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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 70 here. smile.gif

For info on the "Reading Reference", go to page 12.


Spoiler Party starts on page 2!!

Silly Raven. You won't succeed on Broadway if you haven't any Ishbalans.

Wow. A chapter starter already, and it's only the first of the Month. I must really love you guys. Or at least moderately tolerate you. Moderate tolerance makes the world go round.

Taking a tip from Lavi, Raven decides to keep tabs on the Homunculi's valuable human resources. Upstairs, the Briggs military staff prepare to write their names in concrete, as Sloth is wheeled out in a large shopping cart. Raven speaks with Sloth ("Blah blah blah PRIDE blah blah") who promptly realizes his lunchbreak is over, and gets back to work. The corrupt general glosses it over with his acamedy speech, when Olivia decides to cut in and show him what she really thinks of his public communcation skills. As Miles slowly grows tired of Kimbley's take on racial issues, Scar and Yoki return to base camp after shooting 189 pounds of meat, but only being able to carry back 47, and Roy annoys shippers everywhere by talking with two women who are decidedly not Riza Hawkeye. Realizing Raven has disappeared ("He's in the basement") Kimbley chooses to visit the Elric brothers to show off his new Winry voodoo doll, and then gives a look to remind people everywhere why not to leave their children alone with him.

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lol. loved your short summary.

QUOTE(Nepharski @ Apr 1 2007, 02:50 AM) [snapback]524227[/snapback]
Scar and Yoki return to base camp after shooting 189 pounds of meat, but only being able to carry back 47

Hahaha! I blame it on the squirrels. Stupid squirrels...scurrying out in front of my bullet that's on the way to hitting a buffalo...
wow. thanks for the summary! but seriously you shouldn't leave kimbley alone with children..
note last pic of chap. 69. He looks like a rapist;;
So... what was the message Roy got about?
i wanna read this too sad.gif
QUOTE(shugrrl @ Apr 1 2007, 09:25 PM) [snapback]524444[/snapback]
i wanna read this too sad.gif

@shugrrl - Chapter 70 isn't even out yet!! Even in Japan!!
Nepharski was kind enough to make Chapter 70 thread in advance, but we have to wait till next week to actually read one.
And, if you mean chapter 69, then you can read scanlated versions. (Or, raw, if you prefer raw.)
The links are posted on Chapter 69 thread. biggrin.gif

QUOTE(kuzon234ray @ Apr 1 2007, 08:42 PM) [snapback]524407[/snapback]
So... what was the message Roy got about?

@kuzon234ray - We don't know yet. That hasn't been revealed in the manga yet. biggrin.gif

@Nepharski - LOL!! This month, it's Omake style!! laugh.gif "My way"??!! XDDD
And, love "Blah blah blah PRIDE blah blah" part!! Yap, just like doggies!! XDDD
Oh, and get those hands off Winry, Kimbley!!! >.<

Awesome write up, as usual!! happy.gif
Yeah, I was thinking enough enough people liked my Omakes, I'd head each summery with one from now on.

Think killing a bear before a Shakespearean performance, but without the bear.
Ahhhhhhh, I thought that maybe I became really, REALLY lucky because someone knew soething about chapter 70... what can I say? I'm desprate.
Scar and Yoki return to base camp after shooting 189 pounds of meat, but only being able to carry back 47

Ohmygod, ILU! <3 (Nostalgia~!)

Let's hope they don't try to ford any deep rivers.
Wow, I can't believe you made an Oregon Trail reference... I haven't seen that game in YEARS. So, hopefully this chapter will give us some setup for something exciting yet to come! I'm decidedly looking forward to it.
That's what they all say.

And then they die.
I'm just sad I could never put actually snakes on my tombstone when it asked what I wanted on my tombstone :/
AA battery
Yeah, Roy Mustang isn't gay and he LOVES WOMEN! Fangirls should get that point straight. >=E
The random alchemist
QUOTE(AA battery @ Apr 8 2007, 12:14 AM) [snapback]526948[/snapback]
Yeah, Roy Mustang isn't gay and he LOVES WOMEN! Fangirls should get that point straight. >=E

Agreed, Roy loves women especially Riza which one day he will marry and make fire gun loving babies D:<
Reta McClain
QUOTE(The random alchemist @ Apr 9 2007, 04:22 AM) [snapback]527268[/snapback]
QUOTE(AA battery @ Apr 8 2007, 12:14 AM) [snapback]526948[/snapback]
Yeah, Roy Mustang isn't gay and he LOVES WOMEN! Fangirls should get that point straight. >=E

Agreed, Roy loves women especially Riza which one day he will marry and make fire gun loving babies D:<

And their oldest son will be named Aidan xD

Can't wait to read this chapteeeeer....

if you think about it, it's chapter 70 already!!

when chapter 60 was on it's way, the past stories probably made us think

'chapter 60, huh. Well, that's not that much, since Arakawa-sensei is drawing about past...'
Well, for me, it was sort of something like that, which made me feel that there was heck of a lot of stories to be untied before beginning to see the end.

But now, like Nepharski said, since we learned that we should never leave children alone with our dear Kimbly,
things are probably going to be turning out more interesting.

Only a couple more days, then I can go begging around for people to give summeries.*lives in US and only can speak one language which is English*
Bravo, Nepharski! Another awesome opening summary, and a great omake, too! I would love more of those!

Can't wait for this chapter!
May I know Chapter 70 is in which volume?
QUOTE(Kenji @ Apr 10 2007, 01:10 AM) [snapback]527785[/snapback]
May I know Chapter 70 is in which volume?

@Kenji - Most likely... chapter 18.
(Chapter 66 ~ 69 for Vol 17, and chapter 70 will be in Vol 18, I guess.) smile.gif
For FMA manga volumes, you can check out FMA manga chapters & volumes. biggrin.gif
Zolf Kimbley
I really can't wait for this chapter! She knows just when to leave us hanging every time! i feel like getting in bed extra early lately to end the day quicker! I'm such a fanatic.
Chapter 70 is out!

Page 39 Translation: I am the "original homonculus"...My name is "Pride".

Full translation should be done tonight.
It's already out?! O_o
Thanks for sharing, HisshouBuraiKen.
Thank you!!! *goes to DL*!!!!! biggrin.gif
Really interesting chapter ñ_ñ
>_< I want to know what are they saying!!!!
~ Chapter 70 Spoiler Party! Chilling development for the FMA story!!! ~

Edwin fans, you can't miss this chapter!!!
Actually, NOBODY should miss this chapter!!! The chapter contains HUGE revealing!!!!
This chapter is loaded with stuff to talk about, IMO!! Let the discussions begin!! ^^

Page by Page Summaries for Chapter 70!!
(As usual, this is meant for summary only!! For more detailed translations, please refer to the translations/scanlations for this chapter!! ^^)

Chapter 70: "The Beginning/Original Homunculus"

Page 1: The chapter starts with the quick flashback to "Kimbley coming to pick up Winry" scene. Winry is heavily guarded by solders from Briggs, and waiting at the station. Door opens and Kimbley enters.

Page 2: Kimbley politely introduces himself, takes Winry's luggage, and leads her to the car.
While riding to the North Fort, Kimbley strikes conversation with Winry, casually starts talking about her parents. Kimbley: You're from Risenbool, Miss Rockbell?? ..Führer told me. ...
He continues: "Mademoiselle, your parents were Doctors who lost their lives in Ishval, correct??"

Page 3: Kimbley goes on: "My party was the one that collected their bodies. We couldn't get there in time to protect them. When I got there, they were already... by Ishivalan... They lived for their principle, to the end. I wish I could have met them while they were alive.."

Page 4: Kimbley continues: "The picture... they were holding a picture, of them with a pretty young girl. That.. was you, right, Mademoiselle??" I'm honored to meet you, Miss Winry Rockbell!"

The chpater title: Chapter 70: "The First/Beginning/Original Homunculus"

Page 5: The scene switches to Winry attaching a new Automail on Ed as the guards and Kimbley keep eyes on them. Winry: If you were coming to the North, you should have said so!!"
Ed: "We were in a hurry!!" Winry: "You two were ALWAYS in a hurry!! In addition, why in the world you are kept in a jail??!! What have you done??!! And, you'd better tell me honestly!!"
Ed: "Well.. yeah.. this and that...."
Kimbley answers for Ed: "That was a simple misunderstanding."

Page 6: Kimbley takes over the conversation and starts talking sweetly to Winry: "Be assured, Miss Winry, the Fullmetal Alchemist will be out of jail shortly. I'll take care of the paperwork later." Winry: "Really?? Thank you, Mr. Kimbley!!" Winry buys into his nicety.. "That's good!! Please take good care of them (Ed and Al)!!"
Ed pulls Winry's hair to get her attention and whispers to her: "Don't trust Kimbley that wholeheartedly!" Winry: "Eh?? Why??!! He's such a gentleman, and seems a good person. He had a friendly view for my parents, too." Ed: "Gentleman? His story about the Ishival??" "!!" As he talks, Ed realizes something...

Page 7: Ed remembers the time Riza told him about Ishvalan war, and recalls her words "I can talk about it only from my point of view," and realizes what he heard then was the Ishival war told from Riza's perception... as his memory wonders into that night's conversation with Riza, he remembers of Riza telling him point blank, "You like Winry-chan, don't you?!! Don't you? Don't you?.... " and going into panic!! Ed: Gaaahhhh, just remembered something I shouldn't have now!! And, Ed runs away from Winry and tries to calm himself. Ed: Calm down.. calm down Edward Elric... think something else... uh.. Ed starts citing Elements... : "Helium, Lithium, Carbon, ...." Winry and Kimbley watch him, perplexed. Kimbley: "Is his head all right??"

Page 8: As Ed tries to concentrate his minds on citing the Element, Winry concludes: "Hopeless. (Note: as in 'what a basket case!!' XDDD) " and she mutters: "Sigh.. Why have I fallen in love with such an weirdo!!??"
Ed: "Eh?? Did you say something??" Winry: "Nothing!!" And Winry goes back to work, and roughly attaches the new Automail to Ed. Ed: "Ouch!!! You!! You'd better tell ME before you connect the nerves!!" Winry ignores that completely: "The leg next!!"
(Note: Edwin fans, we got the concrete evidence!!! ^^)

Page 9: The operation is complete, and Ed is equipped with new Automails. Ed comments on how light they feel. Ed: "Men, they feel unfamiliarly light!! Are you sure these are strong enough??" Winry: " Yap, they are!! The overall strength is down compared to the previous ones, but these are reinforced at key sections. If you are worried, I can attach extra shin guard. And, let's change the shoes next...."
As they continue, Buccaneer enters.

Page 10: Buccaneer looks at Ed. Buccaneer: "Why are you out of jail??" Ed: "It's the power of State Alchemist." Buccaneer: "Ha, switching to the cold climate Automail belatedly??" Ed: "And, you're changing to a new model?? And Buccaneer shows off his new Automail: "Oh yes, blah blah new and improved M1910, the Great Mad Bear!!" Winry admires his Automail: "Wow, awesome!! Reinforced craws!! Are they using diamonds??" While unimpressed Kimbley and Ed looks on. Winry: "Ed, wouldn't you like to have one like that on yours, too??" Ed: "No thank you!" Kimbley: "It's hard for me to understand the excitement as well."

Page 11: Buccaneer sees that cute Winry is Ed's Automail mechanic, gets mad at Ed for having a cute girl as his mechanic, punches Ed and leaves... Buccaneer's mechanic gets happy seeing a girl, and invites Winry to show his work place.

Page 12: Ed advises Winry who are leaving with Buccaneer's mechanic, to be careful. Winry is excited to get the chance to learn more about the Automails for the Northern climate.

Page 13: Winry is hard at work, taking notes about Automails for the Northern climate.
Kimbley: "She is very much into her work, as her parents were. I like her." Ed goes to moment of "whoa!!??" for that comment. And Kimbley assures: "Don't worry, I'm not into the 'Lolita Complex' ." (Note: XDDD) Kimbley gets down to business: "Well, as you are now equipped with your new Aotomail, thanks to miss Winry..

Page 14: Kimbley continues: "Now, let's talk about the business, Mr. Fullmetal Alchemist."

Page 15: Meantime, Al is still in the jail. Al is being told that it is by Kimbley's order to keep him in jail. Al realizes Kimbley is trying to prevent Ed and Al to act together, and sees the "thoroughness" of their plan, and ponders..

Page 16: Al concludes that looking at this from another angle, this shows how much they can't ignore Ed and Al.. blah blah, and tells himself to stay put for now...
Meantime, as the search party lead by Buccaneer for the missing solders about to depart, Armstrong and solders discuss about the missing solders' fate in the tunnel, noting they had only 3 day's worth of food while a week had past since the "incident"..

Page: 17: They continue with their speculation .. that missing solders could probably use horses as the food source, but they worry about the mental toughness of the solders to survive in the complete darkness for a week. As they depart, Buccaneer speaks to Armstrong...

Page: 18: Buccaneer tells Armstrong that if they wouldn't return within 24 hours, he wants Armstrong to abandon them altogether, and seal off the entrance to the tunnel. And as Armstrong acknowledges that, they slip into the tunnel of darkness.

Page 19: As they left, Armstrong orders the solders at the fort that... about the killing of Raven, that was done by Armstrong's own decision, ONLY hers and hers alone, and if it gets discovered, everyone must put the blame on her, and cut off and abandon the royalty to her.
The solders answer that they understood.

Page 20: In the tunnel, they search for the missing solders..

Page 21: Back in Central, Mustang receives information and the message from Armstrong to Mustang, from the old flower shop lady. He learns the situation in the North, and voices his opinion that with Briggs' strong solders maybe they don't need Eastern Army's help. The flower shop lady answers and tells Mustang of Armstrong's view, that Briggs' solders are the best in defense, but they can use the help of Eastern Army with it's excellent ability for offense.

Page 22: Mustang acknowledges his first hand experience seeing North Army's excellent ability for defense during the joint training with the Eastern Army, and admires Armstrong's grasp of the situation including the strength & weakness of the Northern Army.
Mustang: "I'm honored that she picked me as the tag partner. Hahaha." Flower shop lady: "Nop, Miss Olivier wants the Eastern Army. She said 'Mustang could get lost.'" Mustang: "Aw."
Mustang asks the one last question: "... let me ask you this one.. what if I passed along this information to the Führer to safeguard myself??" Flower shop lady: "Will not happen. Mustang is not that kind of a man, according to Ms Armstrong... The charge for the flowers.. 35,200 cens."

Page 23: Mustang: "Thanks. The lady, who.. are.. you??" The flower shop lady: "An old flower shop lady. My family have served the Armstrong Family for generations. Hope you'll return for more business!!"
As the flower shop lady leaves, Mustang ponders... : Hughes, the ones who can truly understand you and support you, you'll find them amongst the ones you fight with as your comrade." Mustang: "BTW.."

Page: 24: Mustang: "What am I going to do with those flowers... !!??"
Bystanders: "What's up with that guy??!!"
Meantime, back in the North, in the tunnel, Buccaneer and the search party find dead horse, now with full of foul odor, a cut-off leg similar to Smith's arm they found before, and a sharply cut-off metal piece.

Page 25: Buccaneer and solders talk among themselves: "This doesn't look promising." "Careful, there might still be some enemies around." They hear some noise. As they approach closer with the light, they find survivors.

Page 26: As they rejoice, Henschel asks the surviving solder about others, and he answers that the rest did not survive.

Page 27: Buccaneer orders to bring survivors back to the fort. The frightened surviving solder mutters: "We..we must leave quick. It is coming!! Turn off the light!! The shadow... We must run!! The shadow is coming...!!" The solders question him: "What is it?? Is that the enemy??"

Page 28: While solders continue question the survivor about "it", from the darkness the shadow approaches.

Page 29: As solders take survivors and head back, the shadow crawls behind them in distance.

Page 30: Back in Central, Hawkeye is visiting Führer's residence on official business. As she passes the guards Hawkeye mutters: "Führer is always surrounded by many guards. It is way too strict. I don't get used to this."

Page 31: As Hawkeye enters the residence, Mrs. Bradley comes out to greet her.
Mrs. Bladley: "May I ask who is there??" Hawkeye: "Madame." Hawkeye tells Mrs. Bladley that she is the Führer's aid, and brought some urgent paper to be read by the Führer by the morning. Mrs. Bladley says Führer is out, and that she would holds the paper for him. As they speak, a small figure approaches from behind, and Riza senses it's presence.

Page 32: As Hawkeye turns to find out about that presence, she finds Selim standing behind them. Mrs. Bladley: "Selim, you are still up." Hawkeye: "Selim-sama?" Selim: "Yes. I heard the noise at the door, and thought that was father returning home." Mrs. Bladley: "Selim, this is Lieutenant Hawkeye, Führer's aid." Selim: "Good evening, Lieutenant Hawkeye!" Hawkeye: "How do you do?"

Page 33: Selim: "You are working this late? I commend your efforts!!" Hawkeye: "Yes, I brough some urgent paper to Führer. My apology for waking you up. I'll be heading out shortly." Selim: "Are you leaving right away? Sorry to hear that."
As Selim gets lead away for bed, Mrs. Bladley talks about Selim to Hawkeye. Mrs. Bladley: "Selim really loves his (adapted) father. I wonder if he would like to be a military man in the future." Hawkeye: "He is a very bright yound man!!" Mrs. Bladley: "Yes. Isn't he?? He is my proud son."

Page 34: Mrs. Bladley continues: "If he were the son from our own blood, such a bragging might get us laughed at as the foolish fond parents, but since he is our adopted son I can brag about him as much as I like! Or, can't I??" Hawkeye: "He must have taken his amiable personality from your family's bloodline?" Mrs. Bladley: "Oh, no, Selim is from my husband's bloodline." Hawkeye: "Ah? He is not adopted from your distant relative?" Mrs. Bladley: "No, he is from my husband's distant relative." And, that Mrs. Bladley's words get Hawkeye's attention!!
Mrs. Bladley invites Hawkeye for a cup of tea, and Hawkeye politely declines...

Page 35: Hawkeye says goodbye and laeves Mrs. Bladley. As she walks back the walkway of Bladley's residence, she ponders: According to Colonel (Mustang,) Bladley had been brought up as the human experiment since his childhood, and he is supposedly all alone with no relatives. Considering the history of how he became Homunculus, distant or no distant, he should not have ANY relatives!! And, that sensation I had felt!! That was... That child is...

Page 36: The child in the shadow stops Hawkeye!! "You have realized... My mother loves to talk, and I guess that brought this little trouble."

Page 37: Hawkeye: "Just a while ago, momentarily, I had felt the strange sense of someone's thirst for blood. I'd felt it somewhere before. I could not remember where. But now with you behind I remember clearly. This is the same sensation I felt when a homunculus called Gluttony had come from behind. Selim Bladley, what are you?"

Page 38: Selim: "You have guts to ask about my true self in this situation, Lieutenant Hawkeye. And, it is wise of you not to draw your guns, your forte. With your level of skills, you can not win against me. Besides, if you remain calm, I would not attack you.
Hawkeye: "That is nice of you. And, so?? Are you a Homunculus, same as Gluttony?? No. I feel far more presence, incomparable amount of pressure from you, than what I felt from Gluttony." Salem: "Yes, I am the same as Gluttony. But, it will offend me to be put on the same level as that one.

Page 39: Selim: "I am 'The Begining/Original Homunculus.' My name is 'Pride'."

Page 40: Back within the North Fort, Kembley is talking to Ed. Ed: "Work?" What do you mean?"
Kimbley: "No other means. You need to do your work as a State Alchemist, that's what it means." Ed: "I refuse. .. Of course that does not pass as my answer, I assume." kimbely: "As you assumed."

Page 41
: Kimbley: "There are Three orders from the Führer. And, you are supposed to act with me for all three of them. One: Search for Scar whom we assume to have escaped to the North. Your involvement is only till we find him. I'll take care of the rest. Two: Search for Dr. Marcoh, whom we also assume to have escaped and possibly being with Scar. This also, your involvement is till we found him, and I'll take care of the rest. Three: .."

Page 42: Kimbley continues: "To curve the Blood Circle on Briggs."!!!

The caption reads: The cursed plan is about to set in motion!!
(End of chapter 70)

(And, the next chapter, chapter 71 will come out on Saturday, May 12!!)

(Note: "The Blood Circle" on page 42 is an interim translation name assigned by me for "Chi no Mon", since what that exactly meant is not yet unclear. "Mon" could mean many things, but I have feelings that Arakawa-sensei meant a Transmutation Circle by it....)

Note: Whew!! done!!! What a loaded chapter!!!!
Yes, totally, overwhelmingly, awesome chapter!!!! happy.gif

ETA: April 11
Fixed gowdawful amount of typos!! I bet there are still more.. I'll check them again later... ^^
:: has just downloaded the RAW version and is currently in shock:: Now that was something I wasn't expecting! O.O

Thank you so much for providing the link Hisshou! happy.gif
whoa! totally didnt expect that~! OHH SNAP!!
Triple Soul
Judging by everyone's expressions, a certain homunculus's identity has been revealed.

*chants to self* It's's GOT to be Kimbley...I'm tellin' ya, it's Kimbley!

*actually reads; spewing of Coke ensues*

WHAT THE FAWK? SELIM?! [Or however you spell his name...]
I can't believe that it's the Cow that's Pride![/not a real spoiler]
Seriously though it was a semi surprising choice.
His Name is Unknown
QUOTE(Popogeejo @ Apr 10 2007, 04:35 PM) [snapback]528093[/snapback]
Seriously though it was a semi surprising choice.

The real question is - how is it even possible? Sure, the revelation was surprising, but after browsing through all the interactions between Wrath and Pride I can't say it's making a whole lot of sense. Hopefully, the translation will clear things up a bit. Perhaps some kind of possession?

Hrm...label me officially perplexed blink.gif
Triple Soul
^ What's so odd about two homunculi living together? >P

Though I hadn't thought of posession, I will admit.
Yes! Somebody else who thinks that it could be some kind of posession!! But I don't what to say anything before reading translations (but , please, look at his eyes >____>).
After looking at the RAW, all I can say is...

HOLY Hahaha. ON A Hahaha. SANDWICH.


Didn't see that one coming...

XD I really need to learn to read Japanese.... *can't wait for the translation*


Pages seven and eight, YAY. Thank you. ♥
His Name is Unknown
[quote name='Triple Soul' date='Apr 10 2007, 04:46 PM' post='528097']
What's so odd about two homunculi living together? >P

My response: What is odd is not their living together (that didn't sound right at all laugh.gif), but rather the discussions between Bradley and Selim. Barring the 'cloaked in shadow' conversation in the hallway that had us all guessing, what Selim says has absolutely nothing to do with him being Pride. Granted, he could be said to be putting on a show much like his father, but wasn't it emphasized that Pride does not like being around humans - yet he his fascinated with Edward Elric?! He does not so much stay away from humans as he is kept away by his tutors and the bodyguards around him. This is why I mentioned possession. Perhaps Pride, being the most primitive of the homunculi does not even have a body (i.e. shadow form) and must therefore take possession of a human to speak. That's really the only justification I can think of at the moment...

Wow that post looks like a government secret or something! cool.gif Ah, the joys of spoilers!
I know this sounds really annoying, but can anyone read what Ed is saying in pages 7 and 8? I want to know so badly. ^^;

I really wish I knew Japanese... X_X


QUOTE (His Name is Unknown @ Apr 10 2007, 01:57 PM) *

Perhaps Pride, being the most primitive of the homunculi does not even have a body (i.e. shadow form) and must therefore take possession of a human to speak. That's really the only justification I can think of at the moment...

That makes sense.
HOLY S!!!! I never guessed! Way to go Arakawa! I never thought Winry had it in her! JUST JOKING!! Can't wait for the translation.
I have a question for the people who've read it, was Roy in it at all? And if so can you tell us what happend with him?
His Name is Unknown
QUOTE (kuzon234ray @ Apr 10 2007, 05:39 PM) *
I have a question for the people who've read it, was Roy in it at all? And if so can you tell us what happend with him?

Roy was indeed in Chapter 70. He was talking with his favorite flower lady yet again, and it appears as though he made good on his promise of the last chapter, literally buying the entire flower cart. laugh.gif

<His Name is Unknown, I added the spoiler band. smile.gif ~Tombow>
QUOTE (His Name is Unknown @ Apr 10 2007, 01:57 PM) *
Perhaps Pride, being the most primitive of the homunculi does not even have a body (i.e. shadow form) and must therefore take possession of a human to speak. That's really the only justification I can think of at the moment...

Ah, I like that, His Name is Unknown! It would also make more a more interesting interaction, as we have the Fuhrer, also Wrath, interacting on a daily basis with his (seemingly) beloved son Selim, also Pride. It can definitely go a long way towards shaping Wrath's character, too, and his actions for the rest of the story.
Please discuss the actual content of Chapter 70 on Chapter 70 Spoiler Party!! thread. biggrin.gif

<Moved posts on this thread with discussion of actual contents of chapter 70 to Chapter 70 Spoiler Party!! thread. >
I'm so excited I think I'll just try to be brief and to the point or else I don't know how will this end up:

My theory: Pride ain't exactly Selim, but his shadow/sth. I mean, considering the way Selim acted, plus Pride's comment (too much time around humans blah stuff), I think that every time we have seen Selim acting so childishly it was not Pride acting human. My guess is that he was latent inside him/on his shadow whatsoever.
Now, whether Pride's body has always been Selim or this one is just his latest host, I dunno.

Oh, and congrats to all those people guessing it could be Selim (At least CSakuraS got it right -links provided by herself at livejournal-. Remember her "Pride?" avatar? It most certainly included him).

Riza can detect hommunculus Ki/Killer Instinct? huh.gif I know it's just a narrative device, but I didn't like it much. Felt kinda out of place... Maybe if it had been a Xing character... Luckily there's her smarts too, to compensate.

LOL @ EdWin scenes and Mustang having bought all the flowers.

Mustang: Who are you?
Granny: (Shows armstrong hair and sparkle) I'm the flower selling granny that has passed down in the Arsmtrong family for generations. XDDDD
Always welcome to have a running gag come back happy.gif

And the end! Everyone is so offuscated by TEH Revelation that we keep forgetting the end!
Ed did receive his first orders/mission as State Alchemist! And it is not to take part on a war/bloodshed... But to start it! (if I got it right, that is).
Do you get it people? We had predicted Sloth might have been given the job! Envy's name also came up! Kimbley's too! But it's FRIGGIN' EDWARD 'FULLMETAL' ELRIC himself who got such order!!!
(well, there's also find Scar and Marcoh, but whatever)
Once again Manga pwns Anime.

Best chapter since... since 53! IMHO.
*faints and goes to sleep. Not necessarily in that order*
My guess is the same as someone else (sorry, was reading too fast to catch your name)...

Selim is NOT Pride. Pride is someone who can (or perhaps must) possess others.
Shamelessly stolen from a post by eurogabby at the hagaren_manga LJ community:
Now, once more Arakawa gives us a hint in Volume 12 when Wrath says "the time of youth might be soon approaching, Pride." Here, I first thought was Wrath was softening and perhaps admitting that Ed may win. However, given Pride's form, it's now clear he was urging Pride to take a bigger role in the fight against the Elrics.

It definitely potentially changes Wrath's characterization. Never has a character had so much potential to be either a damned sneaky bastard or a wholly redeemed character by story's end.

edit: HTML is not BBcode
Triple Soul
*sitll in a state of shock*

I agree that Selim probably isn't really, TRUELY Pride, but is merely possessed by him. It's entirely possible that Pride is merely a special type of homunculus, a spiritual type being, with no physical body, therefore leading him/it to possess others.

Just my blatantly obvious two cents.
I think it's also possible possessing others could be Pride's Homunculus power. The idea that he was "dormant" in Selim or even that he can... excuse my pun on his shadowyness... turn on and off... also seems quite reasonable.
At any rate Selim = Pride is still pretty surprising.
Selim? Pride? NO WAY!!! I can't believe it!
Yay spoiler party! Don't have to keep 'tagging' everything.

YES I full-on agree with the posession theory. I believe that Pride is posessing Selim due to the empty look in his eyes. However, if Pride can posess Selim, the homunculus can more than likely posess others as well. Who knows what other characters "Pride" could possibly have taken over previously?

Also, if the posession theory is correct, I am wondering how Pride goes about switching bodies, OR if Pride can consciously choose whose body to take over. I am thinking that "Pride" and Riza wll get into some sort of ugly fight, and "Pride" currently taking the form of a helpless child may be a conscious effort to try and make Riza resistant to harming him (she revealed her softer side in the Ishbal flashback where she admitted that killing was not pleasurable, and also when she buried the murdered Ishbalian child along the side of the road.)

Okay-- really overblown far-out theory ahead:

What if "Pride" needs to switch bodies when the one it is occupying is wounded/killed/etc? If Riza succeeds and defeats Pride, *perhaps* Pride could successfully choose to posess HER... knowing that she is Mustang's "Achilles Heel," and knowing that Mustang is a logical target. It would be hard for Roy to harm Riza even if he knew she was posessed by something else that he needed to defeat. So, we would have both "perfect hostage" situations played out. Winry is already up north, persuaded by Kimbley, and I can just tell that something is going to happen between Riza and Pride that will bring Roy into the fold.
@ CodenameElizabeth...
That's not far-fetched because I thought exactly the same thing. O.o {Great Minds Think Alike} lol...
My thoughts where if Pride were to possess another person, the prime targets would be from these, 100% (if another person is possessed):
1) Riza - Based on Wrath & Pride's previous discussions, she seems to be the most likely target.
2) Roy - Although Roy WOULD be more useful in the homunculi's plan because of his alchemy skill, one must also consider that he means a lot to more than one person very strongly, and some characters which haven't ever been shown performing alchemy before (namely Riza) have shown that they do have a great knowledge of it. And I believe Arakawa could pull a fast one on us like that.
However, that's assuming that Pride wouldn't be capable of using Roy's body to perform alchemy.
3) Edward - Well, he's the main character, true, but he's more than useful to the homunculi. If Pride CAN use alchemy while possessing a person, than Edward, being one of the most powerful alchemists known, would be very useful. Since I don't see Edward following the orders of his enemies without a backup plan (and I don't see them seeing him completely following suit either) this may be how they plan to use Ed in their greater scheme.
4) Scar or Mei Chang - Both have shown their skill with alternative methods of alchemy, and the military IS after them. I actually think Mei's skills would be the most potent on any side versus Scar's, but I don't believe anyone but him or Marcoh has witnessed her potential, besides maybe the Elrics, so these two are the least likely for alchemic purposes.
5) Winry - Because they seem to like to use her as a hostage and I feel like she should be on this "prime pride possessee" list.
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