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judas is a manga about this judas, taking over the body of a young...(find out the gender for yourself) and using it to kill 66 souls to release him from being a ghost thing.its an ok read but theres one thing about it...

to the people who read this do you think its downgrading woman or "messing/disturbing or...i dunno badmouthing" religion? because my freinds girlfreind says so and refuses to read anymore of it.

also, they should make an anime series from it.

(Source: MangaFox)

Years of Released: 2004
Status: Ongoing, Judas 13 is coming next...
Author: Minazuki Suu
Artist: Minazuki Suu
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Gender Bender, Horror, Romance, Supernatural

(From Tokyopop)
Salvation may be at hand, but now is the time for prayer... Judas, cursed for his sins, is the spirit of Death--he is without form, and has enslaved young Eve to carry out the most heinous of acts. Together in spirit and body, they must slay 666 people--so that Judas can regain his humanity!

I've read the first Volume of it and it was a good plot and art, but still didn't find it to be me....(by the way, it's 666 souls, aka Number of the Beast)

As to the religion thing, I do believe it does. I read this and I am very devote to my religion (LDS) and found it attacking religion quite a bit.

And to the downgrading women, yes, I think so. Exspecailly to Eve, [spoiler]who happens to be a boy[/spoiler]. it just seems to attack. But it still seems like a good read if you ask me.
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