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Full Version: 2006 Anime Awards - Best Opening / Ending
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Here are the OPs/EDs that you don't skip --

D.Gray-man OP
D.Gray-man ED

Death Note OP
Death Note ED

Fate/stay-night OP
Fate/stay-night ED

Mushishi OP
Mushishi ED - This is actually a video of the last part of the first episode of Mushishi. The ED doesn’t ‘start’ until about 2:30, but watch the whole video to see how each episode would transition to the credits. =)


Vote according to the content! We all know that YouTube’s video quality sucks is much lower than the original, so if the image is pixilated, or if the audio is bad, please don’t count that against the OP/ED. (And in fairness, all the videos linked here are on YouTube anyway. tongue.gif)

You're voting for ONE anime - that means you'll have to choose the one with the better opening AND ending.
Aw, I shoulda nominated. *Was too lazy*

Ergo Proxy's opening "Kiri" is by far superior.
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