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Full Version: 2007 Royai Day Fanfic/ Drabble/ Haiku/ Poem Flood!
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Hawkeye x Roy: The "Royai" Thread in FMA Character Discussion forum is having 2nd annual Royai Day Royai Fanfics/Drabbles Flood and First annual Royai Day Royai Haiku/Poems Flood!!

What is Royai Day?? Royai Day is an arbitrarily decided day to celebrate Roy x Riza, a.k.a. Royai/Royeye/Roiai, started by some Japanese fans few years ago.
It's on June 11, and there will be an weekend long activities between June 8 ~ June 11 on Hawkeye x Roy: The "Royai" Thread in FMA Character Discussion forum!!

Royai Day original fanart and poster by Chibi Viki

As part of the celebration, we are having
* First annual Royai Day Royai Day Banner/Poster Flood
* 2nd Annual Gun and Paperwork Royai Day Fanart Contest:
* 2nd Annual Royai Thread Royai Day Fanart Flood
* 2nd annual Royai Day Royai Fanfics/Drabbles Flood and
* First annual Royai Day Royai Haiku/Poems Flood!!

Details on First annual Royai Day Royai Day Banner/Poster Flood will be posted in Fanworks forum shortly.
Details on 2nd Annual Gun and Paperwork Royai Day Fanart Contest and
details on 2nd Annual Royai Thread Royai Day Fanart Flood will be posted on
2007 Royai Thread Royai Day Fanart Contest/Flood thread shortly!!


2nd Annual Royai Thread Royai Day Royai Fanfics/Drabbles Flood and
First Annual Royai Thread Royai Day Royai Haiku/Poem Flood!!!

This is the 2nd year Hawkeye x Roy: The "Royai" Thread in FMA Character Discussion forum is celebrating Royai Day by having Royai Day Weekend, this year it is June 8 ~ June 11.

This year, we would like to open up our 2nd Annual Royai Thread Royai Day Royai Fanfics/Drabbles Flood and First Annual Royai Thread Royai Day Royai Haiku/Poems Flood to the whole board!!
We know we have very talented writers on our board, and we'd welcome any Royai fanfics, or drabbles of any length, from 100 words drabbles to 1000 words short stories, to an epic, and/or Royai Haiku or poems!!

It can be any style, any length, and with any theme.

Or, if you like, write one with our general 2007 Royai Day Theme, which is...

"Get your own morally bankrupt Colonel!! He is mine!! (Riza)"

Art by Hiromu Arakawa, from FMA manga Artbook II, poster by Tombow

Please post your piece on this thread anytime!!

Also, if you like, please bring your piece on Hawkeye x Roy: The "Royai" Thread in FMA Character Discussion forum during 2007 Royai Day Weekend (June 8 ~ June 11)!! We would love to see your post there, and join our Royai Day celebration!!

All submissions will be included in this year's 2007 Royai Day Album!!

And, to give an idea, posted below is 2006 Royai Day Album from our Royai Day last year!! ^^
The 2006 Royai Thread Royai Day Album

Opening comment and 2006 Royai Day poster by Chibi Viki on page 487, post #7292 (second post)

dear ChalkArt_Royai* and Fine after the war* by MeLRizA (page 486, Post #7285)
*Links no longer working for the above two fanarts.
Forbidden Royai (Rated M) by Reika, (page 487, post #7297)
Royai Role Switch by MeLRizA, (page 487, post #7294)
You and Me Tonight and Roy by Galorfilinde (page 488, post #7310)
Roayai in black by Blue_Haven (page 488, #7317)
Happy Royai Day!! by Jelly_Belly (page 489, post #7327)
Embrace 1 (page 489, post #7331) and Embrace 2 (page 490, post #7345) by Nil-chan
Royai Day Banner and Happy Royai Day!! by Azura Elric (page 489, post #7334)
Royai Day Special Collection by Tsunade-chan (page 489 post #7335)
Royai fanart 1, Royai fanart 2, Royai anart 3 (page 490, post #7350) by 55th_animalalchemist (4 more fanarts by her will be added here later)
Roy and Hayate by SsleepyAlly (page 491, post #7355)

You are My Love by Tsunade-chan (page 471, post #7058)
In her mind by Tsunade-chan (page 479, post #7181)
Origin (conclusion) by Nil-chan (page 479, post post #7183)
Worse Than a Blind Date: a royAi fanfic by windxalchemist (post 481, post #7201)
Blackout by Hyugafalcon (page 481, post #7210)
The Blue That is Our Skins by eina (page 482, post #7224)
Thoughts on Rainy Days by Jo21 (page 485, post #7274)
Rain by Summoner Colette (page 486, post #7277)
My Royai Day Fic by No_One (page 486, post #7289)
Is This Love? by Keoni (post 487, post #7303)
Trees, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Never Know, and ‘Till Death Do Us Apart by windxalchemist (page 488, post #7316)
Military Personnel by Nil-chan (page 489, post #7331)

(All page references are for Hawkeye x Roy: The "Royai" Thread)

Hope to see your creations in this year's Royai Day Album!! happy.gif

And, please join us on Hawkeye x Roy: The "Royai" Thread in FMA Character Discussion forum during this year's Royai Day Weekend, June 8 ~ June 11, for a weekend-long fun and excitement!! Everyone on the board is invited to join the Royai Day celebration!!
Amethyst Sunset
I come here to SPAM! XDDDDD Kidding. Maybe just flood.

Sick as a Dog - Royai one shot fic

And because it's been nagging's my really long fic. XD

Becoming the Fuhrer - Royai and a thousand other pairings XD

And a random haiku I wrote off the top of my head...

Bullets and fire
A real cute combination
Don't you feel the love?
Reta McClain
I've got: Since Everything

Nothing too flashy. Just a quick fic I wrote in about half an hour biggrin.gif
Okay. Here goes, my terrible Royai drabble!! (is it a drabble?? biggrin.gif )
Actually this is the first thing I wrote that will let others read. I'm scared. ph34r.gif
And first ever to contribute for Royai Day XD


Morning Gaze

As the sun began to rise, she too had woken up. Still a bit sleepy, she stretched out her legs at the rim of the bed and tried to feel out her slippers. She was shocked when she felt a tingling sensation in her toes. As she looked over, she smiled as she saw Black Hayate joyfully greeting her ‘good morning’.

“Good morning, Black Hayate.”

“You’re only greeting Black Hayate?” said a man standing at the open doors.

Her eyes began to open wide as she began to feel conscious on how she looked with her messy hair and messy clothes.

“How about the person who woke up early to prepare your breakfast?” he said as he gradually made his way from the door unto the bed.

“Colonel!?” she cried out, her nervousness echoing in her voice. “What in the world are you doing here at this hour?”

“What are you asking me that for? Didn’t I just tell you that I made you breakfast?”

“So this is what you look like when you just woke up, eh?” he said softly as he laughed a bit reaching for her hair. “And oh yeah, I just thought you’d like to know, I forgot to do yesterday’s paperwork.”

A slight smile etched on her slight red face as she began to say “Now that’s my morally bankrupt Colonel.”

Told you it was horrible. biggrin.gif

EDIT: Yup, added a title tongue.gif
Why Morning Gaze? I have no idea too tongue.gif It just popped in my mind biggrin.gif
@Reta McClain - I really like it!! Yes, that is very Royai!! ^^
Thank you, thank you!! happy.gif

@Zachelle - I like it!!
It's not terrible... it very sweet!! And very Royai!! ^^
I like how it closes... nicely fitting for this year's theme!! Thank you!! happy.gif
Would you like to make a title? Or, tell us how you want us to call your piece! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Nice!! I like the short fic, and the long fic is very nice!
I really enjoy reading both!! You're such a good writer!!
I love the Haiku also!! Please make some more!! happy.gif
Aww.. Thank you so much Tombow, really!!
And uh, title? I really haven't though about it. biggrin.gif
I'll come up with something later, hopefully.
Long winded, probably boring, but heck, its a Royai (and EdxWin and with it!) and I wrote it.

Illegitimate Child
@Chiyo - Oh my!! You're contributing your "Illegitimate Child" to this year's Royai Day Album!!
We are honored!! ^^ Thank you!! happy.gif

@Zachelle - Tehehe, put some snappy title, and let us know!! ^^
Amethyst Sunset
Wow, great fics, everyone! I am not worthy. XD

I Talk to the Rain - Another single shot from me. XD

And another haiku off the top of my head...

Mustang and Hawkeye
Sticking together always
Even through the rain

I'm into the rain theme now, am I? XDDDDD
Hmm... I debated with myself about putting this up now, because while it is not exactly complete (I think I need to smoothen it out), it's probably as complete as it will ever be (because I'm too lazy about editing my poems and too obsessive about editing my prose). The choppyness is because I wrote this at work, throughout the day, so there's some disruption in thought. Sorry about that.

Someone please tell me if it's really bad, I'll take it down and edit it if I can and trash it if I can't. =)

Fire and steel: a Royai sonnet

The day my duty I swore to fulfill,
I met a man with a strong will and proud dreams,
Uniform creases sharp enough to kill,
Major stripes and brass buttons with bright gleams.

His flashing smile is always in my sight:
All charm and cunning, empty of morals;
Future Fuhrer, and without any doubt,
I crowned him my king with love's laurels.

In a fingers' snap I knew my mission:
With the steel of gun and the steel of heart,
I'll firmly guard his fiery ambition;
We're a perfect duo, never to part.

Yea... The day my duty I swore to fulfill,
I met my man, and fire wed cold steel.

By the way, Amethyst Sunset, I love your fics! Nothing very cheesy (as I find in some pairing fics), but sweet, gentle love. Keep writing!
@Menelvir - That is sooo Royai!! Love it!! happy.gif
I can totally see that going in Riza's mind!!
And, love the title, fire and steel!! How fitting!!
Thank you!! I like it very much!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Nice!!
I really enjoy reading it!!
You're on a roll... it's great!! happy.gif

ETA: June 8
Yes, our 2007 Royai Day Weekend (June 8 - 11) is officially here!!

Along with this thread, hope you will all stop by on Royai thread and have fun with us (and, if you haven't done so yet, please bring your Royai Day creations and post them there also)!!! happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
As per Tombow's request...

Twilight in Trissamé - a VERY alternate universe fic, also for Stormie's Royai: Twilight contest

@Amethyst Sunset - Thank you!!!

I'll bring my Royai Day Japanese Haiku collection shortly... ^^
@ Tombow-dono So only those at the Royai thread have been graced w/ them first! Hazah! Can't wait to read them when you have them posted!

@ Amethyst_Sunset I'm about half a page into the first chapter and i'm LOVING it! Now I must go back and read more!
Also as per Tombow's request, and because I'm shameless, here's my fic: Love in a Life.

Part 1 (Prelude)
Part 2 (Interlude)
Part 3 (Finale)

I'd also like to share this one: Springtime Serenade

Part 1 (Adagio)
Part 2 (Vivace)

Hope you all enjoy!
@Menelvir - Thank you for writing those for Royai Day!! I enjoyed reading them very much!! ^^

@Amethyst Sunset - Chapter 7 and still going!! Nice jobs!! Looking forward to reading the rest!!

Here are my Royai Day Japanese Haiku:

1. Setting: FMA "Shambara" movie.
Riza is in Central, while demoted Roy is guarding the remote post.
Riza sees the migrating ducks in a formation in the sky, and ponder...

渡り鴨 (わたりがも= watari.gamo) 綴れし (つづれし=tsuzure.shi) 想い(おもい=omoi) 運ぺしや(はこぺしや=hakobeshiya)

"Oh migrating ducks who are heading back, just as you're lining up one after another in the sky, I have these thoughts one after another in my mind (about him.) Would you take the letters I wrote with all my thoughts to him with you??"

(And, in the tradition of "kakekotoba," hakobe means "carry," but also implying another Japanese word hakobe=burden, invoking the thought for "burden [of guilt??]" Roy is [assumed to be] imposing on himself. ^^)


2. Setting: FMA Anime episode 25.
After the Hughes' funeral, after all others have left, Roy and Riza are standing alone by the Hughes' tombstone. Riza is standing behind Roy. On Roy's back, Riza sees the loneliness & sadness of having lost his best friend. Without turning, Roy tells Riza, "It is going to rain..." (it's sad, yet one of my favorite Royai scenes... ^^)

友去りて (とも.さりて=tomo.sarite) 立つ背の碧は(たつ.せ.の.そら.は 雨模様(あま.もよう=ama.moyou)

"His friend is gone. He is standing by the tomb, wearing sadness on his back. The blue sky. Yet, he tells me it feels like it will be rain ahead."

(The Chinese letter applied to the word "sora"=sky is not the traditional one, but 碧, implying blue sky. And, as a "kakekotoba" .... 立つ (tatsu=stand) is invoking the word 発つ (tatsu=depart,) implying the departure of Houghes from this life. ^^)


3. Setting: FMA manga.
Riza is now taken as a hostage and taken away from Roy. His thoughts often wonders away to how she's doing. While being separated, Roy befriends an old flower shop lady. Since then, there is a bouquet of flower sent every week from her flower shop to Riza. By an arrangement, that is a message from Roy to Riza that he is alive and doing fine (and thinking of her... always.)

質なりて (かて.なりて=kate.narite) 馳せる (はせる=haseru) 山椒魚に (さんしょ.に= 花便り (はな.だより=hana.dayoru)

"Being taken away as a hostage, my thought wonders over to my lady with the Salamander.. I'm sending you my flower message."

質(kate) in this case means 人質(hitojichi=hostage.) 馳せる(haseru) in this case means [想い/思い] を 馳せる (omoi wo haseru=wonders thoughts.) 山椒魚(さんしょ=sansho) is a shortened form of さんしょううお(sanshou.uo=Salamander.) 花便り(hanatayouri/hanadayori) in this case means both message by flower, and Hanadayori as in "good news"
And, as for "lady with Salamander," it's a Spoiler for the last page of Chapter 57! ^^

Came out appropriately Royai, for the Royai Day!! YES!! biggrin.gif

Note: Oh, and for people with the school of thoughts that each Japanese Haiku is supposed to include kigo (topic word with natural seasonal event, or weather,) for the first Haikku it is migrating ducks, for the second Haiku it is Hanadayori, which, in original meaning, is a news of blossoming of cherry trees, and for the last Haiku it is the sky with the rain clouds. biggrin.gif
Aww, Tombow, you're just saying that to make me happy! *blushes*

Here's sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye's Confessions of a Brigadier General, as per request of Tombow, who didn't want to double post! This is posted with permission of sharpshooter herself.

(Sharpshooter, if you would like to have the honours of posting this up yourself, I can take this down~ happy.gif)
^^ Thanks, Menelvir!! And, nop, I really enjoy reading yours!! happy.gif

And, here is the preliminary compilation of this year's
Royai Day fanfic/poem/Haiku contributions for The 2007 Royai Day Album


Morning Gaze (post #4) - A Royai drabble by Zachelle
Sick as a Dog - A Royai one shot by Amethyst Sunset
I Talk to the Rain - A Royai single shot by Amethyst Sunset.
Since Everything - A Royai one shot by Reta McClain.
June Eleven, Nineteen-Oh-Eight - A Royai Day one shot by N.C. Stormeye.
Love in a Life: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 - A 3 part Royai Day fanfic by Menelvir
Springtime Serenade: Part 1 (Adagio), Part 2 (Vivace) - A Royai fanfic by Menelvir
Twilight in Trissamé - A 9 chapter Royai "alternate Universe" fic by Amethyst Sunset.
Becoming the Fuhrer - A 13 chapter fanfic with Royai/other pairings by Amethyst Sunset.
Confessions of a Brigadier General - A 15 chapter "post episode 51" Royai fic by sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye.
Illegitimate Child - A 19 chapter fanfic with Royai/other pairings by Chiyo

Fire and Steel (post #10) - A Royai sonnet by Menelvir.
Royai Haiku Collection by Amethyst Sunset:
Royai Japanese Haiku Collection (post #16) by Tombow


ETA: We have some more post Royai Day contribution. I'll add them as soon as they become available. ^^

I think I'm still missing some fics from the list..
(I know I need to add Stormie's awesome creation!! ^^ ) It's added. ^^
If yours is missing from the list, please kindly post and let me know!! ^^

And, to everyone who'd contributed his/her Royai creations to this year's 2007 Royai Day Album.. thank you so much for your wonderful contributions!! happy.gif

ETA: Thank you, Amethyst Sunset!! I added them!! happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
Because I'm such a good girl... XD

Here is Stormie's contribution. ^^ *dug it up from her review history on*

Hopefully I can squeeze in one more contribution. XDDDD

All the rain may fall
But it will never dissolve
Roy's love for Riza.
Thank for posting it for me Menelvir! I hope everyone enjoys the Confessions duo I have! I enjoyed writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them.

And let me just say, everyone's contributions to this album were absolutely wonderful!
Tombow: The haiku that you have written are gorgeous. Haiku is such an incredibly difficult form of writing, but you have captured so much emotion with your words. Many people think that haiku are simple to write, but only a well-written haiku can tell an entire story. Your haiku are just as beautiful in their original Japanese; I love how the words have a double meaning. Great job!

Amethyst: I love your last haiku about the rain being unable to dissolve the strong love between Roy and Riza. It creates a really nice image in the mind of the reader. A truly lovely haiku.

~This is such a great idea. I will have to go and read all of these great haiku, fanfictions, and sonnets. Keep up the great work everyone.
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