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Full Version: A Bedtime Story
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Ok. This is my first real fanfiction. The idea just kind of popped in my head one day and here it is. I tried to keep the naration in character. If you have any suggestions or comments let me know. I hope you enjoy!

A Bedtime Story

Edward followed his young daughter up the stairs and to her room to tuck her in for the night. After that one more minute and that one more drink she finally agrees to go to bed if she could get tucked in. He remembered when his mother would do the same for him and smiled. He enjoyed these moments with his daughter. She was his pride and her mother’s joy. As she was laying in her bed, her father leaned down and gave her a kiss on the forehead and was about to say his goodnights when he was interrupted.

“Daddy? Will you tell me a bedtime story?”
“A bedtime story? Er, sure. What kind of bedtime story?”
“One with a princess in it! And a kingdom and a happy ending!”
“Princess? I don’t really know many princess stories. I’m not very good at stories, you know. Your mother is much better at this. Wouldn’t you rather have her tell you one…”
“No. She always tells the stories. I want to hear one of yours. Momma always says that you’re good at telling tall tales and making up stories. Please?”
He couldn’t help but give in now. He almost smiled at what her mother had said and what kind of stories he had told in his adventures. Of course, none of them had involved princesses and kingdoms and not all of them had happy endings.

“Well, there once was this princess and she…”
“Daddy! You’re supposed to start with once up on a time, silly.”
“Yeah. Ok, you’re right.”
He couldn’t help but think what kind of disaster he was going to end up making of this, but tried to continue anyway.
“Once upon a time there was a princess who…”
“Was the princess pretty?”
“Well…of course she was.”
“Prettier than mom?”
“No one is prettier than you and your mom.”
She smiled and giggled.
“So, there was a beautiful princess who lived happily in her kingdom. She was loved by all and everyone loved her, and wait, umm…”
“Was there a prince? Does he get to save her?”
“Uh, yes. I mean no. I mean there was a boy who became famous in the kingdom for saving the kingdom. Because it was, uh, in great danger.”
“Well, I’m getting to that. But first the boy had to meet the princess. The boy came from a small town in the kingdom and lived with his family there. One day his parent fell very ill, and well, passed. The boy was so sad that he set off to try and get them back. He headed to the land of the forbidden.”

At this point Edward finally realized where his story was going. He looked at his daughter with her bright eyes looking up at him expectantly. She sat there patiently waiting for her story with innocent curiosity as to what her father was going to say next. He sighed and smiled at her. Maybe this wasn’t going to be a disaster after all. He could give her a happy ending after all.

“It was the land of the forbidden because it held the truth and great knowledge of the world as well as the balance of the world. But the boy was determined and ignored the warnings of the land. The boy made it to the land of the forbidden and learned so much about the world there. He learned with great grief that he couldn’t bring his family back, because the world has a flow that moves in only one direction that should not be disturbed, among many other truths. But such knowledge comes at a price. The boy was badly wounded and his journey almost cost him his life.”

“What about the princess?”
“I’m getting there,” Ed laughed. He couldn’t help but think of how much she was like him, even though he didn’t like to admit it. When she was curious, she was impatient to get an answer. “Now the boy was badly injured when he left the land of forbidden. He was lucky, though, because very few return from that place at all. When he arrived back at the kingdom he badly needed care. Luckily the young and beautiful princess was passing through and saw the boy. She rushed to his aid and gave him bandages for his wounds. She took him back to the castle with her so that she could care for the boy. She kept watch over him and made sure his wounds were healing. The princess knew that the boy would have scars, but she was thankful that he was alive. The boy was grateful to her so much that he felt he could never pay her back for her help. The boy and the princess became very good friends.
One day the kingdom was attacked by another kingdom. The kingdom became cursed by war and many in the village were losing hope. The boy had heard of a way to save the kingdom while he was in the land of the forbidden. He had heard that there was magical stone that would end the war, heal his scars, and many more magical things. He decided to leave to find the stone. The princess did not like to see him leave, but she knew she had to let him go and follow his own path. So she waited and waited and waited and prayed that one day he would return safely back to her. It wasn’t too long after the boy left the village that he ran into some troublesome thieves. The boy was attacked and he fought hard to fend them off. He was strong and very good at fighting. As he fought he taunted and cursed at the attackers with a fire in his eyes. He was outnumbered and was slowly loosing ground when out of the shadows came a great knight in beautiful armor. He came to the boys aid and together they quickly sent the bandits packing. The boy thanked the knight for his help. He told the knight in armor about his story.
‘Well then it looks like I’m coming with you.’ the knight said.
‘Really? Thank you for the offer but why?’ the boy replied.
‘Because I want to help. Besides without me you turn into a jerk.’
‘What? How do you figure that? You have only known me for a total of ten minutes.’
‘I watched you fight before I stepped in. You are good at fighting, but you are also good at cursing and sarcasm.’
‘What!? While I was fighting of those losers you were just standing there watching!? What kind of knight are you?’
‘I had to make sure you weren’t a thief, as well.’
‘Humph. So just why are you wearing all that armor anyway? There isn’t any great battles out here and it’s hot out today.’

The knight told the boy his story. It turned out that the knight wasn’t exactly a knight after all. He too had traveled to the land of forbidden and as his punishment, he was turned into a hollow suit of armor with nothing but his soul remaining inside it. The armored man had been traveling to find a way to lift his curse. His name was Alphon-so, yeah, Alfonso and he traveled alone so that no one else was in danger and so as to not reveal too much about his secret. The boy thought of how lonely a curse like that must be.”

“His name is kinda like Uncle Al’s”
“Uh, yeah, you’re right. Kinda like Uncle Al.
‘OK, then here’s the deal,’ the boy started, ‘if you help me save my home and find the stone, I will find a way to restore you to your body. It’s an equivalent trade.’
‘OK. Sounds like a good plan.’
So the two traveled together and went on their journey. As they traveled they became close. They shared a bond so strong that nothing in the world could break it. They were as close as brothers even. They searched for almost a year with no luck. The two of them were determined to succeed in their journey so they kept on looking. They were about to think that the stone was just a myth when they came upon an interesting creature. He looked human except for the evil in his eyes. He had taken control of a small village and was looking, still, for more. He wanted power, women, and money. The boy thought that the name of this creature suited him greatly. Greed. The boy and his armored soul companion fought to free the village of the monster. Al made sure the villagers were safe while the boy tended to taking care of Greed. After defeating Greed, the monster told the boy information that the boy had been desperately looking for. Greed told him that in order to find the stone, he had to beat all of the monsters like him. Then after that, he could find the stone and Greed vanished before the boy could ask more.

The boy remembered that he had heard about the monsters while he was in the land of the forbidden. There were seven of them throughout the land. They had already defeated Greed. The others that were left were Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, Sloth, Pride, and Envy. The two traveled around the land looking for the monsters that were wrecking havoc and defeating them one by one. Each one was harder than the last. After a couple more years they had defeated all of the monsters except one. Envy. This monster was the most evil of them all. It would take all of their effort to take him down. The two heroes searched all over the land for Envy and were becoming battered and worn.

The two were passing through a quiet village when the boy decided they needed to rest for a while, recover, and also repair Al’s damaged armor. The boy knew that the princess’ kingdom was only one village over. He missed his home and the princess and he also wanted to make sure that the princess was O.K. He set off with Al in tow back towards his home land.

When he arrived there he noticed that the land had changed due to the war and he knew he needed to finish his quest soon so no one else could get hurt. He headed to the castle to make sure the princess was O.K. When he arrived the princess was overjoyed to see him. She was not happy to see him hurt or his companion’s armor damaged. She even scolded the boy for his reckless behavior and told him that he must be more careful. She then set to work at tending to the boy and sent for a metal smith to tend to Al. While being tended to by the princess, the boy realized that she had grown up since he had seen her last. He realized that he too had grown up slightly. He wasn’t a man, but he wasn’t a boy anymore either. He also knew that he didn’t have the heart to tell the princess about their journey so far because it would make her worry. He hated to see the princess worry or cry. The princess also knew that he wouldn’t tell until he hopefully came back for good.
He hated to leave so soon after arriving but he knew that his journey had great importance and that he must keep moving forward. She hated to see them go again but knew that once again, he had to follow his own path. So, before they left, she gave the boy a gift. It was a great metal sword. It was the greatest sword in all the land, not only because the princess was the best princess in all the land, but because it was a gift for him out of caring and love from her. He thanked her greatly for the gift and they set out on their journey again. So she watched them leave and waited again, hoping that both him and his companion would return safely.

The two heroes had been tracking the monster Envy for quite some time. The boy knew he had to find Envy, defeat him, find the stone, break the curse on Al and save the kingdom. He had no idea just what was in store for him and what he would discover. They had finally tracked Envy to a far corner of the world, which to the now grown boy, seemed like he was in an entire different world completely. Envy had the stone with him and taunted him with it. The battle was harsh. It was the most difficult thing the two had ever faced in all their lives. Al had gained a large hole in his armor and wasn’t moving as fast anymore. The boy was trying to hold his own and just when he had gained ground on the monster, Envy revealed the true secret of the stone to him. The stone could do incredible things, but it had a price too. A great price. The stone needed sacrifices and because of the great need, the monsters had placed curses on people and started wars to give power to the stone. The monsters took pleasure out of causing pain and so they created the stone.

The boy was horrified at this thought that Envy was not only a monster but a demon, as well. At this remark, Envy let out an evil laugh. Being a monster, he changed his form and turned himself into a giant demon serpent. He almost looked like a dragon. The boy fought hard against the monster but he was losing ground and was already injured. Then he remembered the gift the princess gave to him. He pulled out his great blade and slayed the monster.
The boy and Al decided that the stone needed to be destroyed since it was the cause of so much pain. It needed to be destroyed so no one else would look for it again and no one else could get hurt by it. The boy felt crushed though because he had promised to return his companion back to normal with the stone and he was determined to keep his promise. Al was a selfless soul and said that he didn’t want a body back if it meant so much sacrifice. They could find a different way. So the boy set to destroying the stone. Upon restoring the stone he turned to see his armored friend glowing with a bright light. He then remembered that Envy had said that the stone also placed curses on people. The stone had placed a curse on his friend and now that it was destroyed he was turning back to normal. The boy loved to see Al back in his own body again and to see him smile.

Having completed their mission, the two heroes set off towards the kingdom once again. Upon their return, The princess rushed out to greet them and thank them for saving the kingdom. She was grateful that they had returned and were safe and sound. The boy was also grateful to home, for good this time. The boy and his brotherly companion lived in the castle with the princess. He realized just how much he and the princess had grown over the years he had spent on his journey. He left as a boy and returned now as a man. He knew he loved the princess and that she loved him. They lived in the castle and watched over the kingdom together. They soon got married and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.”

“Thank you for the, * yawns *, story daddy.”
“You’re welcome, but now it’s time for bed. Sleep tight.”
“Night,” she says softly as she closes her eyes.
Edward tucked her in and gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead. He turned toward the door and turned off the light. He turned to look at his daughter in her bed and smiled.
“She’s fast asleep already.”
Edward turned to see Winry standing behind him.
“Yeah, she is.”
“It looks like she loved your story, Ed.”
“You think so?”
“Of course. She stopped asking questions.” She giggled.
Ed laughed too. He quietly shut the door to their daughter’s room for the night and they quietly started off the stairs.
“Maybe someday, I’ll be able to tell her a few more of my stories.”

Not accusing you of anything, but I swear I've read this story before, or something very close to it. Its that line about no-one being prettier than mommy that sparked something.

Cute, all the same
Indignant Judgment
A very nice story indeed, I love it how he was just explaining his whole adventure basically into a child story happy.gif
happily ever after

Something I expected at the end of a story... HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Beautiful story, and yeah... EdxWinry
Thanks everyone for the comments so far. Sorry if I made anyone mad, Chiyo, but it is all original. I just thought it was a cute four year old and dad kind of thing to say. But I promise it is all my own work. I am glad you guys like it. I am not a big pairings fan but in order for the story to work it had to be EdxWin a little. Thanks guys.
Aww! That's really cute! biggrin.gif Are you thinging about writing a sequal?
Behold The Sharingan
Pretty good. ph34r.gif
Hanae Mai
Although I'm not a fan of EdWin, I like this story. Such a sweet, warm, lovely waff fanfic.
QUOTE(EdElricFan1002 @ Jul 6 2007, 06:03 PM) *
Aww! That's really cute! biggrin.gif Are you thinging about writing a sequal?

I wasn't planning on it but I could. If you have any suggestions or requests I would be happy to look at them.
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