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Full Version: Master List Of Ds Friend Codes?
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(Hopefully this won't be a complete and total failure, or it's been done and I missed it) I'll keep the first post updated, so now if anyone wants to play a game with a forumer here via DS, you can omg yay? >>; I'll even alphabetize it if enough people post =O!

There's multiple games with friend codes so please use this format:

[Name of Game]-
-Name: _____
-Code: _____

DS Friend Code List:

Summoner Colette:
Mario Kart DS-
-Code: 0773-7308-1685

Pokemon Pearl-
-Name: Court
-Code: 5455-6082-8058

Some helpful sites:

Nintendo Wi-Fi Website- You can follow a guide that'll tell you how to set up your Wi-Fi connection.
DSmeet- Meet people on a forum and exchange friend codes as well as helpful little utilities. (i.e. Convert a picture into a MKDS decal or AC:WW pattern.)

wow, what a good idea!!
Kitty Alchemist
Animal Crossing
name - Raven
code- D74TR-0037Y-RSXAS

Pokemon Pearl
Name - Raven
Code - 2105-6448-1430
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