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Full Version: Compare Character-anime-plot-points!
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Someone recently put up a thread comparing anime-only characters and manga-only characters. This has finally convinced me to release this long-thought discussion. A lot has been posted here about comparing storylines/characterizations of the manga and the anime, with more favor to the former. Right here is a list of character plot-points that existed only in the anime. Please give me your opinion on how these points were better/as good/worse than the manga (if possible, add your own).

-Roy killing the Rockbells
-Schiezska as Nancy Drew/Winry's foil
-Izumi the biologically-damaged-hypocrite
-Edward the Homunculus Slayer
-Scapegoat-free Maria Ross
-Lust having humanity desires
-Scar/Lust connection
-Anime Sloth's true identity
-Shou Tucker as a Chimera

Well, being a fan of the anime series; I see nothing wrong with those points at all.
Each of them add something to the story, as well as new twists and turns that make it original in it's own way.

( I'll only be talking about points I know properly ^^; )

Edward Elric.
Yes so people could argue that in the manga, Edward would never kill anyone.. and he has said so himself that " I have enough courage to not take lives!"
But (a.) that's Manga Ed.. and circumstances are a *tad* different.
and (b.) I seem to recall Kimbley saying something about 'seeing how long he'll go by that'

In the anime, Ed didn't want to take lives ( think back to Labotory 5) .. much like his manga counterpart, however in the anime he had no other choice but to kill the Homunculi ( with the exceptions of Lust, Envy, Wrath and Gluttony) and if you think about it, he really did only kill two of them ( if Sloth did die that is..) and with Greed, he didn't particulary take it that well when he found out what he'd done.

Roy Mustang.
As for Roy killing the Rockbell's; it added slightly more depth to Roy's character as well as adding one more burden for him to carry and showed just how ruthless his superior's could be, considering that they were the ones that ordered him to do that, although others might say that the higher-up's might of seen the Rockbell's helping the 'other side' as well at their own, to be a form of treason.

But it also makes up for the 'dirtying hands' aspect that a certain Sewing-life alchemist brings up in the manga.
Yes Roy ended up dirtying his hands due to the orders of his superiors.. but should he ever become Fuhrer someday, he would ensure that such a thing would never have to happen again.

Shou Tucker.
And Shou Tucker as a chimera, now.. many people have mixed views on this; finding his chimera-ized form frightening, pointless, annoying or rather cool... I personally love it and am glad that they kept him in the anime.

In the manga, Shou was an intriguing character in his own right ( and once again, made many fans of Fullmetal Alchemist have mixed feelings for him, but eitherway.. he was one of those characters that you really just couldn't forget) ..but we only got to know so much of his character before Hiromu went and had it so that Scar blew his brains out.

In the anime, Shou's character was expanded upon even more.. and of course he was believed to of been put out in front of a firing squad.. yet that only turned out to be a ploy by the oh-so-wonderfully corrupt military.. and it was Basque Gran who got Shou to make chimera's for the military in Lab 5.. and somewhere along the line, he ended up becoming a chimera too, albeit one that went horribly wrong.
In all honesty, Shou Tucker's only crime was to make his wife, daughter and dog into chimera's.. for that, his equal punishment would be; to become a chimera himself.. so it's fair. in the memorial piccy in the manga, Hiromu made it so that Shou went into the burning fires of the underworld for eternal suffering..
Well that's nothing compared to the anime, where the poor guy goes through torment upon noticable torment ( like some kind of living heck so to speak) and is possibly doomed to the very end of his days.

There are also things that wouldn't of happened had Shou not been in the anime.. since he plays a fairly major part in it.
And while there are those out there that hate him.. there are also those out there who feel a great deal of sympathy or even pathos to him, in both forms.


There are some other characters I want to drag into the discussion for others to talk about too..

Basque Gran - The Power Hungry Puppet-master.

Barry the Chopper - In the flesh!


Hehe and Claudius, major kudo's for creating this topic! happy.gif
I thought Tucker as a bear chimera was totally pointless. Really, they should have just killed him off like in the manga.

I liked the idea of Scar killing Winry's parents more than Roy, but I loved Lust's humanity desires in the anime. The Scar/Lust connection was intriguing, as well. biggrin.gif And then there's anime!Sloth's attachment to the Elric brothers...

See, this is why I can't decide whether I like the anime or manga more.
I haven't seen the anime in over a year and I've reread the manga a grand total of once, but I'm gonna pretend like I know what I'm talking about anyway

-Roy killing the Rockbells
..I dunno...It just didn't seem necessary. Winry should have confronted Roy about it, but from my memory, she never did. It would have been an interesting scene. As I recall, Riza stopped her. Maybe if she hadn't I'd have liked the twist more :/
-Schiezska as Nancy Drew/Winry's foil
Now this was just fun XP I loved Sheska, seeing her and Winry work together added to her already too little role and I enjoyed that.
-Izumi the biologically-damaged-hypocrite
No opinion. Odd, since Izumi is one of my favorites. But I can't remember anything about anime Izumi other than the Wrath thing. And something about being Dante's student. I dunno.
-Edward the Homunculus Slayer
Argh. I hated anime Ed so much. And Ed killing the homunculi made Al seem worthless and Ed stronger than he is. It frustrated me to see these roles.
-Scapegoat-free Maria Ross
This one is obviously superior in the manga >_>' Maria faded away then made a quick reappearance near the end with no real development, whereas in the manga...
-Lust having humanity desires
This is one plot point I really enjoyed from the anime. And Lust, who had the appearance of the one you would never think to betray the bad side, being the ones with the desire made it even matter.
-Scar/Lust connection
Very well played out and a good idea to begin with. Enough said here
-Anime Sloth's true identity
Bah, I liked Anime Sloth, but the twist would have been so much greater if A) It wasn't damn obvious to the begin with, B) she didn't die two (or so >.>) episodes after it was revealed, and C) It was played out better.
-Shou Tucker as a Chimera
Wasn't needed, no real point. D:

I tried to keep these all simple, I don't like writing walls of text.
Anime!Sloth actually lasted longer than I thought she would. In the fight scene with Ed, there were so many times when she could have died (by that I mean the directors could have decided) but I liked how she kept coming back to show how powerful a homunculus is.
Roy killing the Rockbells
I think it's more interesting if Roy (good guy ally) did the deed than Scar (anti-hero killer). I feel it gave a more dramatic cause for Roy's wish to become the Fuhrer. While the manga Ishbal flashback gave dark and intense portrayals of Hughes, Riza, and Armstrong dealing with the bloodshed, for Roy it was just eh to me. Nothing I saw there (concerning just Roy, that is) had more impact than the anime scene of Roy looking crazy over the Rockbell's corpses, or the 25 prologue where he greets Hughes with a zombified face that was probably experiencing it's first smile in years (on a side note, I liked that prologue. Keeping in mind AnimeHughes never was in Ishbal, the scene suggests the two hadn't seen each other for a long time- estrangement?- which makes it a reunion emphasizing the strength of their friendship). In both versions, Roy was able (or tried) to rationalize killing the Ishbalans as fighting a war (until he found out the truth about Bradley). But killing the Rockbells was clearly crossing the line from killing to murder (note that he didn't use his Alchemy on them).

It creates tension between Winry and the Colonel. Roy's association with the Elrics is a reminder of his deed, while Winry has to deal with the fact that all her friends (the brothers, Hughes) have faith in her parents' murderer. I think the anime dealt with that situation rather well. Winry was confused about accepting/hating Roy. Her presence was enough for Roy to cancel his visit to the Hughes house, where he could've given Elysia some much needed comfort (something I remedied in a fanfic). Winry did confront Roy about it during her captivity, only for Riza to stop her (CoS actually was supposed to have a scene where Winry forgave Roy at the cemetery).

Schiezska as Nancy Drew

It gave Sciezska some more screen time (for all her praise and skill in characterization, Hiromu does have a nasty habit of forgetting characters). It also gave Winry a friend of her age and gender. They're the Lucy and Ethel of the series, whether it's bugging Sloth (unsuccessfully) or ambushing Roy and his gang (even more unsuccessfully).

Scapegoat-free Maria Ross
Instead of a pawn, Maria Ross is now a rescuer. She heads to Resembol to protect the Brothers. She saves the Tringhams from execution, and saves Izumi from Archinator.

Edward the Homunculus Slayer.
I guess the quality swings both ways here. Having Edward not kill is an interesting characterization, emphasizing the next generations purity from their blood-stained predecessors, and the idea that Mankind is progressing away from being the Homunculus' pawns. But Edward the Homo Slayer has also been a dramatic plot point as well, emphasizing his maturity, and the extent of trials he will endure to protect his brother (and his innocence, until Al kills Wrath and Gluttony). Besides, someone has to kill the Homunculus.

Anime Sloth's true identity
Adds another dramatic burden to the Brothers, as well as reminding them of their mistake. In fact, the 'Homunculus are human transmutations' plot was great and should've been kept in the manga. It showcases the theme of Frankenstein, the dangers of playing God irresponsibly. Just like Victor Frankenstein, the Brothers Elric, Hohenheim, Scar's brother, and Izumi all abandoned their creations. Their lack of responsibility led to violence and death. The Homunculus are their sins indeed.

Izumi the biologically-ill-hypocrite
Izumi's hypocrisy adds depth to her character. Her actions mirror the Elric's life too well.

Lust having humanity desires/Scar/Lust Connection.
Great plot device. Again, adds depth to a character.

Shou Tucker as Chimera
Maybe this was unnecessary. However, it does provide another sore spot for the Brothers, forever reminding them of the dark side of Alchemy. It also gives a layer to the character, showing that, madman that he is, Tucker regretted killing his daughter.

Barry the Chopper- In the flesh!

Made a good foreshadowing scene for Edward, forcing him to deal with the possibility that he might have to kill.

Here's another addition: Hohenheim as 'hands on' parent. As opposed to the manga's 'I'm afraid to touch my sons!' version, this difference makes the family scenes all the more bittersweet.

The 2 changes that I really liked were, Roy killing Winry's parents, and Sloth's identity.
I think both of which make the story a lot more personal and emotional.
If Scar were to kill Winry's parents then it's just another thing that he did wrong. All it is is a "bad guy" doing something else bad. If Roy were to be the murderer, then all of a sudden he takes on a much more complicated character, and there is a lot more tension.
As for sloth's identiy, when Sloth is supposed to be the boys mom, you care so much more when Sloth dies. it again becomes a lot more personal and much harder to do. If Sloth is just a big ugly thing, no one cares when it dies. But when Ed has to basically kill his own mother, then you just want to cry and give him a hug.
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