Okay, in a recent thread it was suggested to bring back the Signature contests.
Seems like a great idea to me so here we go.

How do I go about starting these contests?
1) Post here saying which contest you would like to run [Avatar or Signature]. You should request on Friday.
2) Once I give you the okay make a post on the Bulletin Board saying what the theme is and which contest you are running, I'll put the same message here.
3) Once you have the entries in you can make a poll here to decide the winner.

If the person running the contest can think of a feasible prize then that's fine but these contests are mostly for bragging rights.

Once the polls are done and the winner has been crowned a kindly mod will move the poll to the Red Carpet and lock it.

To make things more interesting the member running the contest can set a theme which all entries must meet. e.g: A certain character, colour schemes, whatever.
All the entries will be sent to the contest runner via PM and after a set amount of time will be put into a poll.

Maximum amount of entrants can be 27 I think.
Members running the contest must be able to make threads with polls (obviously).
For extra interest entrants can show us what source images they used or how they made their sigs/avas.

Feel free to ask any questions.

For those who don't know how to host images on the interweb use:
Both are free biggrin.gif

To get the Ball rolling I'll run the first two.
Sig: Azumanga Daioh
Ava: Chibi/super deformed