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Full Version: Hughes' ..... Who Was Really There?
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Amaya Hawkeye
check out this picture. look at Ross. She doesn't have her mole/birthmark under her eye. Think Envy had the guts (resisted temptation to use a stronger word) to go to Hughes' funeral, or is it just a mistake on the artist's part?

Figured this topic should go here, as its both in the Japanese and English versions.

<Edited the thread title to prevent the accidental spoiling of the storyline. 05/28/07 ~Tombow>
Perhaps the side of her face where the mole was switched under the artist's mistake, or it was simply forgotten. Though, it would be quite a thing to know if it WAS Envy.
Triple Soul
Archer's there too, but I'm sure alot of people noticed that P:

Anyway, it could be a mistake on the artist's part...still, the concept of Envy having the balls to go to Hughes's funeral makes for quite an amusing bit, indeed.
I noticed that before also.

I vote in that its a mistake in artists part.
@Amaya Hawkeye - I edited the thread title to prevent the major story spoil for people who haven't seen episode 25..^^ some countries in the world are getting their first run of the FMA anime series now. biggrin.gif

Later on, I'll merge this to one of other "Hughes's funeral in chapter 25" talk threads. smile.gif

ETA: May 30
@Amaya Hawkeye - No problem!! happy.gif
O__________________________________O;;;;; Holy...

Can't say I noticed that before!

Well, as interesting as it may be that Envy showed up as Maria Ross, I'm 100% positive it's a mistake on the artist's behalf. Here's the reasoning:

1) The shot is such a short one that the absence of the mole would go un noticed by most viewers. If it were intenional, the shot would be longer so we would notice. And it would probably come up again later.

2) Many different animators work on many different shots. Sometimes they work on multiple ones throughout one episode. It may be possible that the specific animator who was working on the shots with Envy as Maria Ross in the episode, also worked on that funeral shot, and having been used to drawing her without the mole, forgot in that instance.

3) Okay, let's think about it in the concept of the story for a moment. It's possible Envy would show up to Hughes' funeral. It's not pausible however that he would be stupid enough to show up as Maria Ross. The real Ross would be at the funeral, so Envy would not risk showing up as her. He would've had to do something to the real Ross if he were dead set on taking her form for the funeral, and of course there's nothing showing he did. If he were to show up to the funeral, he would take a different form, one that wouldn't get him noticed.

4) Envy also wouldn't have made the same mistake twice. Hughes pointed out the absence of the mole and it nearly foiled the homunculi's plan to kill him. He would still remember Hughes pointing that detail out as not only was it recent, but it was the moment before he killed him and I'm sure Envy takes great delight in reminscing how he killed people (or at least the people that didn't make the kill a 'boring' experience). Also, if Envy makes mistakes in all his forms, then that makes his power not very useful; so when he does make a mistake, like the one with Maria Ross, I'm sure he definitely remembers it for a long time. So he wouldn't make that mistake with the mole again, at least not so soon.
Amaya Hawkeye
@ Tombow - Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, its such a normal thing to me now I completely forgot it was a spoiler. Thank you for changing it for me. It wont happen again.

@ Fushigi Rockna- I agree with you, I just found it strange, especially, if you think, in your reasoning in #4, having made it a big part of the previous scene, you'd think they'd remember that.
Wait, wasn't the mole under her left eye?
^That is her left eye shown. o.o

I would have to say it is a mistake by the artists. Think about it, if Envy were to show up at Hughes' funeral, don't you think that we, the audience, would be informed of that? There's no way for us to know just by showing us a moleless Maria for a brief second on screen.
^exactly, and it's out of character for him to attempt something so risky.

@ Amaya: Well like I said, I believe the particular animator (if it was even the same one) was so used to drawing her without the mole that he/she forgot in that shot. Once again, animators work on many different scenes, and not even nessecarily ones that are in order. He may've even been asked to do that shot before any other ones, or it might've been his only one. it's not that strange; animators aren't the script writers, and with many animators on staff, I'm sure they don't know the entire script of that episode until it all is put together. (we'd need a professional animator to confirm this tho. Hmmm...I should probably try to get in touch with the daughter of the woman my dad works with - she's an animator now, working for that studio that made Atomic Betty. I know she gets paid big money per drawing, not by episode, so she probably only does a handful per episode. I'd like to ask about this sorta thing...)
Fushigi Rockna, wow, you know an animator? I think that's a really cool job! If a 30 minute cartoon works at 25 frames per second, that's 25 x 60 x 30 = 45,000 pictures (frames) per cartoon! But if just one drawing can earn you big money, the entire cartoon must be real expensive... It's really hard to believe. And I thought animators earn per episode.

Back on topic, it was probably a mistake on the animator's part, or maybe he wasn't paying attention to detail. Ross' face isn't up close, and the scene was quite fast. Probably he didn't count on viewers noticing the details, or lack thereof.
@ Menelvir: Well, I don't know her personally, although I've been meaning to meet her. But my dad's been keeping me regularily updated on her progress for the past couple years (because I once wanted to be an animator); she's been trying to get into the animating business for so long, and only finally got a job this year. (good for her, I say!) I really would like to meet her personally - I find her story really inspiring. (The profession I'm pursuing -writing- isn't an easy one to get into either. Getting published is hard.)

But I believe the amount of money she makes per drawing that my dad told me was....hmmm...a double digit with the number 7 somewhere, I know that. I believe it's $70 per drawing. That's in Canadian dollars, I don't know what that'd be in American dollars. Definitely a good amount.
I recently re-watched the episode. The mole is there, it's just very faint. Just enlarge the picture, you'll see.
^ Funny, cause I rewatched this scene just this weekend out of curiosity and realized "Hey, it really isn't there. O.o"
It really must be a mistake from the animators, there´s no way that Envy would be so stupid to do the same error twice, specially with all the military present there.
lol, you guys can make this into a poll
It's more than likely it would be there, but it's probably the fact that it would be too small to notice from that distance, in other shots that you see of Lt. Ross you can see how the size of the mole changes even a few feet away it looks quite small, and as you said if it were of importance it would have been up close and a better shot to establish who it really was.

Check picture provided and think of it relatively to the distance of the funeral shot. It was Ross, i'm sure.
Hammer Of The Gods
That has to be Ross, because if it's Envy where is the real Ross?
i think it was the mistakes. even tho it was very different in the manga which i shall not say cause it'll be extremely long! :x

haha they must have just missed that detail
EniviD EiraM
That's the artist's mistake ..


but Envy isn't a good copycat at all smile.gif
Wow! I didn't even notice that before! It is probably just a mistake though. It could just be hard to see or maybe it was just forgotten. I seriously doubt Envy would actually do something like that. I could be wrong though. But if it IS him, then where is the real Maria Ross and why didn't anyone there notice (but then again, neither did I...)?? I guess nobody will ever really know for sure... crybaby.gif
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