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Full Version: Anyone Needs A Modeler?
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I am an experienced modeler, game programmer, and digital artist and was wondering if any 3D games were going on, because I'd be happy to model for them. I started my own MMO for FMA awhile back but work interfered too much and it was just too many things to do for one person, but I'm sure if I were to just do models I could be of considerable help to someone. Anyways, just post here with a model request or question if you have em'.

Note: I may pick up my MMO again when summer hits. I'll have less work to do then. If that happens I'll try to release bi-weekly betas here.
@bountyhunterx - I play a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, and in it my name is Scar (my favorite character from FMA rolleyes.gif ), and I was wondering if you could make a model of Scar to use in the game.
Well seeing Bount hasn't been here since May, 2007 I doubt you're going to get a reply.
Yes, we thought your work was great. I thought one of the other guys had emailed you back, but I guess he has been too busy. Sorry about that. You said you can make models to any poly count?
Aha... since the OP has been MIA since 2007, closing this thread to avoid any farther postings.. smile.gif
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