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Full Version: Forum Awards?
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Ok...I was reading the thread that had the list of all the winners. When do these "awards" start? Seriously. I want one. xD No, just kidding...But I'd really like to know, because I've never heard of it before I was here last year and I still have know idea when, what or how it goes. D= Help me Tombow!
We've had the awards for the First time , I think !

Popo came up this really great Idea and I hope we'll have it next year too smile.gif

Ooooooooh. Aaaw...NEXT year? ....Noooo....can't it be every smester or something. *poo-ii*
@Jelly_Belly - Oh, that's right, you missed this year's Board Award..
Amol is correct - Popo came up with this idea, and in February we had a board wide awards.
We went through nomination period and voting period and we got winners.
You can check out Popo's Polls are now closed which used to be "Polls are now open!" thread, and read the first post for the list of winners.
For individual award polls, you can visit Red Carpet sub-forum which was temporarily opened to carry out this awards. (Don't miss more categories on page 2 also!!) smile.gif

Sorry you missed this year's Board Awards!! But, Popo is doing some more fun stuff now, and Mei tenshi is doing more Award, and there might be more to come.. Stay tuned, and stay on the board with us so that you don't miss more fun stuff!! biggrin.gif
I dont there are going to be anymore awards sometime soon, tongue.gif

But I think we'll have it next year biggrin.gif
@Amol - Yeah, not the same awards, but other fun stuff, like Anime Awards Mei tenshi is planning and taking the nominations right now (though March 23!!) ...
And, don't forget to participate in Anime Tournament which is going on right now!! biggrin.gif
Anime Awards , oh that'll be geart.

But Tombow , is there a Notice Board that mentions these things , I had no clue of this ?

@Amol - Yes, that is a good point, and there is a "Notice Board" for the board "happenings" such as these. Only that it hasn't been utilized as much as it could have been (IMO.) I think it could be utilized more, IMO. smile.gif
anything placed in that forum must first be approved by paladin. He specifically requested that.
Ah yes, I forget to mention that Popo put in lots of efforts to have the successful completion of that Board Award, and I think he deserves huge credits. happy.gif

And, yes, to place posts on Annoumcement & the site news you have to get the approval from the Admin/Board Owner, which I think is a quite appropriate procedure. ^^
Thanks, asu-san for the reminder!! happy.gif Still, I think it could be utilized more.... biggrin.gif

ETA: July 5
Closing the thread. smile.gif
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