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Full Version: Round 1:3
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Guts (Awesome pic IMO)
Age: mid-20s
Occupation: Berserker, mercenary, bad ass, taking names, dog walker.
Combat ability: Guts is a talented and fearsome fighter. He wields the Dragonslayer sword which can slay and otherwise chop up people, aliens, beats and assorted shrubbery. His left arm is prosthetic and includes magnetic grip, super typing speed and a concealed cannon. Added to the years of front line experience he also wears the Berserker armour, an ancient, cursed suit of armour that allows the wearer to overcome his physical and mental boundaries in combat greatly increasing his fighting strength. The down side being his inner demon takes over making him a threat to friend and foe alike. It's like having the American army on your side tongue.gif
Other notes: Don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Age: Unknown, apparently 18 Suuuuuuure... they all say they're 18....
Occupation: Armoured Gynoid, Rei clone (Red eyes, blue/grey hair, nice ass, appears emotionless.)
Combat ability: Being of the non-human persuasion her powers are highly advanced. Her arms can morph into a multitude or ranged and melee weapons including cannons, drills, can opener and blades. She possesses long range sensory devices making sneaking up o her very hard. Not content with this she can summon weapons such as her F-scyth and, (and this is where it gets silly) she can self repair. As a final resort she can slap on the "Tertiary Weapon System" where she basically becomes a man sized space ship of death.
Other notes: Despite her logical manner she is compelled to eat lines of ping-pong balls if they are left in a line. She's basically Pac man.

KOS-MOS and Guts encounter each other in an abandoned gold mine, deep below the Earth's surface. The tight, narrow passage are unstable. Explosives are ill advised.

Age: At most: mid 20's. Probably 17-19.
Occupation: Ninja, Body guard, possibly most under appreciated character in the FMA manga.
Combat ability: Being an elite ninja body guard of the heir to the Throne of Xing Ranfan proves to be a talented and acrobatic fighter. Despite underestimating Ed Elric she held her own (although she did fall victim to the old "pulled of his arm and used it as a decoy" trick). She proved to be more than a match for Envy and even survived an encounter against the Ultimate eye (by the way there are spoilers in this post). Currently minus one arm she still has no problems with getting into fights. She has particular skill with throwing weapons but doesn't like fighting without her mask.
Other notes: She really is in Fullmetal Alchemist! Read the manga, it's miles better than the anime.

Age: 12
Occupation: School girl, Loli, walking/flying WMD.
Combat ability: When not reading Shoujo manga for dating advice or studying for some test Chise flies about destroying cities for the War effort and liberally killing enemy troops. For the ability to fly and cause mayhem on a scale rarely seen all it cost was her humanity. A high price and one that she did pay on her own free will. She is a person divided. Her human part is saddened at what she does and misses her fading senses, the weapon half delights in her increasing power. Depending on her mood she will either be a sitting duck or a one girl War machine.
Other notes: Cute as a bugs ear.

The two young ladies meet in a vast yet flooded Metropolis. Picture New York half city, the buildings half under water then quadruple the area. That's where they're fighting. biggrin.gif

Commence noise exchange.

Popo is voting for Guts (Magnetic grip + Android = -1 Android.) and Cheese.
I vote for Guts , description is much cooler and the image too tongue.gif.
Sounds somewhat like samurai 7 with a warrior V.S machine , but KOS-MOS, may just be one of the hottest machines Guts has ever met laugh.gif....... and what if she , i mean KOS-MOS is programmed to seduce ? tongue.gif

Out of Ranfan and Chise , i vote for Chise , the more the younger the more destructive , same as my younger brother biggrin.gif
Carnal Malefactor
As much as I love Berserk [the manga in particular], there is simply no way Guts is a match for KOS-MOS' superior killocity [shut up, I'm allowed to make up words!]. He basically has to be within melee range to do any damage, and anyone who gets that close to Sexbot 9000 is as good as dead.

As for the latter two, I have no idea who Chise is or where she's from, but given that Lan-Fan couldn't even win against a lone homunculus, I had to pick the unkown.
Cheese is from "She, the Ultimate weapon"
(and Ranfan kicked Envy's ass from what I can remember...)
You missed the concealed cannon for Guts , but your post sounds super convincing that KOS-MOS is better ,

KOS-MOS' superior killocity [shut up, I'm allowed to make up words!]

killocity - I'll be adding that to my dictionary now
Carnal Malefactor
The cannon only really works well at close range. And it's single-shot, meaning if Guts misses with it he has to reload. KOS-MOS, meanwhile, has access to all kinds of exotic rapid-fire weaponry. Not to mention she's very acrobatic, which means she can dodge most any attack Guts makes against her.

Oh and FYI, KOS-MOS' metal components are made of a titanium alloy, which means magnets are useless against her.
QUOTE(Amol @ Mar 24 2007, 04:41 PM) [snapback]521395[/snapback]
You missed the concealed cannon for Guts

Just so you know, this statement is false.
His left arm is prosthetic and includes magnetic grip, super typing speed and a concealed cannon.
Is it just me or did the last round go much quicker than the first? O_o

Dude, gotta go for KOS-MOS. She bitchin'.

As for Ranfan vs Chise...hmmmmm...Chise seems to be the much stronger opponent. She's a freakin' war machine.

*would like to see KOS-MOS and Chise duke it out in a later round if they both win, hint, hint, Poopsie*
I think Void's made a good point , and the concealed cannon ,damn it !

ok , but I vote for Human , there might just be some glitch unsure.gif (hopefully) , and KOS-MOS goes wacko.gif blink.gif ..... isn't that a possibility ? huh.gif
All moveable joints sacrifice some amount of protection/stability for being able to move. Guts + the power of the Berserker Armor should easily be able to approach and attack KOS-MOS (while severing several of her limbs).
Carnal Malefactor
3 words:


Sorry, bro, but Guts wouldn't last a minute. He may seem invincible against medieval weaponry, but space-aged munitions like the kind Sexbot 9000 is equipped with are a different story.
QUOTE(Fushigi Rockna @ Mar 24 2007, 04:58 PM) [snapback]521407[/snapback]
*would like to see KOS-MOS and Chise duke it out in a later round if they both win, hint, hint, Poopsie*

I'm toying with the idea of grudge matches.
If both Cheese and and Breast-0-tron win then they will be duking it out. Marquis of Queensbury rules allowed (minus rule #2)!

Guts + the power of the Berserker Armor should easily be able to approach and attack KOS-MOS

Pfft, we all know he'll just mow her down using a mine cart and tactical use of a pick axe.
I'd also like to add that tenets that KOS-MOS adheres to is "based on logic, probability, and completion of her mission above all else" (from Wiki)
and with most robots we can simply use the old Star Trek Ploy of "Everything I say is a lie, and I am lying". Or some variant like . KOS-MOS 's circuits will eventually overheat and deactivate from these logical paradoxes. Of course her maker, probably didn't include "paradox absorbing crumple zones" that robots such as Robot Santa are designed with. ( )
Carnal Malefactor
[spoiler]KOS-MOS is an interface to God, itself[/spoiler], therefore she is immune to paradoxes.
And besides, Guts gets by on brute strength and superhuman endurance. He was never a great strategist.
I actually would like to see Guts as the victor, but I don't think he stands a chance. So I have to vote for Kos-Mos. The second goes to Chise. Chise could destroy Ranfan before she even took a step. How the hell did you match these up? tongue.gif These are incredibly uneven.

And I accidently voted for Guts instead of Kos, just so you know.
Chise is the best!!!! she protected Shuji from the end of the world

Dunno who is Guts or KOS-MOS but my vote goes with KOS-MOS
KOS-MOS may have the advantage in terms of sheer volume and precision of weaponry, but Gutsu's got that berserker armor of his. Gutsu could conceivably win, but odds are in KOS' favor. Vote for KOS.

A Chise for the second one, though she lacks the conviction to destroy as a human, her machine side would probably go in for the kill, though Ran Fan did pwn Envy.
How the hell did you match these up? tongue.gif These are incredibly uneven.

I feel they're all that way because people either nominated one of their favorite characters, or they went and nominated a totally bitchin' strong character of POWER. Hence we have uneven matches against the weaker favorites and the allmighty superpowers.

No this is not an attempt to bring this thread back to the top of the page, wtf are you talking about?
Triple Soul
Gah, I'm incredibly late for the match of the character I nominated! *jabs KOS-MOS*

...Everyone basically beat me to what I was gonna say, and I don't know who Guts is, and even if I did, Kosie's my baby here, so obviously my vote's going to her.

And otherwise, I voted for RanFan, because I know several thousand people who'd harm me if I didn't vote for her.
Closing the the thread as requested by the thread author. biggrin.gif
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