Sick f*!@!!!!!!!!!”

Your stomach begins to hurt. How could she watch the best moment of your life. How could she pervert it so easily.

“I will kill you Envy!”
“ b*tch has a temper”
“ But let me tell you again, we are not so different”
“ Please flatter me. Explain yourself.”
“ I will explain in due time. But first you need to eat this”

She extends her hand to you. She is holding pieces of what look like red shards.

“These will help you remember the past”
“ And if I refuse?”
“ I don’t think you understand me.”

She uses her right hand to hold your mouth open. Using her left hand she shoves the shards down your throat. Then it all comes back................

End of chapter 6


QUOTE(Freya-chan @ Jun 21 2007, 10:49 AM) [snapback]554422[/snapback]
Not bad i enjoy it... (what if a guy is reading this tho dry.gif )

Well either pretend your gay or had a sex change. Or you could always just make up a fake name for that space.
cool! I like how you have "us" as the main character. Never read a story where someone did that before. It was very interesting!
Note: This is chapter 7 of “A love story to remember” If you have not read the other chapters do not read this one. You know the drill on the character by now. Sorry it took so long but I needed to get all the characters into my head. This chapter is just the tip of the iceberg I promise the next chapter will have a major plot twist.

Suddenly all your memories fly back. You are overcome by it all at once your body gets weak as you dive into your forgotten memories. You are now in a desert and are fifteen. When you were fifteen when you could remember you lived with Mr. Driskel. However this is no longer the case. You live in Ishbal now. It’s a desert town you begin to walk until a voice calls out to you. It’s the boy. The boy from your dreams. You now remember his name is Jacob. He begins to talk to you.

“(blank) come on lets go up on the sand dune hill and have a little picnic.”
“ Sounds like a good idea”

Jacob takes your hand. You remember you have always known him even early in your childhood. He loves you so much you can see it in his eyes. You walk a while holding hands and exchanging shy glances. You then get to the hill. You can see the whole town up on the hill. It is really romantic. You look at him and then suddenly an explosion hits the town below you. Jacob then yells.

“What’s going on?!”
“ I don’t know!”

You then notice a military units storming the city. A man with white gloves on snaps his fingers and flames shoot out burning innocent civilians alive. Another turns himself into a human gun firing uncontrollable. And the last man grabs fleeing civilians and turns them into human bombs. Then a militia team of soldiers comes from behind you and Jacob.

“Freeze hands where I can see them!. Were taking both of you in.”

Then with out warning a flash of light comes from Jacob and he turns a necklace hanging from his neck into a loaded gun he then shoots one of the soldiers in the face. The transmutation however burns your hands causing agonizing pain. Then the soldiers open fire hitting you and Jacob. You fall down bleeding to death. However Jacob gets up once more and takes the enemy by surprise and then shoots and kills the rest of the soldiers.

You have been shot three times. One in the shoulder and twice in the chest. Jacob has been shot twice in the foot. He runs to you picks you up and notices the truck the soldiers were using. It is empty and is still running so he puts you in the passenger seat and he gets in the drivers seat. Everyone you and Jacob once knew in town was now either dead or dying. This is bad but you somehow get the energy to speak.

“Jacob, Where are we going to go?”
“ No where here in the east is safe. We have to go to the closest town. Finway. It will take a two days to reach I think. Please just hold on.”
“ I will”
End of chapter 7

Behold The Sharingan
I love it! *waits for more chapters*
I really like this! Its great, and I like being able to put myself in the story. Its a cool twist.
Note: This is chapter 8 of “A love Story to remember” if you have not read the other chapters go back and read them otherwise you will be lost. Also I am sorry that this chapter took so long but I have been on vacation so sorry. Anyway I hope this chapter makes up for that if you are a loyal reader. Also when the text in the story says (blank) insert your name or someone you know.

You slip into the live world and the dream world as Jacob drives. You have been on the road for at least a day now. Ishbal is long gone now. However you are still in the zone of the desert so the military probably has the zone blocked off. Oh well we cross that bridge when you get to it. You have bigger problems anyway like the blood gushing from your chest.

.........................................Time passes slowly..................................................

You arrive at the zone border into Finway and as expected it is completely surrounded by freaken soldiers. That’s just great. However at the checkpoint Jacob doesn’t slow down he slams right through the gate. Soon after five cars are in pursuit right behind you. You drive through the country streets at dangerously high speeds. Then the military cars roll down their windows and begin to open fire. Bullets break through the glass of the rear window hitting Jacob in his right shoulder causing him to crash into a nearby farm. The vehicle will no longer move. He grabs you and runs forward. The situation is hopeless.

Then Jacob turns around and whispers to you
“forgive me for what you are about to see.”
Then grabs the amulet hanging from his neck and uses his last bit of strength to destroy the soldiers attacking you. They are burnt to a crisp in some sort of fire wave. Jacob falls to the ground. And begins to whimper to you.
“ We have to go.....”
The rest was cutoff by a loud “bang” sound. You fall to the ground. Blood is gushing from your left leg. A sharp shooter had just shot you from up in the surrounding hills. Realizing what just happened Jacob quickly got back up and dragged you, while under fire into a barn nearby. While inside you find an entrance to the sewer. Its perfect to evade the soldiers and find a different barn to hide in.

Jacob carries you through the sewer for hours until he finally stops and climbs up the ladder landing you both in a small barn you open the door and exit. No soldiers in site. But you feel light headed until you can no longer keep your eyes open. The whole world grows cold. This is the end you pass over to the next world but not before hearing the last words of your lover.\

“No (blank please, please don’t die!!!!”

Its too late.

End of chapter 8
Oh my god....I haven't read such a thrilling story for awhile,awsome job!I can't wait for the next chapter!Keep it up,it's so cool >< I'm wondering if you could do the same kind of story with Alphonse or Roy,the person reading being the main character,it's s cool!
wow, it's getting along so well! good job!
Note: This is chapter 9 of “A Love Story to Remember” if you haven’t read the other chapters then read them otherwise you will have no idea what is going on. Thank you all loyal readers now that I think I have some.

You return to the real world after experiencing the major flashback. It felt like the memories took hours to go through your head but in actual time it was only seconds. What was that. Envy grinning at you notices that you are back and begins to talk.

“ Do you understand now?”
“ What was that?”
“ The truth.”
“ No that can’t be right.”
“The memories where blocked at your 2nd birth but they did happen. Now to explain it all to your small brain is a special guest. Sloth bring him out!!”

Suddenly another figure enters the room. It’s a women holding a plastic black bag. She drops it to the floor. And then pulled the bag away to reveal a man. It was Mr.Driskel. Then the women lifts him to a chair nearby. He is already tied up and unable to move. Envy then begins to talk again.

“He will tell you the rest of the story.”
Mr.Driskel then begins to frantically yell.
“ I will not say a thing!!”
“ Oh I think you will.”

Then Envy reaches into a pouch in her skirt to retrieve a knife. She then puts it to your neck.

“That isn’t strong enough to kill her and you know that.”
“ This is no ordinary knife. It has a small chip of the real philosopher's stone built right in it. If she is cut with this it will mean that her regeneration process will be interrupted and will not work in time. She would die. So go on and tell the what happened after you found them in the barn.”
“ Forgive me for not telling you this earlier (blank) but this is what happened later.........”

End of chapter 9
Note: This is chapter 10 of “A Love Story to Remember” if you have not read the other chapters go back and read them otherwise you will have no idea what is going on.

“It was a normal day but little did I know what I was about to see. I walked out to my barn to feed the cows and other animals when I saw a boy covered in blood. When I got out their a dead girl was laid in the center of a transmutation circle. And next to the body was another body. The same body but it was moving. I was an alchemist and I knew what I saw. That boy had made a hommunculus. That’s when I yelled at the boy to leave my property before someone saw. He yelled at me that he wouldn’t leave you. But then I went back in my house and pulled out a gun. He the reluctantly left. Afterwards I picked you up and raised you like my own.”

You thought about it for a moment. But how, how could your whole life be turned into this in just a day. You then understand why your hands have powers. It was when Jacob used his alchemy and your burnt your hands while you were dying. Suddenly your life made sense. This is a good thing, right?. But you had to ask Envy a question.

“Why?, why do all this just to tell me the truth?”
“ We want to recruit you. Your whole life is a lie. Everyone was lying to you. Even Ed knew what you were at the time. I was even watching you then. Ed was using you from the beginning he was assigned to kill you. He was ordered from his superior officer Roy Mustang. I mean did you really think that he would just happen to be passing in the same alleyway at the exact moment in time you were about to get mugged. That was another soldier that he used to get your trust. Also do you really think that it was mere fate that made you both need to go see the same person. God you have to be stupid.”

You begin to cry. This can’t be real. You look at Ed who also is crying looking at you.

“Ed is this...........true?”
“ Is it?”
“ It was........but that was before I met you. I thought you were with Envy and her group. That’s why I followed you, to see if I could get some information. But that was before I met you. (Blank) I really do love you.”
“................. This can’t be real.”

Envy starts to talk to you.

“ So..Will you join us?”
“ Im sorry I still don’t think you understand.”

Envy walks to Ed and puts the knife to his neck.

“ Go ahead, I care not.”
“ Oh god I don’t think that she’s gonna join us Sloth.”

Sloth starts to talk to Envy.

“Well then go ahead and put her out of her misery.

Envy then walks up to you and slits your throat. All while saying “You should have joined us.”


End of “A Love Story to Remember”

Note: Sequel is on the way to the forums I plan to call it................
“A Revenge Story to Remember”
*laughs maniacally* Muahaha!I mean..."A Revenge Story to Remember"?Awsome!!!I'll check from time to time to see it,and read it!You can count me as a loyal reader,when I love something,I stick to it! happy.gif
oh nuuu, ed was supposed to kill her, how sad! I cant get over it, wow what a twist.
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