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Full Version: Tofu's Artsies <3
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Hi, everybody!~

I love FMA and my favorite pairings are Ericest and Royai. <3 An occassional EdxWinry doesn't hurt either. wink.gif So that's probably what you'll expect in my works.

Here was a quick sketch/paint I did recently of Ed and Al:

I'm looking for critique and suggestions (stuff I can actually change, not flames just to hurt my inflated ego ;D), since I want to make this into a bookmark.

Thank you~
@SMtofu - WELCOME to the board, and welcome to the fanart forum!! biggrin.gif
Wow, that Ed and Al is very powerful and passionate drawing!!
Hope we will see many more of your artworks here!! happy.gif

BTW, since you mention that you draw Royai fanart also, you might be interested in entering to our Royai Fanart contest!! Check it out!! ^^

Also, if you like, stop by and post your "hi!!" on Newcomers thread!!
Our "welcome hosts" would love to meet you there!! happy.gif
@Tombow: Thanks! =D Ooo the Royai contest sounds fun. I'm drawing my entry right now. ;D Am I allowed to post it here after submission or should I wait until after the contest finishes?
@SMtofu - All right!! Glad to hear that!! ^^

ETA: June 12
Congratulations for winning the contest!! happy.gif
wow your art is beautiful! *watches on dA*
Ara? Thanks Scarmysoul! What's your username on DA? @_@

A new piccu, but it isn't FMA. ;__; Sorry. It's Gundam Seed. x3
@SMtofu - They look fun and cute!!
I think you have very nice distinctive drawing style, and I like the way you colored them, too!!
Very nice!! happy.gif
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