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Full Version: What Makes FMA So Special From Other Manga?
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What makes FMA so special from other manga?!

newbie here(*chuckle*)

well, even in one of omake, even though FMA is a shonen manga,
there is not really much of a shonen manga qualities.
Other than hilarious gags and great storylines, FMA is so precious...

first, the main character is so- perfect.............except his height, of course.

Money, power, the look(*chuckle*), brain, body, friends(or not)

Most manga's(and anime, but since i'm talkin about FMA manga here... let's play fair, hehe)
characters struggle so much to gain all those, but look at Ed.

But even if he looks perfect, he has lost some very important things.
and 'that''s what he's trying to gain. Not many mangas starts with [perfect->lost->regain.]
Thay mostly starts from [lack but special->struggle->gain], I think, at least.
(or did i miss out on many anime and mangas,,)

And also, story evolves around, not around the main characters, but around enemies and the 'bad guys'.
Homuns, Father and all. Ed and Al, Roy and his fellas, thay are just part of the influences the enemy planted in.

I guess that reminds us again the one and only 'One is all, all is one', eh?

And Ed doesn't have many friends around his age except Winry, Lin and perhaps Ranfan,
but since Winry's a heroine, Lin turned into Greed, and Ranfan's more of a companion than friend,
I guess that makes Ed a loner(*chuckle*)

Also, we didn't see the heroines that often. Riza-sama didn't show up in a while,
Ranfan's been missing in our sights, and Winry just showed up at the last minute of chapter 68 and 69.
(Now since Winry's in Briggs, i think things are going to be more complicated... hands off, Kimbly)

and there is not much love-lines, but the couples have been decided, even by Arakawa sensei.

I don't know. Maybe it 'is ' the gag. Or maybe it's a brotherly loss.

But there is something that makes me love FMA manga more and more than other mangas.

Perhaps many people in here likes FMA less than other manga, but for me,
love for FMA is lot more than the sizes of Armstrong's fibres altogether.

Maybe it is the gag, now that i'm finished with this...<<
To tell you the truth, I've never really thought of why I love the FMA manga series (anime, too. And everything else...)

I think it's the characters, principles and over-all plot. Alchemy is a very unique science, and the fact that it's actually real makes the FMA series very special. And the characters are amazing; most of the characters (Ed, Roy, Al, ect.) have lived hard lives, and still fit humor, fun, and determination into every day. Other series' characters woul probably give up (not all, but a lot)

And the plot... I simply ADORE the strange military, wars, people, and the way it's run. And it's just so deep. Not many manga series pull that off.

I guess you could say that the reason I think it's better is because I just love it:)
@roJu - Welcome to the board!!

To me, it is story, story, story, and Arakawa-sensei's writing. smile.gif
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