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Full Version: My Fullmetal Guitar... And, I draw these myself
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Okay well I've gone to this site forever, finally decided to post something lol. A few months back I took one of my lesser attractive guitars...(Own 5 total, this was probably my 2nd favorite so of course I had to use this one).........and the original color was a pewter, tan, silver........kind of a mixture.....not really sure what to relate it to..........and I wanted to spice it up a little bit.........and being that I work at a graphics / sign / design shop.........I might as well use the resources and material I have to my advantage. Soooo, I spent several hours, redrawing the characters in the poses I wanted to use them in, using various pictures for reference off of this site and google, etc, etc........and freehanding what else I couldn't model off of................sooooooo all in all, after the design work was finished, I sized it up accordingly, cut the black vinyl, and stuck it right on and put my guitar back together lol. But anyway, here she is.

For those interested the guitar itself is a BC Rich Beast...........(Normally I dont really like BC rich but the bodyshape is killer and I love the headstock as well so this was a prime subject for this little Fullmetal project).


^And a video....sorry for the somewhat bad quality and audio here.....My brother's camera doesn't quite hold as much video as I thought so I just went and bought a $50 Webcam from Walmart lol.

There's another on my myspace there and a pic of my fullmetal tattoo I got a year and a half ago as well........but I wont litter up your board here with pics hehe. Take care.
That's beautiful! I like it a lot! happy.gif
@HeReTiK - Wow!! That is totally awesome!!
It's beautifully done, and I love the placements of Ed, Al, Lust, and the Flamel Symbol, with the way Ed's coat extends to the center, and Lust's arm extending to the long end of guitar!!
One of a kind, and nicely done!! Thanks for showing it to us!! happy.gif
That is a beautiful piece of artwork right there.

PS I love your car too laugh.gif
Thanks all laugh.gif I've gotten a whole lot more compliments on the outcome of my car rather than the guitar, but then again I guess the car influence there is a lot more widespread in popularity than ole FMA. Hehe. But thanks....I may update this thread and post a pic of my tattoo and the tattoo my brother got a while back since both are inspired by FMA.
QUOTE(HeReTiK @ Mar 27 2007, 05:03 PM) [snapback]522616[/snapback]
Thanks all laugh.gif I've gotten a whole lot more compliments on the outcome of my car rather than the guitar, but then again I guess the car influence there is a lot more widespread in popularity than ole FMA. Hehe. But thanks....I may update this thread and post a pic of my tattoo and the tattoo my brother got a while back since both are inspired by FMA.

Well the guitar looks very neat. I really like the characters you decided on.... but the car.... I absolutly love it haha... and your tattoo I saw on your myspace that looks very neat. happy.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
OMG! I WANT THAT GUITAR! That's damn nice!

BTW, what's this car you're talking about? I can't see it.
Haha, thank you. To save anyone the trouble of having to go to myspace and so I dont clutter up this with pictures....I'll just direct link straight to the photos of the tattoos.

My Tattoo. (FMA Symbol + Tribal)

My Brother's Tattoo.

FMA Permanently embedded into our skin, doesn't get any better than that lol.

The Car is something on my myspace.....not FMA related at all so I wont post it here. For if you're that curious lol. Dont want to break any rules here tongue.gif

Also, though I haven't taken a picture of it, I also have on my back windshield of my car......all three tattoo's I have....cut out in white that's the only remotely FMA part of my the fact there's a white version of my Tribal FMA tattoo in the bottom half of my rear windshield lol.
Those tattoos are really cool! Now you have deep bond with your brother! laugh.gif
Heretik: Can I just say that your guitar is a work of art> you did a wonderful job free-handing the characters; the overall placement of the characters works quit nicely as well. I really like your tribal flamel tattoo (my brother would sissy out if we both got tattoos) and your car is seriously cool.
Thanks guys. To be honest, free handing wasn't even the hardest part. Thankfully with the stylus pen in our vector art programs here.......if I make a mistake I can always CTRL+Z it and go back over.....(Unlike if I were painting something like this lol).........the hardest part after running the finished product through the vinyl cutter....was weeding out the excess black adhesive sticker......and trying not to accidentally pull up the parts that were intended to be seen lol. Exacto Knives ftw.

(I think the approximate time it took to draw was only maybe 2 hours....if that...............where as prepping it....[weeding out, applying tansfer tape, and sticking it on after disassembling my guitar's bridge]....took probably 3-4 hours lol.
Woahhhh, nice. The contrast between the characters in black and the colour of the guitar really help the characters pop right out at ya when you look at it.

My favorite part is probably Lust. :3

Now let's see a video of you jamming on that killer thing! >:D
Will do lol......I've got my brothers digital camera....which does video as well, so I believe I'll record my take on the "Fullmetal Alchemist" theme song (with solo, yays), by L'Arc en Ciel (Ready Steady Go).......hehe.......and most likely upload it late tonight or tomorrow afternoon. smile.gif Fun song to play and at least you guys will recognize it since you most likely dont listen to the same stuff I normally play, Hahaha.

Added a video underneath the pics.....Kind of awful on my part but's not like I play for anything BUT hobby lol.

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Your myspace @.@
I can't read the fonts...
and where is your car? LOL

Nevertheless... there's a tons of guitars you have...
Must be expensive... happy.gif
Oh yeah, thumbs up for the FMA one[guitar]... happy.gif I love the vinyls, I love the idea... ^.^

Can't wait for guitar version of RSG... wub.gif

Really, the detail is incredible, and a FMA guitar just kicks ass.
That's the best thing.

Sin Of Envy
Awesome guitar, characters are really cool drawn and beast itself is cool. But I agree for bodyshape heh....
Jeesh i want that guitar now sad.gif. Its sooo cool, i wish i had one like that happy.gif! Your a talented artist, and i think you made the guitar even more amazing than it was before biggrin.gif. Oh, and those tattoos are really cool too cool.gif.
Thanks everyone. To be honest, besides the shape of the guitar and the tone/sound....I HATED the way it used to look, with an odd color like pewter......where it's never really a gray, or a silver, or a brown, or a tan....just kinda......well, stone colored just never appealed to me until I thought of this....and well, I've loved it ever since. Also, this may be way out of the line here.....but does anyone know if like, say 3mm vinyl will affect its playability.....I'm thinking of doing the ole FMA symbol itself....along the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and possibly 9th frets................Obviously right now it's just got the dots.....but I'm not sure if I should waste my time restringing this after putting those decals in there on the fretboard.....only to later have to take it off if it affects my playability with it.
Nice guitar, you did a great job with it, tho as for the tattoos...i don't know if I'll go that far and have FMA symbols done XD but they look cool nonetheless.
Your quite welcome happy.gif! Oh, i am sorry i don't know much about guitars [mostly since i don't have one tongue.gif].
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