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They are a pretty awesome Happy Hardcore, J-Rock, J-Pop band. Anyone else listen to them?
I never heard any of their stuff but I think a friend of mine likes them.
Yeah!!! I was just about to start this topic! You beat me to it!!! >.< lol. Yeah, I love An Cafe! They're amazing. But...BOU's gone!!!! D; I wonder how they'll sound with their new keyboardist, Yuuki?
Wah? Bou left? Why was I unaware of this? -sulks-

I need to start paying more attention to bands that I actually listen to. sad.gif
Yeah, I started slacking on following news on them a month or so after Magnya Carta was released...then I check back on the LJ community in early May and I'm like "Bou just left, ah!? o.O" Still kind of getting used to the idea that the band has five members instead of four, now. The new guitarist looks Ok, although that keyboardist Yuki guy kinda scares me. XD; I guess I'll wait for them to release something new before I make any more weird judgments, though.

I've been a fan for a little more than a year and a half, since I randomly heard 'Wagamama Koushinkyoku' from somewhere (haha, now that's a hyper song laugh.gif); seems like they've gained a lot of additional popularity over the internet since then. :3 I like the variety of sugary and yelly songs they have going on, it's hard to pick out a favorite (well, personally I think Snow Scene is really nice...♥). smile.gif
Hmm...I like Wagamama Koushinkyoku alot, but not my favorite. My favorite's a tie between スマイル一番 イイ♀ (Sumairu Ichiban Ii Onna) and ♯*@☆ピポパポテレパシー☆@*♯ (Pi Po Pa Po Telepathy). Those two are the best. happy.gif Yuuki and Takuya look odd. But then again, I don't go for boys, so that's just me.
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