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The Fire Emblem games have to be some of my favorites. As of right now, I've beaten Fire Emblem 6 (Japanese GBA), FE7 (Known just as "Fire Emblem" in the US release. GBA and a prequel to FE6) several times, and FE: Sacred Stones (FE8). The last the most times of all. I need to hunt down Path of Radiance (Gamecube) for my Wii. I will own the upcoming Wii and DS ones.

I'm a bit of a Fanboy. >.>

Any other fans?
Yeah I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem, I've played FE7, FE8, and Path of Radiance. Path of Radiance was really good but very difficult at times. But nonetheless it was still a great game! I'v beat it 3 times already, and I'll still play it over and over again. I loved it! I highly recommend you get it.
I plan to, once I find it. >.>
I love Fire Emblem! I think Path Of Radiance was the last game I bought for my Gamecube. I remember I had some of them for the GBA and GB back in the day. I wonder if I still have them? sad.gif Ike's my baby! I think PoR is the best in the series. This is probably one of the few games I would actually go out and buy a Wii for. I am going to buy a Wii but I feel none of the games out are worth me breaking my neck to buy it. I will definitely get it if a new Fire Emblem game comes out.
Re: Wii: If you like the genreish thing, Twilight Princess is quite good. And, hey, Wii plays all 'cube stuff. Besides, there's the virtual console. tongue.gif

As for FE: I think I should add I've gotten every single support option on Sacred Stones (the Tower/Ruins helps this. tongue.gif).

I am somewhat of a Lute fan, as can be seen. tongue.gif
Dark Dragon Alchemist
I'm a Fire Emblem fan myself. I have FE7, FE8, and Path of Radiance. Which I've beaten each of them like at least 10 times. My favorite is probably Blazing Sword (FE7). I haven't lost anyone once well... except for the whole Hector Devil Axe incedent. I plan I getting the next one when it comes out too wink.gif

What can I say.. I'm an Eliwood fan biggrin.gif
I never let anyone die. If they do, restartage. biggrin.gif
I restart too. Lute is awesome! Especially as a Mage Knight. She's hard to use at the start though.
She's hard to use for the first couple levels, but after that...

I always make her a Sage. That way, she can use Light as well.

Y'know the one staff that heals all allies in a range? Well, the range is determined by the unit's Magic stat. Well, Lute was able to heal a radius larger than the screen and possibly the size of the entire final level.
Really? I preferred her as a mage knight because that way she can ride a horse and get more movement and physical defence. Not only that but she can still use staves. I'll try the other way next time!
QUOTE(LastExile @ Apr 22 2007, 03:00 AM) [snapback]534104[/snapback]
Really? I preferred her as a mage knight because that way she can ride a horse and get more movement and physical defence. Not only that but she can still use staves. I'll try the other way next time!

Well, I always slap the Swiftsole on her anyway (along with all the other Stat Increase items she can take). I don't need the somewhat larger movement for most of the game, really. The place it's really needed is the first part of the final level, and I just use my flyers there anyway. As for the defense, I find she doesn't need it too much. High level magic users habe rather high dodging rates, it seems. Same with Assassains.

Sages are the magic user you can get most of. Paladins are the physical, IIRC.

I like Summoners, m'self. While two are in theory possible, now that I've beaten both routes I always make Ewan a Pupil and then a Pupil again. Why? Well, he gets Dark, Light, and Anima as a Pupil (3).
I liked the Game Boy Advanced ones, Path of Radiance didn't interest me D:
Ooh, ooh!

I played Path of Radiance, and I hope to get the Wii sequel to it when it's out.
People are always telling me to shut up about FE7...but I can't help it. I worship that game.

Actually, I don't really like PoR...besides Soren and Oscar, the characters all really bore me. And I only train someone if I like his/her personality. ^^

Oh yeah, can't wait for the new game! I started watching all the cut scenes for FE10 on Youtube until I almost totally ruined it for myself...I am ashamed. (But just a note...everyone in Ike's little group looks AWESOME. AMAZING. BRILLIANT.)

Yep yep, VERY excited about that!! =)
I'm a big big fan!! I love the gameplay! It's excellent. The game requires alot of tactics and strategy. What I like so much about it is: the characters and scenes are beautiful; the music is great; gameplay is like FF Tactics Advance (wihich is my other favorite game); and it's harder than FF Tactics Advance because weapons break, characters disappear forever if they die in battle, and you even get rated at how good your tactics and battle strategy and whatnot are.

FE is one of my favorites too! i prefer magic mostly, and knights biggrin.gif
but the PoR thing, i havent heard of, so probably later, if i remember ill look at it someday, i would get it! FE is just really awesome!
It is my favorite series of tactical RPG's. I can't get enough of it.
I've played through FE8 and FE9, I think they are XD (Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance) and it's got me hooked

whenever the Wii one comes out and I actually get one (rawr) I'm getting the game XD What's it called, Goddess of the Dawn or whatever. I saw an ad for it in Japan =O

Paladins are the best class evar. I overuse them shamelessly.
QUOTE(seventh_sky @ Jul 5 2007, 07:26 PM) [snapback]559221[/snapback]
Paladins are the best class evar.

That would be Generals.
No, no I like the Paladins cuz they're mounted, and especially in PoR when they can move twice, you get like four paladins and they can just do anything.

Especially if I get their second weapon to be the bow, then they can attack at a distance or close up <3
If they were to attack a general that is decently-leveled, I hope you weren't to attached to that character.
I think there's something about FE that doesn't agree with me. I mean I enjoy the GBA games (which is what I've played so far only), and I find the storyline very exciting. But somehow, I never seem to be able to bring myself to finish the game... I'll get stuck on a hard level, have someone die, then give up. I hate losing characters, which is probably why my favourite class is the paladin. They're strong and fast, so they don't die easily. And I always use them to dash around rescuing people who are about to die...

Try different strategies. If the problem for not passing a hard level is that your characters are under-leveled, then you should try just using your best characters and such. Hit the A button on an enemy and you can see how far they can move and their attack range. Just put your best character in one enemies range at a time.
Best class ever is Sage. They can easily attack a General safely, and KO it, too. Massive attack power, massive dodging.
The Hawkeye Alchemist
I'm currently playing the US Fire Emblem game right now and I love it. I originally got the Sacred Stones as my first-ever FE game. I played it for a while, then put it down for many many months. For some reason I had lost interest in it. But about a month ago I decided to play it again and I finally beat it. I think going back and playing it is what got me hooked.

When the US Fire Emblem was released a couple years ago, I had interest in buying it but never did. It's amazing how I had to go on a witch-hunt to find it at a reasonable price. I tried calling every Gamestop around where I live and they didn't even have one. I finally got a used game for $18 off ebay(which I think is reasonable for a buy-it-now price; most are too expensive in the bids) and I just started playing it. I still don't have Path of Radiance though; can't find that anywhere either.

I'm jealous too that there's going to be a FE released on the wii when I don't even have that game system yet. XD
Dark Dragon Alchemist
The best class huh? well...Generals and Paladins are really pretty much the same. As for me I have to say Wyvern Lords/Wyvern Knights. What can I say, I love dragons. biggrin.gif
Sorry to ressurect this thread but I have a question concerning the new FE, Radiant Dawn.

It won't let me import my GameCube save data. I called Nintendo about this, and apparently it's a fairly common problem, but I can't get a repair/replacement till mid-December...

I'm resigned to wait, (and have started the game already and love it) but I'd like to know if anyone else has actually gotten the importing data thing to work?
yay fire emblem wwwoooooooottttttteeeeeerrrrrrrrssssssssss. my bro got the new version of shadow dragon for the ds on christmas
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