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Full Version: Round 2:2
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Combat Video: KOS-MOS Vs. T-Elos
What the heck is going on?: T-Elos and KOS-MOS were supposed to have a date but KOS-MOS blew T-Elos off to hang out with some LARPers. Here be where they meet up ohmy.gif (None of this is true)
Other skills: Blue eyes mode. When ever Shion is in bug/big/anteater related trouble ol' KOS-MOS' eyes go from Red to Blue and her abilities go through the roof. She took out a fleet of space ships! ohmy.gif

Combat video: Errm...He's only appeared in Manga so far. As such We'll use something else. Ah ha!
What the heck is going on? I'm lazy.
Other skills: The Blood worms mean it'll take a lot to stop him. Short of being atomized (or possibly beheaded) it's near impossible to kill him. Seriously, he's a sneaky bugger.

KOS-MOS and Manji meet in the most romantic city in the world. No, not Baghdad. I'm talking about Paris.

Combat Video: Six minutes of my life wasted to bring you this "Awesome" battle. Seriously, DBZ is so monotonous.
Other skills: Caused an internet meme with "It's over 9000"

Chise (Ain't she the cutest)
Combat Video: There's some clips of her wiping out cities and other girly things.
Other skills: Perma-loli. She can also fly.

Vegeta and Chise are fighting on the latest tourist spot, the International Space station. Can't see any health and safety problems there...

I feel like I've missed something here. If I have then I don't care. tongue.gif
My vote goes with Manji and Chise

Vegeta sucks, he need to lose (only watched 3:43 of the video to know that this is boring)

Well, KOS-MOS vs Manji is a good battle, but..... Manji is excellent

i can't watch KOS-MOS Video because my computer is a s**t, but i need to watch it
Triple Soul
Anything I say or do will more than likely be rebutted by someone far more intelligent than me, so I'm just gonna vote for KOS-MOS and Chise and hide before I get hurt. ._.
If Manji can't re-grow limbs that have been cut off (or not re-grow them within a a couple of minutes) then KOS-MOS could just give him the Black Knight treatment and win by default...
I'm thinking KOS-MOS might have Manji on the ropes for this one, but I'll hold off on voting till someone more familiar with the two series steps in (Eulogy, get down here now).

Vegeta would take down Chise, annoying though he is.
Vegeta would kick chise's ass anytime, thats what matters, not who is the less monotonous

ps: Chise sucks, Vegeta FTW!!!! hes cool, even if dbz was monotonous
QUOTE(jefe @ Apr 15 2007, 02:21 AM) [snapback]530529[/snapback]
Vegeta would kick chise's ass anytime, thats what matters, not who is the less monotonous

ps: Chise sucks, Vegeta FTW!!!! hes cool, even if dbz was monotonous

HAHA you're so funny *laughs like a mad again*

Vegeta is like 34 years old or something like that (maybe in DBGT 54 years old) he need a retire.
Kos-Mos and Chise for me =).

I am still upsessed with Xenosaga so most definatley Kos-Mos for me XD
KOS-MOS and Chise.

Vote for KOS-MOS because immortality is where I draw the line at god modding, so Manji won't receive my vote. XP Plus it's KOS-MOS for crying out loud, nuff' said.

Vote for Chise because once again, like hell I'll vote for a DBZ f*!@. Plus, his muscles are going to explode sometime. >.>

AND I still want KOS-MOS vs Chise. >:D
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